It's the girly floral-ry flavour that oddly, is usually either a hit or a miss. Of course, I'd expect nothing less than a hit from Plain Vanilla and am once again, proud to be proven... right! I love the intense earl grey flavour and subtle lavender. Each whiff is a balanced aroma of earl grey, with hints of lavender. It's so easy to go 'off balance' (ie. overpowering earl grey stealing the floral aroma from the Lavender) - it happens with most bakeries and ice cream parlours. If I have to sound dramatic, the experience savouring this cuppy is akin to a walk through the lavender garden, while sipping a cuppa earl grey tea in my hand. Aww~

Nothing spells love like a red velvet-anything! I love the strong cocoa hint that emanates from the cupcake just by a deep whiff! *INHALE deeply* And of course, the cocoa hint only gets stronger with a bite! 10/10 red velvet with nothing but true ingredients going into the mix. Worry not! Nothing like red-dye, random flour, random butter into the mix. Here, I heard, uses only pure, premium french butter (& this explains the pretty steep price point for their cupcakes). This pretty lil' velvet is then decorated with the pretty, cream cheese crown. Worth every penny & calorie teehee.

One of my all-time favourites alongside Vanilla Bean & Earl Grey Lavender! (Pstt. How can anyone only have ONE single favourite cuppy from Plain Vanilla?). The cupcake is speckled with teeny cinnamon powder - very rich in cinnamon-y aroma and topped with a layer of cream cheese, powdered cinnamon and brown sugar. While this is the 'flattest' looking cupcake and doesn't stand out in terms of looks compared to its 'taller'/'3D' counterparts with luscious swirls, do not be too quick to judge! It's really the inner beauty (or in this case, the intense flavour) that shines from within!

Don't be fooled by the plain-looking vanilla cupcake. This Plain Vanilla is nothing like a plain vanilla - it's fantabulous!! Y'know how the 'easiest' recipes are the toughest to WOW eaters? Yes, it takes a lot to wow a dessert fanatic like yours truly cos having had so many cupcakes in my lifetime, my internal benchmark for cuppies is not low. This, wow-ed me! I was excited and fully impressed by the speckles of black pods within the perfect swirl of cream. I'm never a fan of cream but PV's the only patisserie whose cream I'd lick clean. AND, within the cupcake, there're just MORE lil' black pods. So sexy, so moist and so fluffy. The only gripe, if any, that I have, would be the teeny cookie atop the cupcake which unfortunately, could not withstand the rocking motion here and there as I commuted on the train, on my way home. Well, I really did try really hard to 'protect' my cuppy.

This small teeny purplish dome made of all-things valrhona is every little girl’s dream. Enclosed within: Orelys cream mouse with blueberry cassis confit- legit blueberry + blackcurrant, not some gross blueberry jam that you get from birthday cakes found in most neighbourhood bakeries. It sits on top of a nice, round valrhona dark chocolate ‘cookie-cake’ base, topped with a cassis ganached macaron. It makes a rather awesome post-meal dessert.

Fun fact: Orelys is a kind of chocolate - rich with Mauritian dark muscovado sugar

“WOW! Can you taste the azuki?!” - that’s my exclamation when I first had a bite. The matcha was outstanding (expected) but when most “matcha azuki” pastries tastes of solely matcha and either missing the azuki (or sidelined by the overpowering matcha), Nesuto’s rendition sets the benchmark of a well-balanced matcha + azuki cake!

A triple fromage cheesecake with yoghurty layer kinda cheese in one of the layers! As it’s a takeaway, I was given a packet of powdered cheese that I sprinkled over but... I’d forgotten to take a picture before digging into it😭 Hence this is a pic of a double fromage cake ☹️

Spongy sponge fingers soaked in liquor 🥃, embedded in to the light cheesecake. Comes with a pretty strong hint of espresso too!

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Teas ☕️: Milk Oolong + non caffeinated tea which I can’t rmb the name oops
Cakes 🍰: Yuzu raspberry cake + Ms Ispahan (for full review, refer to my list of cakes collection!

A great option for tea-time! Loving how their teas were exceptionally unique - nothing like ordinary, plain Jane oolong/earl grey. It’s always earl grey + sth/ oolong + sth!

We managed to get the 2nd last piece off the shelves! Despite the seemingly thick layers of cream, this slice of cake is not anywhere near cloying. The cream layers were fairly light - the entire slice was simply too airy and light, pretty sure it'll topple sideways with a gust of strong wind. Not exaggerating cos my cake toppled sideways when i was only 50% through it! But phew, it fell within the plate and none went to waste! It's unsurprisingly one of Nesuto's signature, given how light, pretty and fragrant it is. Personally, i would have preferred for the taste to be more pronounced tho!

This ‘fair-ladylike’ and ‘dainty’ lil’ dome stole our hearts! I wish I could show you a cross-section photo of the lil' surprises hidden within this artfully presented dessert! The exterior's a sugary shell (not the disgusting kinda artificial sugar!), decorated with some artsy rose-syrupy strips and filled with mouse, lychee bits and biscuit/sugee-like base that tasted strongly of malt, kinda like horlicks. At $9.80, this certainly isnt anywhere near cheap for its size but definitely made worth with Burpple beyond 1-1 deal!

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September’s special! Comes with a chocolate chip cookie 🍪 which had unfortunately turned soft but still tasted good nonetheless. There was a tiny surprise - at the base of the cupcake was a cookie!

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I chew like a hamster 🐹 with my chubby cheeks. Apply CHUB857 for 20% off Burpple Beyond!

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