For The Bubble Tea Addicts

For The Bubble Tea Addicts

Featuring CHICHA San Chen ([email protected]), Playmade by 丸作 (Tampines 1), Milksha (Suntec City), wantea, R&B Tea (100AM), LiHO (Asia Square), PARTEA (Downtown Gallery)
Sarah Kwok
Sarah Kwok

The chrysanthemum taste is really nice, but I think it’s mainly from the milk tea, not the pearls. But their pearls are definitely one of the nicest pearls I’ve ever tried!! They are so chewy and Q and the overall texture is perfect. And it’s pretty affordable as well!! Using a passion card gives you 5% discount.

Finally tried this after hearing people raves about it. The recommended sweetness level for this chocolate drink is 30%, which is just right for me. The cocoa taste is rich and nice. The honey pearls are really chewy and it has a slight honey flavour that isn’t too overpowering. What a surprisingly pleasant combination!

Decided to try something else other than milk tea this time. I know I know, buying chocolate milk at liho is quite a ridiculous choice. But ok this chocolate milk is really nice! Not too thick. Somehow pearls and chocolate milk is not too bad a combination.

I really love Partea’s fruit tea series. The tea is so fragrant and refreshing. The fruits in this tea are also very sweet and fresh! It contains watermelon, lime, passion fruit and more. Will definitely come back to try their other flavours!

Got this brown sugar milk tea during their one for one promo. Was so excited to try this because there’s finally a bubble tea shop around this area, but it is a bit disappointing. Their pearls are not too bad, can be more flavourful. But the milk tea is too diluted and the milk taste is way too strong for my liking.

Earl grey lavender milk tea with 30% sugar level, less ice. 30% sugar level is surprisingly sweet enough (because of less ice). And it’s very nice!

Love the pearls!! They are very chewy and sweet. Milk tea is fragrant too (their tea taste is pretty strong). Queue moves surprisingly fast despite the long queue. The staff are all very friendly too!!

Got this drink (regular size) at $3.60. ($2.80 + $0.80 for brown sugar pearls. Regular golden pearls cost $0.50). You can’t choose your preferred sugar level for this drink, but it seems that you can ask for less sugar (guessing that they’ll probably give less brown sugar syrup in this case). Pearls are very chewy and nice. The roasted milk tea’s roasted taste is a bit lacking. Lunch crowd is really crazy though. We waited more than 30 minutes for a cup, even though our queue number was just 15 spots away, because the working crowd tend to buy in high quantities, and there are many food panda orders (and they order more than 20 cups per order kind). So you have to be prepared to wait. The staff were really nice though! Good service!

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