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Featuring Kind Kones, Isetan Supermarket (Westgate), Johan Paris (Westgate), Flor Patisserie (Takashimaya), Chic-a-boo Fried Chicken (Sembawang Shopping Centre), Yamari By Tsujirihei-Honten, Barcook Bakery (One Raffles Place), Toast Box (Compass One), Four Leaves (Causeway Point), Danger Close Beverage Co. (Alexandra Village Food Centre)
Shermaine 吃货
Shermaine 吃货

It's sooooooo chewy and they do not soak it in sugar water so it tasted like plain 汤圆 except it goes well with the green tea ice cream + red bean 😂 No GT ice cream can beat the one from Tsujirihei Houten one though. &&&&&&&& they are coming back in less than a month!!!!! @tsujirihei_honten ❤❤❤

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It's pretty good, smooth and has a strong black sesame taste which I like. //
Sorry just some rants so you can choose not to continue reading. I was lowkey annoyed when they only accept cash or grabpay and I have to top up my GP on the spot just to buy this. I dont have cash with me and I am using only favepay, uhm I mean, was.) Guess it rly puts me off bc I am rly more of a cashless person and prefer using paywave/paypass than any other payment mode. So if you are like me, remember to bring along some cash or make sure you are a grabpay user.

Tasted so so only leh :( the toast isn't as eggy as I expected haha mehs. But service was superb!

Can Just Dough come out with black sesame one alr?!?!? But I am so happy they opened an outlet at AMK which is nearer to me than the existing two outlets!!! Btw, anyone has a good recommendation for black sesame spread? I went to fairprice finest and saw a few brands, don't know which is good 😟

It is rly good though a little more expensive than hawker centres etc @ $2.90 each. Got it to try with ShopBack Go's 1 for 1 promo! Not only the popiah is good, the service is rly great too 😀 thank you for the amazing breakfast and service ❤ (sorry just random but my fav part of popiah is the turnip + peanut HAHAHA)

So good i just have to get some for breakfast despite having them for night snack 😂 The chewy texture is AMAZING!!!!! The inside is also filled with decent amount of sweet potato, pumpkin and cheatnut 😍 Skip the sweet potato mochi at the seperate sweet potato corner (if you are at Shaw' outlet) & get this instead!!! Can't wait go back tonight to get more HAHAHA ❤

It tasted like soy sauce LOL was expecting sth sweet? Haha should have just gotten Isetan's sweet potato dango instead 😪

This has an added twist to the usual cookie - belgium chocolate!!! 😭 Perfect with my coffee 🥰

😍 for the first time their mochi didn't have any weird smell lol unlike all their mochi bread I bought in the past. I would just attribute it to the peanut butter. WEW 10/10 will buy again if I pass by any Swee Heng outlets 😛

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I love food ლ(´ڡ`ლ)

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