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Teas ☕️: Milk Oolong + non caffeinated tea which I can’t rmb the name oops
Cakes 🍰: Yuzu raspberry cake + Ms Ispahan (for full review, refer to my list of cakes collection!

A great option for tea-time! Loving how their teas were exceptionally unique - nothing like ordinary, plain Jane oolong/earl grey. It’s always earl grey + sth/ oolong + sth!

We managed to get the 2nd last piece off the shelves! Despite the seemingly thick layers of cream, this slice of cake is not anywhere near cloying. The cream layers were fairly light - the entire slice was simply too airy and light, pretty sure it'll topple sideways with a gust of strong wind. Not exaggerating cos my cake toppled sideways when i was only 50% through it! But phew, it fell within the plate and none went to waste! It's unsurprisingly one of Nesuto's signature, given how light, pretty and fragrant it is. Personally, i would have preferred for the taste to be more pronounced tho!

This ‘fair-ladylike’ and ‘dainty’ lil’ dome stole our hearts! I wish I could show you a cross-section photo of the lil' surprises hidden within this artfully presented dessert! The exterior's a sugary shell (not the disgusting kinda artificial sugar!), decorated with some artsy rose-syrupy strips and filled with mouse, lychee bits and biscuit/sugee-like base that tasted strongly of malt, kinda like horlicks. At $9.80, this certainly isnt anywhere near cheap for its size but definitely made worth with Burpple beyond 1-1 deal!

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September’s special! Comes with a chocolate chip cookie 🍪 which had unfortunately turned soft but still tasted good nonetheless. There was a tiny surprise - at the base of the cupcake was a cookie!

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Was pretty much excited to try the salted egg lava donut! [email protected]$12 - cos it was late into the night! Not sure if it’s because the donuts had been left through the day- there’s the bad stench of oil which left a bad aftertaste on the tongue. The donuts were a LET DOWN! Not just from the oil but also, from a time agnostic perspective, the ‘salted egg lava custard’ tasted nothing close like salted egg. It didn’t taste like normal custard either. All in all, it was just a custardy texture which tasted rather bland. The donut crust was overly sugary and sweet. All I could taste was the icing sugar, and the saltiness within me after the huge disappointment. Definitely not worth the spend of $3.50 usual price tag 🏷 (and not even when it’s discounted too!!!)

Seasonal special! A must-try for those passionate about passionfruit cos the passion is strong! Pun intended. Pun aside, the statement is true! It’s fruity and less ‘milky’ or ‘creamy’ cos the fragrance of passionfruit kinda masked the ‘heaviness’ of any milky cream. I’d still prefer the earl grey and perhaps the chestnut/rose anytime. But this’s a nice fruity twist!

Still my favourite go-to place for carrot cakes! I’ve yet found any place with carrot cakes laden with this generous amount of chunky walnuts. Others which I’ve tried usually comes with lil’ walnut bits ): The cake itself is well spiced and moist. I particularly love the thick and dense cream cheese. It’s so dense that it doesn’t ‘melt’ at room temperature. I’d say it’s kinda like a semi solid and I really like how sturdy this is! A solid cake indeed!

A rather girly-looking cake which fits the girl-next-door. Made with layers of sponge and rose cream, speckled with pistachio bits and rose buds. The cake was just pretty light and fragrant, a good refreshing change from the usual chocolate/ buttercream cakes which tend to be a lil’ more heavy on the palate.

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Pretty looking lil' thing here! With a dollop of fresh cream, grapefruit and some sorta jelly-ish bit enveloping the grapefruit. Beneath sits an almond tart/cake base enclosed within a pastry tart shell - akin to fried wanton skin! Personally, I didn't quite like the grapefruit above (it's supposed to be the highlight!) - it was a lil' too hard, tardy and tart-y for my liking. Nevertheless, a pretty piece of cake which fuels excitement!

This was highly recommended by my colleague, who shared that it's one of Pantler's signature. To be honest, i'm not a fan of strawberry shortcakes and this piece here, unfortunately, didnt scream 'wow!' in terms of looks, nor taste too. Fair enough, the strawberries were really sweet! It's a good sponge cake with strawberries and cream - if you're a fan, I would agree this would be one of the prettier and better strawberry shortcake but if not, spend the $ on other prettier cakes available!

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Chestnut 🌰: Light yet fragrant, I honestly have no idea how they did it! It wasn’t too sweet, not overly cloying. One can easily finish this slice of cake on its own.

Earl grey crepe 🍂 : This is as good as their original crepe cake, with perfectly thin layers of crepe smothered with light, yet extremely fragrant earl grey cream! 5/5!

+points for the ambience but at best a 6/10 for the food. It cannot be anymore ordinary or mediocre. As pictured, don’t expect the sponge fingers in authentic tiramisu you find in Italy. It’s mostly just mascarpone cream and cake layers. As for the drink, nothing special to shout about too! Nevertheless, a quiet, quaint and pretty cafe which sets the perfect ambience for a good catch up. It’s the company that matters right?

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