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Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks

Topped with Thai mango, lemongrass chantilly cream and caramelised pecan plated in a delicate mess. Priced at $24.90, I can’t help but feel that all fluff came at a rather steep price - considering tbat caramelized nuts rarely go wrong! Credits could perhaps go to the lemongrass chantilly cream which was also fluffy and light tasting - oh wait, that also means that the hint of lemongrass was subtle. Yay or nay depending whether or not you’re a fan. And also, + points for the fluffy brown butter pancake which was perfect in thickness and wasn’t too cloying for 1 pax. Thai mango was sweet but no credits to the cafe; more credits to the farmer 😂 It’s an overall sweet wake-up to a lazy morning but definitely overpriced.

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Lemon - yes! Light lemony aroma wafted with each cut & bite
Ricotta - hmmm??? Flavour's kinda missing here...

Served with berries compote, tangy lemon syrup that wakes up your senses (if you're not fully awake for food yet), whipped cream (milky and rich) and lil' bits of nuts and fruits here and there. It's the perfect kinda carb-y, lady-ish brunch item - perfect for the gram too! While the accompaniments were highly addictive (come on, admit it. The syrup, whipped cream and anything else sweet are highlights of any pancake/waffle meal), the pancakes can get pretty cloying when you arrive at the last piece. Well, you can always pop-in some of the berries to balance off the ‘heaviness’. For those who appreciate a mix of textures, there’re bits of crunchy granola clusters to go with the fluffy pancakes.

My advice? Share this with your girlfriends!

My heart did not jiggle when I saw my pancakes cos I’d seen in pictures, and had expected it to be doused in layers of velveting cream cheese. Turns on the cream cheese cake only in the form of whipped cream (cheese) at the top. My date commented “where is the cream cheese, I can’t taste it” cos she didn’t dab on the whipped cream. Well, that aside, would say that the eggy fragrance & fluffiness of the pancakes made up for the slight presentation in looks! The strawberry coulis was tart and mild sweet. The strawberries were tart and tend towards sourish rather than sweet. Would have preferred Korean strawberries but overall a pretty nice and light meal!

Waiting time: 15-20mins! The jiggly pancakes definitely sent the heart jiggling with excitement. For some fun, rock the plate on the table and you can see how wobbly the pancakes are. Caution tho - the wobbly pancakes inevitably ‘deflates’ in height after some time. On the taste, the chocolatey nutty drizzle was pretty generous and complemented the eggy pancakes without heavily masking the eggy fragrance. I like the crunch from the biscuit bits and love how it came w raspberries!

Always loved seeing “buttermilk” in the description. It kinda says, ‘thick and rich’ pancakes. It’s rather unique to have flowery-shaped pancakes served on a plate. The pancakes were pretty thick and dense! 2 pancakes is really heavy on the carbs load, coupled with the FREEFLOW sugary maple syrup and Apple jam. Look at that huge bottle of maple 🍁 syrup! There’s definitely no ‘butterfingers’ accidents in the execution of this lovely brunch! Good for sharing u less you really really really love carbs like me! The white chocolate drink was really thick and milky. I’m not sure how cocoa butter is supposed to taste like. Perhaps it’s meant to be somewhat tasteless? There wasn’t really a strong buttery taste to it. Just overall milky and sweet. Good accompaniment to breakfast pancakes, but really high on the sugar count!

Sweet as Cynth’- 3 layers of fluffy, toasted Cinnamon pancake layers rich in cinnamon fragrance. It’s so good cos the batter is flavoured with cinnamon, instead of plain pancakes sprinkled with cinnamon powder. The fluffy pancake layers were enveloped in a generous velvety layer of cream cheese - sweet and fragrant. It’s then topped with pecans which added nice crunch to the brunch. I’ve to say the pancakes are one of the best around. Although it’s not cloying, it might be too carb-ish and filling for small eaters.

Best ricotta pancake in town! With really mild fragrance of ricotta and passion-fruit butter, topped with nut brittles and maple syrup. It’s the perfect brekky on a plate. It’s really tough to find an establishment with such standard for ricotta pancakes!


Happy to finally find another place with ricotta pancakes! Atlas’s version came with a scoop of ice cream, maple syrup, banana slices and cereal bits (would have preferred walnuts in this case). Unfortunately still not the best ricotta pancake - hints of ricotta was minimal.

Signature dessert by the TCA. Generally anything goes well with caramelised banana and fruits? My colleague raves about it but honestly it’s pretty normal!

My chubby cheeks speak of my love in uncovering new bites & savouring ‘em all!

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