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Featuring working title - Burger Bar, The Armoury, Creamier (Tiong Bahru), Deli's Kitchen - Japan Grill Delicacy, HOLLIN (Toa Payoh)
a koh
a koh

i LOVED this. with thin slices of roast beef entirely blanketing the japanese rice, a sizeable and perfectly jiggly onsen egg balances with uncertainty on the top. the magic happens when you cut the yolk, let it burst and run down the sides of the beef, before mixing to thoroughly combine.

when i took my first bite of everything together, the golden, glistening rice grains covered in yolk and a sweet yet savoury japanese marinade combined with the roast beef felt like a party in my mouth. the meat was tender and smooth, tearing apart easily and flavourful with a smoky fragrance.

best part is i got it for half price with burrple beyond 🤗

dirty brown sugar fresh milk + pearls: i didnt rly like this, but maybe it’s because i prefer milk teas to fresh milk. nevertheless, the milk was rich and creamy and though a little too sweet, the brown sugar syrup provided an intense caramelised flavour to the drink. the honey pearls impressed me with their soft yet chewy texture and deep honey taste!

pudding caramel milk tea + pearls: a good cup of caramel milk tea that sadly got a little cloying towards the end because i still found it a little too sweet despite my 30% sugar level 😬 still, the caramel taste was fragrant and prominent throughout the drink. the pudding on the other hand was lacklustre, though its jiggly texture made it enjoyable to slurp up. i paired this drink with the strawberry pearls and while it seemed bland initially, the more i chewed on them, the more the strawberry flavour became apparent, which was interesting. i also really!! liked how natural the strawberry flavour tasted as artificial flavourings can sometimes taste disgusting to me 🥵

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1f1 with burrple beyond~~~ i liked how fluffy the buns were and the patty was rly thick and meaty!! the cheese was also satisfyingly melted across the whole patty which almost enclosed it. while the portion of the fries was acceptable, they weren’t the best i’ve had despite still getting the job done in terms of texture!!!

however i do think that this price point makes the burger even more value with burrple beyond!!! so i still had a satisfying and enjoyable dinner 🥰

rating: 3.3/5

thanks to burrple beyond we got 1f1 burgers!!! firstly the ambience of the place was rly chill, it was kinda like a bar + restaurant setting with free seating. the service crew were also all really enthusiastic to help us with our orders so that was nice!

firstly i tried the hangover burger, which consisted of a wagyu patty with cheese, hashbrown and a fried egg. it felt like a breakfast burger which i’m not complaining about because it was so hearty and satisfying to eat :D the inclusion of maple syrup in its sauce also went well with the burger’s components!

in my opinion, the armoury burger was the BOMBBB. it consisted of a double(!!😍) wagyu patty that were juicy and tender with loooots of cheese and i really really loved the dressing!!! idk what it was but it was v yummy hahaha. the buns were also soft and fluffy without being too dry!

i usually do not expect much for the fries when the burgers are crafted with such effort but their fries were surprisingly exceeding expectations!! the thick-cut fries remained crisp on the outside while still being soft on the inside which i like, and paprika seasoning lent a mild spice.

i’d come back in the future, given its close proximity to esplanade mrt (which makes it quite convenient if one is in the area)! plus the burrple beyond rly makes it soooo worth as everything totalled to only $11.50/pax, what a deal!!

rating: 3.8/5

when I first tried Creamier a few years ago, I immediately fell in love with their waffles. eating it again today after a long time, I was glad that the waffles remained as yummy as I’d remembered. lightly crisp and golden on the outside while remaining warm and fluffy on the inside, it was already a joy to consume the waffles on their own. the buttery, milky fragrance of the waffles was distinct and comforting, accompanied with their textural lightness.

meanwhile, I also managed to try their 4 basic ice cream flavours. my personal favourite was the chocolate; it had a hint of dark chocolate which I like along with a rich texture. the sea-salt gula melaka came a close second as I appreciated how the salty and sweet flavours balanced out to give a salted caramel-esque finish. as for the thai milk tea flavour, it was a well done ice cream rendition of the drink and was highly reminiscent of it, which makes it a safe choice for people who can’t decide between flavours. last but not least, the earl grey lavender boasted a floral fragrance throughout the dessert while maintaining a light flavour which is good as it does not weigh down one’s palate. all in all, I really like Creamier’s ice creams as they have really smooth yet substantial textures that are full of flavour while not being too sweet.

also, the service staff were really friendly and helpful in assisting us with taste testing!

rating: 4.3/5

a koh

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