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mad yums
mad yums

firstly I was really impressed by the huge portion! this angle may not have done the best job in portraying that but they piled up into a literal mini mountain 😄 the chicken cubes were tender and very flavourful, it paired really well with the rice. however, being a spice lover, I would have liked it more if they’d upped the spice level. despite that, I would definitely order this again because it’s definitely a plate of chicken done right.


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managed to try their salmon mentaiko bowl today (it was sold out the previous time i came) and I was not disappointed!!!! super generous servings of salmon cubes that were thick, soft yet chewy with a substantial layer of creamy torched mentaiko mayo blanketing everything 😭😍 ordered a small bowl and it was just nice! I think if I’d gotten the bigger portion it would’ve gotten cloying. nevertheless I am soo happy I could use burpple beyond to get this at half price so it was only ~$9 aft discount hehe big steal


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back to try their lamb don!!! inspired by korean flavours, the meat was marinated in a sweet and savoury korean sauce that reminded me of the ones used in bibimbaps. while also containing a mild spicy kick, the lamb was tenderly chewy and the addition of onsen egg completed the bowl.


super!! worth!!! it!! with!!! burpple!! beyond!!!! it was only $8 a bowl aft the discount and for this price tag, the bowl really exceeded expectations. the truffle fragrance was completely infused into every part of the bowl and they were sooo generous with the beef which was tender yet chewy and yummy 🤤

was initially worried that the Regular size would not be filling (looking at other reviews) but this portion was perfect for me, also because the beef to rice ratio was mad!!! like a 50-50 mad wowww

the restaurant’s decor is aesthetic with pink walls and cosy decor which makes the whole eating experience laidback and enjoyable :D

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this is a super underrated place!!! they have a huuuge variety of meats with many flavours, such as lychee, bak kwa and curry, that i don’t usually see in franchise kbbq outlets so that was an eye opener! furthermore their pork belly slices have a reallyy good ratio of fats! not only is the pork meat good, the chicken is tender while their beef is chewy and full of flavour. what’s more, they even make waffles for you upon request that you can pair with various ice creams, from chocolate, to blueberry ripple, and even green tea.

the amazing thing is that with burpple beyond, i only paid about $15 so it really made my whole experience sooo worth 😭
rating: 8/10

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this dish tasted homely and comforting with its creamy and milky sauce that covered every strand of al dente spaghetti without being cloying. bacon bits were studded throughout the pasta and parmesan shavings also generously topped it off to enhance its richness.

i thought the pricing was also quite affordable given that it’s nett, but using burpple beyond made it unbelievably worth it :0

rating: 7/10

dirty brown sugar fresh milk + pearls: i didnt rly like this, but maybe it’s because i prefer milk teas to fresh milk. nevertheless, the milk was rich and creamy and though a little too sweet, the brown sugar syrup provided an intense caramelised flavour to the drink. the honey pearls impressed me with their soft yet chewy texture and deep honey taste!

pudding caramel milk tea + pearls: a good cup of caramel milk tea that sadly got a little cloying towards the end because i still found it a little too sweet despite my 30% sugar level 😬 still, the caramel taste was fragrant and prominent throughout the drink. the pudding on the other hand was lacklustre, though its jiggly texture made it enjoyable to slurp up. i paired this drink with the strawberry pearls and while it seemed bland initially, the more i chewed on them, the more the strawberry flavour became apparent, which was interesting. i also really!! liked how natural the strawberry flavour tasted as artificial flavourings can sometimes taste disgusting to me 🥵

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when I first tried Creamier a few years ago, I immediately fell in love with their waffles. eating it again today after a long time, I was glad that the waffles remained as yummy as I’d remembered. lightly crisp and golden on the outside while remaining warm and fluffy on the inside, it was already a joy to consume the waffles on their own. the buttery, milky fragrance of the waffles was distinct and comforting, accompanied with their textural lightness.

meanwhile, I also managed to try their 4 basic ice cream flavours. my personal favourite was the chocolate; it had a hint of dark chocolate which I like along with a rich texture. the sea-salt gula melaka came a close second as I appreciated how the salty and sweet flavours balanced out to give a salted caramel-esque finish. as for the thai milk tea flavour, it was a well done ice cream rendition of the drink and was highly reminiscent of it, which makes it a safe choice for people who can’t decide between flavours. last but not least, the earl grey lavender boasted a floral fragrance throughout the dessert while maintaining a light flavour which is good as it does not weigh down one’s palate. all in all, I really like Creamier’s ice creams as they have really smooth yet substantial textures that are full of flavour while not being too sweet.

also, the service staff were really friendly and helpful in assisting us with taste testing!

rating: 4.3/5

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