Not your typical pandan cake. Andaz’s pandan cake comes enveloped in mousse and a gel-ish layer of green pandan ... blanket (?) I like how it’s so glossy.
As a result of the many layers, I can’t quite comment on the taste of the pandan chiffon cake because I couldn’t tell if the pandan aroma came from the cake alone, or if it was bland but well ‘carried’ by mousse and gel-ish layer. The chiffon was soft tho- just like how you’d expect chiffon to be. Dotting around the circumference were coconut shreds that added texture to each bite. At $14++, I probably wouldn’t want to order it again. Bengawan solo’s good ol’ pandan cake still wins my heart. It’s works out to be around the same price ($16.50) and is way bigger!

Well, muffins is a kinda cake I suppose? These muffins are officially THE BEST in town! What makes these lil’ babies stand out are the streusel topping that comes with more than half of their muffin menu! They’re the good ol’ traditional muffins without streusel bits which tasted great too but GO FOR THE STREUSEL versions!! The toppings were exceptionally crunchy and indulgent. Only the freshest ingredients goes into the batter - with blueberry streusel muffs bursting with blueberries fruit bits in the core! Gooey but a delightful mess. Green Tea Monster is made of matcha with chocolate chips. You can taste matcha fragrance (not flavouring yo) with each bite. It’s so rich! Every single muffin wasn’t overly sweet so I’d say pretty perfect for everyday snack (I wish!) Also tasty were the vanilla streusel and mocha streusel. Other recommendations by the store owner includes double chocolate and hazelnut chocolate! They’re so so so good; it’s no surprise if they run low on variety if you drop by late! Special thanks to my fiancé who joined the queue in the blazing hot sun and humid weather to get these for me!🥰

Highly recommending Cake Genie🧞‍♀️SG for customised cakes and bakes! Behind the beautiful cakes is a talented baker who’s extremely creative with her designs - just tell her your concept and she’ll be share across some drawings for your stamp of approval before she proceeds with the bake. We got this cake for my cousin’s 👶🏻 gender-reveal party and within we’re light pink layers of lychee cake with speculoos. (yes, it’s a baby girl!) Aesthetics wise, it’s already a 10/10. Taste wise, it’s also a 10/10! Love the fluffiness of the lychee layer within and the slight saltiness of the speculoos. Particularly love how the cream is light in taste and therefore, isn’t too heavy on the stomach after a party feast!

Just the good ol’ creamy, rich classic.
‘ve always been apprehensive towards desserts from coffee chains because they’re supplied from third parties, rather than baked in house. Also, I’d been disappointed with the bakes from ⭐️ bucks. However, the classic new york cheesecake from coffee bean won me over! Definitely my cheesecake go-to

Warning: Will get jelat! So SHARE

Oh no. I don’t like their cupcakes. Now I don’t like their cakes too! Nothing really “oreo” - the mini Oreos were mushy and had lost its crunch. The chocolate sponge cake tasted strongly of artificial chocolate essence and the cookies cream tasted nothing like cookie too. No part of this cake resembled anything like Oreo at all.

That classic you can’t miss.
The classic that perhaps only PV is able to elevate with the use of quality ingredients (& taste!) only gripe would be the slightly frozen/icy whipped cream (it’s my bad to have it refrigerated). I recall the last time I didn’t refrigerate my cupcakes, they were incredibly fluffy and creamy (way nicer then cold cuppies and slightly icy-hard cream!)

Love how PV is true to their philosophy, serving up premium and fresh cuppies every single day, even in times of circuit breaker where baking supplies and ingredients are harder to get (?) Within the cuppie sits many chocolate chips and FRESH, PULPY banana slices. The premium they charge is justified, my tummy is so satisfied 🤗

Oh, not-so-plain creation from Plain Vanilla. A classic with not-so-classic taste, elevated with quality ingredients. Of course, comes topped with a quarter piece of Oreo!

It's the girly floral-ry flavour that oddly, is usually either a hit or a miss. Of course, I'd expect nothing less than a hit from Plain Vanilla and am once again, proud to be proven... right! I love the intense earl grey flavour and subtle lavender. Each whiff is a balanced aroma of earl grey, with hints of lavender. It's so easy to go 'off balance' (ie. overpowering earl grey stealing the floral aroma from the Lavender) - it happens with most bakeries and ice cream parlours. If I have to sound dramatic, the experience savouring this cuppy is akin to a walk through the lavender garden, while sipping a cuppa earl grey tea in my hand. Aww~

Nothing spells love like a red velvet-anything! I love the strong cocoa hint that emanates from the cupcake just by a deep whiff! *INHALE deeply* And of course, the cocoa hint only gets stronger with a bite! 10/10 red velvet with nothing but true ingredients going into the mix. Worry not! Nothing like red-dye, random flour, random butter into the mix. Here, I heard, uses only pure, premium french butter (& this explains the pretty steep price point for their cupcakes). This pretty lil' velvet is then decorated with the pretty, cream cheese crown. Worth every penny & calorie teehee.

One of my all-time favourites alongside Vanilla Bean & Earl Grey Lavender! (Pstt. How can anyone only have ONE single favourite cuppy from Plain Vanilla?). The cupcake is speckled with teeny cinnamon powder - very rich in cinnamon-y aroma and topped with a layer of cream cheese, powdered cinnamon and brown sugar. While this is the 'flattest' looking cupcake and doesn't stand out in terms of looks compared to its 'taller'/'3D' counterparts with luscious swirls, do not be too quick to judge! It's really the inner beauty (or in this case, the intense flavour) that shines from within!

Don't be fooled by the plain-looking vanilla cupcake. This Plain Vanilla is nothing like a plain vanilla - it's fantabulous!! Y'know how the 'easiest' recipes are the toughest to WOW eaters? Yes, it takes a lot to wow a dessert fanatic like yours truly cos having had so many cupcakes in my lifetime, my internal benchmark for cuppies is not low. This, wow-ed me! I was excited and fully impressed by the speckles of black pods within the perfect swirl of cream. I'm never a fan of cream but PV's the only patisserie whose cream I'd lick clean. AND, within the cupcake, there're just MORE lil' black pods. So sexy, so moist and so fluffy. The only gripe, if any, that I have, would be the teeny cookie atop the cupcake which unfortunately, could not withstand the rocking motion here and there as I commuted on the train, on my way home. Well, I really did try really hard to 'protect' my cuppy.

My chubby cheeks speak of my love in uncovering new bites & savouring ‘em all!

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