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Bubble Tea!

Bubble Tea!

I love bubble tea HAHAHA
Shermaine 吃货
Shermaine 吃货

🥰 @koithesingapore

Another to go place to get our oolong milk tea fixed other than CHICHA!!!! 💗

Got it when the queue wasn't very long. The pearls are too soft and not nice. My bf and I do not like it as opposed to many other good reviews out there.

Recommend to ask for less honey!!! It tasted rly unique and nice! ❤

Tried this and I don't really like it haha. It was one of the recommended drinks though. Perhaps it's personal preference. It tasted like medicine haha.

My fav brown sugar drink so far (ok tbh i dont rly like brown sugar, i just followed the hype). Customisable sugar level! Opted 30% and it was PERFECT for me!!!

My favourite combination from Playmade and I never fail to get this whenever I am near any outlets!!:)

Love how the caramel crisp from the popcorn goes well with the drink!

Orange green tea is refreshing! Black sesame milk tasted a little like black sesame paste in milk and I like it!!

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The matcha milk is good with hints of matcha "siap-iness". Opt for less pearls if you can't take super sweet drinks like me.