Life’s not a piece of cake. It’s many pieces of cakes ! 😍

Life’s not a piece of cake. It’s many pieces of cakes ! 😍

Whoever said you can’t have your cakes and eat em’ all?
Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks

My preferred choice over chairman’s bubur char char! Think - dense, intense sticky date cake drizzled with Gula Melaka, topped with walnuts and with a dollop of vanilla ice cream - it’s rich and extremely decadent! As with all dishes - this dessert was adorned with gogi berries - which I thought was absolutely unnecessary. I don’t and can’t appreciate gogi - I dug it out and put it aside. Objectively speaking, gogi lovers would probably appreciate the fusion.

This is a chocoholic’s dream come true. Beneath the velvety blanket of thiccc fudge is a huge slice of moist, dense chocolate cake. I like how there wasn’t an overdose of cocoa/ dark chocolate. Looking at the dark mess, I was slightly concerned about the possible bitter after notes with each bite. Happy to share that there wasn’t any hint of dark chocolate! Hooray! My husband found it a lil’ too too much

At $8, the OG from Two Bake Boys doesn’t come cheap. Taste and flavour wise, given it’s a recipe from the owner, a Thai, it’s in a way, guaranteed good! The mille Thai tea crepe came served with a pouch of Thai tea drizzle, enhancing the tea-liciousness of the cake. Thanks to Burpple beyond 1-1, this is certainly way more affordable!

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At $9, this is not exactly cheap. So thanks to Burpple beyond 1-1 deal! Two Bake Boy’s matcha mille was served with a pouch of matcha sauce. That’s a nice addition to the already laudable mille crepe. If I were to compare this to Lady M’s, Lady’s M crepe layers are a lot thinner and ‘lighter’, way more ‘airy’- perhaps that’s also why their mille crepes are priced a lot more expensive too! Flavour wise, Two Bake Boy’s mille crepes fared well, tho not as great as Lady M’s. I would give other flavours a chance - am looking forward to the Taro flavour next!

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At a pretty hefty price tag of $8/pc, the Soya chiffon definitely did not disappoint in terms of the quality ingredients used. There were desiccated coconut bits by the side which added a nice mouthfeel to the soft chiffon cake. Unfortunately, the coconut fragrance wasn’t pronounced. Same goes to the soya bean chiffon cake too - there wasn’t any hint of ‘soya bean’ fragrance. Overall, tasted like a normal sponge cake which definitely paled in comparison to Swee Heng’s soya bean chiffon cake. A tad disappointing! The saving grace is perhaps the cream which came atop of the chiffon cake - which added some touch of ‘luxe’ but again, did not provide added dimension to the flavour. I saved the other half for the next day (kept the cake refrigerated). As it turns out, the cake was rather dry and falls apart with each bite the next day. It’s sad!

Warning: Not for peeps with Trypophobia

My sis got this from homebaker Mamam munchkin. They're not super active on ig but their bakes are pretty good! The softness and moist, fluffy cake won many praises! Only gripe would be the lack of aesthetics (the Trypophobic presentation just doesn't work well ... even with peeps without Trypophobia). The banana taste in this chocolate version was subtle - perfect for non-banana lovers like my sister and yet, love chocolate cake. I guess it's a good starting point for non-banana lovers. There's subtle banana fragrance and whiffs out when you open the box and it gets more pronounced when you heat it up (not a must!) Mamam munchkin threw in an additional, complimentary serving of chocolate buttons which, tbh wasnt quite needed. Ours were left untouched after the cake was polished off!

Priced at $35, it's defo not the cheapest around, but 10/10 for softness and moistness.

We decided on the genmaicha cake because we each had matcha and hojicha drinks. This completes the x3 cha cha cha selections? 😂

It was love at first bite with the strong earthy and roasty notes of the genmaicha cake. Y’know some real bits of genmaicha has gotten into the making of this cake! It wasn’t at all cloying despite it being coated with cream. Cream-cake-sable ratio was perfect. We also love how the cake wasn’t overly sweet. It was pretty addictive to savour and I guess I found my fav cake here!

so far the BEST the fiancé and I have tasted! It's rare to find a tiramisu that WOW us! & we're incredibly delighted to find this at IO! Having had the best tiramisu in Florence years back, the bar for tiramisu is high. While this certainly doesnt match up to the one we had back in Florence, it's a close enough substitute! We've tried tiramisu in various Italian restaurants here - including those from rather prominent restaurants but none left such a deep impression! We love the layer of pistachio that added some crunch and nuttiness to the alcohol-infused sponge fingers. The spongy fingers were soft, fluffy and well balanced with lightly whipped mascarpone on top. Despite the seemingly thick layers of mascarpone cream, the dessert wasnt any bit cloying. In fact, we continued mouthfuls after mouthfuls despite having had a rather heavy dinner of amazing, authentic Italiano dishes . Y'know this is a must order when you spot this at almost every other table. At the time of order, the waiter affirmed our choice of dessert, "this is really good!" The fiancé loved it so much that he'd requested this for his next birthday. At $14++, this is pretty affordable and a worthy price to pay for the satisfaction it brings (compared to paying the same or more at certain restaurants, with meh~ tasting tiramisu!)

The perfect cake size for scaled down birthday celebrations in Covid times! In fact, I can have this all by myself!

Fluffy chocolate sponge layers creamed generously with their signature fresh white cream, chocolate cream and cocoa ball nibbles within. Topped with another layer of chocolate creams, nama chocolate squares (comparable to Royce’s) and dark chocolate balls

Matcha lemon pound cake - a tad too dry, matcha taste could be stronger, lemony fragrance and tanginess could be stronger too!

Not your typical pandan cake. Andaz’s pandan cake comes enveloped in mousse and a gel-ish layer of green pandan ... blanket (?) I like how it’s so glossy.
As a result of the many layers, I can’t quite comment on the taste of the pandan chiffon cake because I couldn’t tell if the pandan aroma came from the cake alone, or if it was bland but well ‘carried’ by mousse and gel-ish layer. The chiffon was soft tho- just like how you’d expect chiffon to be. Dotting around the circumference were coconut shreds that added texture to each bite. At $14++, I probably wouldn’t want to order it again. Bengawan solo’s good ol’ pandan cake still wins my heart. It’s works out to be around the same price ($16.50) and is way bigger!

Well, muffins is a kinda cake I suppose? These muffins are officially THE BEST in town! What makes these lil’ babies stand out are the streusel topping that comes with more than half of their muffin menu! They’re the good ol’ traditional muffins without streusel bits which tasted great too but GO FOR THE STREUSEL versions!! The toppings were exceptionally crunchy and indulgent. Only the freshest ingredients goes into the batter - with blueberry streusel muffs bursting with blueberries fruit bits in the core! Gooey but a delightful mess. Green Tea Monster is made of matcha with chocolate chips. You can taste matcha fragrance (not flavouring yo) with each bite. It’s so rich! Every single muffin wasn’t overly sweet so I’d say pretty perfect for everyday snack (I wish!) Also tasty were the vanilla streusel and mocha streusel. Other recommendations by the store owner includes double chocolate and hazelnut chocolate! They’re so so so good; it’s no surprise if they run low on variety if you drop by late! Special thanks to my fiancé who joined the queue in the blazing hot sun and humid weather to get these for me!🥰

My chubby cheeks speak of my love in uncovering new bites & savouring ‘em all!

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