🥖🍞🥯 Bread, Bakes & Pastries

🥖🍞🥯 Bread, Bakes & Pastries

I love bread and baked pastries. The cute, the exquisite, the bold and experimental, anything goes!
Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks

Pretzel 🥨: Served warm, crisp on the outside and fluffy soft inside. There’s a slight ‘crack’ when you tear it apart. The sesame bits added another layer of fragrance to complete the awesome dish. Bottarga - a ‘delicacy’ of salted/cured fish roe mixed w whipped cream. Overall, it’s rich and creamy, in a sweet way with no hint of 🐟 actually. (So no worries of fishy aftertaste!) I wouldn’t have known that it has got fish in it if I hadn’t googled!

Hard-crusty toast with slight sweetness from the white chocolate and loadsa crunch from the generous portions of whole macadamia nuts! At 8++ for a full loaf, it’s a worthy buy considering there’s macadamia present in each bite

‘Baked to crisp -as evident from the crusty shell- and richly flavoured with salted caramel. Hmms, it was a tad too salty for my preference tho. I wasn’t able to really taste the caramel 🙊 Within the crusty shell lies fluffy croissant layers layered w almond paste & fresh banana slices - yes, you got the real stuff in there and that’s also probably why it commands a price tag of $3.20!

French bread glazed with gloriously addictive and aromatic Canadian maple syrup that lingers on the fingers for a long... long time! *Best served heated* It was a tad hardy having it cold but the maple syrup & crunch from the walnuts made up for it! 🥰

Shaped like a tempura, and somewhat like a tempura, with crispy shrimps stuck atop the bread. They’re a tad salty, and definitely savoury. Hms, am wondering if it’ll be more TEMPting if the bread’s deep-fried, Japanese style (?)

Wedding favours from Intercontinental! Pretty looking little macarons which my gramps called “coloured hamburgers” LOL. Nicely packed in a Tiffany blue box, the presentation certainly scored some points! Taste wise, they were slightly above average. You can taste the almond-y fragrance from the macaron shells and aromatic fragrance from the fillings. Chocolate, orange, vanilla

Breadtalk’s 2019 National Day special - the Singa Shake! Incredibly cute looking cup- resembling croissant chimney with plenty of folds (see top-view!). I googled - Singa Shake supposedly comes with a dollop of kaya on top of the “cup”, meant to resemble a slurpee / whip cream on top of a shake. But I guess overtime the dollop of kaya simply slid down the “hollow” section of the cup. At $1 (thanks for grabpay deal for 3 buns @ $3), it’s too much to expect it to be kaya-filled! It’ll be an overkill in terms of sugar level too! Hidden at the bottom of the cup is actually custard! I love the play of textures and taste within the fluffy bread. I’d say the ratio of fillings vs bun was just nice. This was served with the old school biscuit stick that you often see at mama shops - meant to be a “straw”. Expectedly, the biscuit had lost it crunch by the time I savoured it from home! Nevertheless a good buy at $1 for a modernised version of the local old school kaya bun!

Honolulu’s bolo red bean which ....was pretty disappointing! Totally didn’t do justice to the Honolulu brand. I would say, stick to egg tarts! Last I recall, their bolo series didn’t make the mark, not even the original bolo bun which was pretty doughy and lacked the oopphmmm factor in the crust.

Really awesome matcha almond croissant! So buttery & fragrant - you could literally see the waves and waves or rather layers after layers of buttery folds. Embedded within is a luscious layer of thick matcha paste which adds a nice balance to this sweet-and-slightly savoury treat. It doesn’t get cloying at all but it certainly is v.filling!!!

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Nothing beats a cup of hot mocha, cinnamon bun and magazines to spend the morning! Nordic’s cinnamon bun was HUGE and very well flavoured with cinnamon powder/sugar. Not sure what’s their secret recipe but the bun was addictive. Perfect with any hot drink!

🥐 only in Italy 🇮🇹 you get rich, pistachio creme within buttery croissant

Extremely delicious matcha and earl grey latte, paired with Italian’s speciality of sweet 🥐 , quiche and pain au lait!

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