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‘UPscale’ Chinese dining

‘UPscale’ Chinese dining

Sharing blessings of ‘upscale’ Chinese dishes (ie. atas version of tze char), served in upscale-d presentations, air-conditioned environments and of course, along with ‘upscale’ price tags too!
Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks

Steamed cod fish in spicy sauce - well marinated and extremely well flavoured. Loving how the cod fish is filled with healthy fats. All the omega 3!

Sea cucumber and scallops! So creamy and collagen-rich! Makes me feel so glooey-smooth all over as it glides down my throat!

East meets west here! A jumbo prawn baked and drizzled in mentaiko sauce. Decadent, sweet and juicy. Do note a waiting time of 30-40mins is required as each order is baked to perfection on the spot!

My favourite for the day! Unlike typical “coffee pork ribs” which can taste rather artificial at most places, the ones here are succulent, tender and vvvv fragrant - real coffee, without the annoying artificial strong after taste of coffee essence (so yes you get the real deal here!). The pork ribs are a good balance of lean vs fatty meat - chunky and incredibly satisfying. Comes with a sprinkle of almond flakes too!

East meets west here! A jumbo prawn baked and drizzled in mentaiko sauce. Decadent, sweet and juicy. Do note a waiting time of 30-40mins is required as each order is baked to perfection on the spot!

Rolling good times in the 🌊 with a 🐷
Essentially, bacon wrapped in seafood paste and doused in salad cream sauce - a new east-mix-west creation. Personally didn’t find the seafood paste extra ordinary - the bacon and salad cream we’re saving grace to the dish. My grandpa commented it was reminisce of hotdog (oh wells, atas, expensive hotdog in this case?) Still worth a try!

MUST-try appetiser - each squiddy is beautifully coated (look at that shine!) with some house marinade, deep fried and tossed in sesame seeds. At $11/serving, it’s rather steeply priced but worth the spend if you’re a fan of seafood and is looking for something out of the usual

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🍊macaroon seated on a bed of Grand Marnier & Chocolate Ganache. Comes w half of a mandarin orange🍊 and dusted with biscuit crumbs. ‘Served with a ball of vanilla ice cream on Kumquat Compote. This puts a sweet ending to my Chinese New Year 🧧 lunch!
Note: This is a seasonal special item! CNY 2019 limited a-la-carte menu available only till 19 Feb.

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EMPRESS Char Siew- a lil’ too fatty and a tad too charred (slight taste of burnt) and tough for my liking!

Crackling Roast Pork - comes w mustard and perfectly roasted to give w layer of crisp! Meat was tender and came with a good balance of fatty layer which doesn’t oil the mouth!

EMPRESS Sticky & Sweet Pork Ribs - HIGHLIGHTS of the dish! Most places have in place roast chicken/ duck but Empress’ version came w all 3 variations of 🐖. The spare ribs were marinated with this incredibly addictive sweet sauce and were cooked to perfect tenderness - i struggled to lift a piece in whole cos it’s fall-off-the-chopstick tender! Would order it as a side dish on its own in my return visit!

Healthy mix of Kale, Lotus Crisps, Garlic Chips, Toasted Cashew nuts lightly drizzled with Yoghurt + Chilli-Calamansi Vinaigrette and played with smoked paprika powder on the side. In general, the dish was full of crisp - apart from the nuts, chips and crisps, the broccoli 🥦 was nicely cooked to a degree of crunchiness. The Kale was chewy itself - fortunately not drowned in the salad dressing.


4 huge squares of pork belly with the meat & fats braised to melt-in-the mouth goodness. Each piece is nicely tied to set in position with spring onion leaves, and braised in the claypot (I believe!), served with a basket of 4 golden mantous (basically fried mantous) crisp on the outside and fluffy inside. The gravy was 👍🏻 $28/pot - pretty worthy for the quality and serving of food. This dish was ordered from their CNY a-la-carte special. Not sure if available on a non-festive season tho!

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