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boutique experience

boutique experience

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R Goh
R Goh

The next set of diners were streaming in for the second sitting but thankfully, the staff (who are all extremely knowledgeable and friendly) allowed us to take our time with the main course and a small break before dessert! I wouldn’t have expected a steakhouse to do dessert well, but I was very much won over with this well-curated dish! The molten lava cake smelled divine. Its core was a raspberry jam that complemented the rich chocolate. This was paired with chocolate sauce, honeycomb pieces and some fruits. The gelato was delight on its own, textured with ground cinnamon and rich in flavour. Would love to try some of the other dessert items! All in all, this course dinner far surpassed my expectations and was an interesting date night experience. $78++ is definitely a reasonable price for the number and quality of the dishes! Looking forward to what Fat Belly has in store with its new menu.

After a palate cleanser of iced tea with basil and lemon, the main course was served! With a marble score of 4-5, the wagyu tri-tip was laced with fat and extremely decadent. Served medium rare, the centre maintained its red colour whilst the edges were cooked brown. Sliced into thin cuts, each piece was tender and a burst of flavour. Paired with pumpkin mash, asparagus and brown sauce, this dish definitely reflects Fat Belly’s identity as an alternative steakhouse.


The wagyu beef sliders were definitely a highlight of the night! Although the sesame brioche buns are a little bit dense, this dish is a clear winner. The beef patty is charred over an open fire. Retaining its juiciness, it’s exterior is crisp and savoury. The melted gouda cheese on top and the dash of sun dried tomato pesto added dimension to the dish, giving it some acidity to cut through the strong meat.

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Beef char siew sounded like an interesting take on our singaporean staple, and all the more so when paired with kale! The sweet honey and fermented red beancurd sauce hits you hard, but gives way to the flavour of the beef itself. Using meat from the ribs, each piece was tender. The kale was probably included to counter the strong flavours, but we didn’t think it added much to the dish.

The wagyu beef skewer was served relatively quickly, even before we finished the previous dish! It was a little cold by the time we got to it. The use of intercostal meat was surprising, but decadent. Each piece was tender and well seasoned. The chimichurri gave a different dimension with its herbs and acidity.

Wasn’t quite sure what to expect with this foie gras creme brulee - it definitely is a bold concept! Each bite was a burst of flavour. The taste of foie gras wasn’t distinct initially, but came through the rich cream in the form of a lingering and slightly bitter aftertaste. Savoury and dense, it was complemented by the crispy coral tuile.

This pre-dinner snack was served immediately after being seated, while you decide on whether to add on sides or drinks! The parmesan sticks were flaky with a good crunch, flavoured with herbs and beef salt. They were served with a zesty sundried tomato pesto. Whilst simple, this snack was a good and promising start to dinner!

R Goh

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