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mad yums
mad yums

this dish boasted generous portions with uncompromising taste. i liked how you can choose from 3 different kinds of eggs - scrambled, onsen or sunny side up. my choice of onsen egg was perfectly jiggly and went well with the toast, though larger toast portions would better balance out the entire plate as I felt that every other aspect of this dish tasted better when paired with the toast, yet there wasn’t enough to go around. despite that though, the sausage was sizeable with a substantial chew without being overtly oily. the avocado and mushrooms were also well seasoned.

using burpple beyond definitely made this extra worth it!!!

rating: 7/10

i really enjoyed this dish!!! upon slicing through the thick toast, its tender fluffiness delightfully surprised me. it was soooo soft! a layer of crisp caramelised sugar sat atop the toast along with various fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and prunes. the berries did not fail to pair well with the light, fluffy bread, especially when dipped into the whipped cream at the side - it further elevated the dish with a creamy, mousse-like textural dimension. there were even candied bacon shards hidden amongst the fruits that provided the toast with an additional salty umami-ness. decorated with pomegranate seeds and flowers, the dish was not only tasty but beautiful as well 🤩

rating: 4/5

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so glad i tried their beef cheek rendang! the beef cheek impressed me so much; firstly the tenderness and succulence of the meat provided the perfect vehicle to soak up all the rendang goodness, while maintaining a gentle chew throughout. next, the rendang gravy was executed well - thick and hearty with a depth of flavour, though i’d say it could be spicier hehe.

the fluffy butterfly pea rice gave a substantial mouthfeel with every bite, bursting with coconut fragrance. what’s more, it’s free flow!!!! happiness +1000 HAHA. the accompanying fried egg made everything come together perfectly as it provided a rich finishing to the dish.

rating: 4.1/5


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