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Featuring Kind Kones, Isetan Supermarket (Westgate), Food Opera (ION Orchard), Johan Paris (Westgate), Chic-a-boo Fried Chicken (Sembawang Shopping Centre), Yamari By Tsujirihei-Honten, Johor Bahru Pau / Tim-Sum, Asanoya Boulangerie (Paragon), Barcook Bakery (One Raffles Place), Just Dough (City Square Mall)
Shermaine 吃货
Shermaine 吃货

Not a fan of brown sugar so I wish it's normal plain mochi so the sweetness from sweet potato can accompany the chewy texture 😛

🥖🍷 The bread is really chewy, with added nut crunch which makes the texture rly satisfying! My colleagues tried it too and they say it's very nice! I guess it's really for those who appreciates high-end artisanal bread to find it exceptionally good. For me who prefer bakeries like mama/asanoya/duke/johan etc, I would say this is really worth the try but I will not buy it again unless it is cheaper. (But i highly recommend their Royal Mentaiko / Yam Mochi! My favs from the store hehe)

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I AM SO HAPPY that I got two of this! Black sesame + Matcha + Mochi???! GO & RESERVE YOURS, MAI TU LIAO 😂❤ tq for making my day! :')

I was craving for something sweet and this hits the spot! I don't know why when I chew into the bread, there is this slight savoury taste in the bread??? Or was I thinking too much 🤣 feeling bad for leaving my pockeat at home today lol but ahhhh T.T I will remember it next time hahah.

I like to refrigerate my cheese tart from BAKE. But I couldn't wait to eat this soooooo. The cheese is still oozy. Some may like it, but not me 😅 Not sure if it is just me or that in the past, their tarts feel like cheesecake within a tart (which makes me REALLY love it). Now it's more like cream cheese tart which do not appeal that much to me anymore.

Bread is stale, yam filling is diabetically sweet. I saw flies around their bread. Lol So Good Bakery? More like So Shit. Highly do not recommend.

They really need to open more stores! Their mantou irregardless of plain, filled or even toasted, it is still DARN good!

New and limited flavour from Yole. It's not bad, but I would just stick to Mcdonald's hershey cone for a fraction of the price. Or just eat my kinder bueno to get that choco-hazelnut fix 🤣 Guess they can stick to selling their original froyo, it's good enough on its own (or at least I think so)

Happen to see this at @matchayasg and I just have to get it?! Matcha and chocolate 😩 The cookie is generously thick and you can really taste the matcha with the richhhhhhhhhhhh chocolate cookie!!!!!

I love food ლ(´ڡ`ლ)

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