Another main from the all-white Botanical theme cafe that is is their Seafood Vongole Pasta!

While their mains are quite the usual fanfare and there isn't too much innovativeness to them but hey, they're still pretty hearty and delish in my book. The Vongole Pasta over at Glacier is packed with ingredients - with pan-seared scallops, clams, crabmeat, chilli flakes in white wine. I've never seen that many clams in a vongole dish before! Another thing that impressed me was their presentation, each clam lovingly displayed all around the centerpiece of linguine - that's some dedication right there and I applaud them for it.

Price-wise is a lil' steep but with that amount of ingredients and the pretty presentation - you get what you pay for!

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The all-white clean botanical theme cafe that is offers up a small selection of savoury dishes which includes this Smoked Salmon & Avocado Toast. (Which seems to be everyone's go-to over at Glacier.)

Semi-torched smoked salmon, mash guacamole, poached eggs, baby radish, microgreens, capers and topped off with a gorgeous yellow hue of hollandaise - well it might be a fairly simple brunch dish but it's oh so good. Smoked salmon? Yes. Guac? Yes. Toasted brioche? Oh yes.

The irony is that I had this clearly brunch dish for dinner as I made my visit to Glacier in the evening. Brunch for dinner? Hell yes.

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Y'all didn't think I would have gone to @eggslutsg and NOT get THE Slut eh. Everybody was doing it so I just had to as well.

Filled with coddled egg on top of homemade potato puree, with a sprinkle of gray salt and chives - this was simply delicious. A surprising fact considering the ingredients are pretty simplistic but the combination was just *chef kiss*.

Now for 11 bucks, that's a little bit of a stretch though. Just a couple more bucks and you could get the Fairfax sandwich. The least they could do was to perhaps give a couple more slices of baguette. And the jar is a keepable souvenir I take it? *Karen Mode On*

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I've always been intrigued by not only their name but of @bearded.bella's food as well. The Melbourne-inspired cafe offers up delectable brunch grub, with crazy crowds to boot - so you know it must be good.

After a failed attempt at getting a seat during lunch - I learnt my lesson the second time around and made a reservation. Never one to pass up dessert - I decided to order the Pain Perdu, aka. Fancy AF French Toast. The name itself tickled my fancy, though one of the reasons I decided to order it was #ForTheGram.

I was so friggin' glad I did. One bite was all it took to blow me away. The pan-fried brioche was filled with pink guava compote and cardamom - and was simply divine. It took on a whole nother level when paired with a scoop of ice-cream. Soft brioche, creamy and crunchy compote filling, with an added spice kick thanks to the cardamom. The pink guava was quite subtle and seemed more like apples interestingly enough - making it warm apple pie but in French Toast form!

Honestly, this was THE best French Toast I've ever had and I'm definitely ordering it again. Aww yiss. How can something be so good, lawd.

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Yet another cafe has opened its doors along the stretch that is Joo Chiat. The cafe saturation over there is real y'all and it's becoming such a hot cafehopping spot.

Not to be missed is, which opened their third outlet a couple of weeks ago as well. Decked out in a mixed of pale blue and orange, their latest spot offers a wide array of brunch dishes and coffee.

To be honest, I've tried their other outlet over at Botanic Gardens and the menu over there seems way more interesting and tantalizing then the usual brunch fanfare that their Joo Chiat outlet offers.

After perusing their menu for ages, I finally settled on trying the Prairie Breakfast. Now I usually avoid the "big breakfast" dishes as I find it a rip-off and a little too basic bitch for even my foodie palate. (I do apologize if I've offended anyone hahah.)

Nonetheless, the one over at Prairie was pretty good, with grilled chicken, bacon, sauteed mushrooms and choice of egg over sourdough. I went for the scrambled and it was perfection, both the buttery flavours from the scramble and the juices from the sauteed mushrooms enveloping the sourdough underneath. Yum. The standout though, was the side of grilled chicken that permeated tandoori spices making it super delish and unique to a big breakfast dish. (I might be wrong but it was definitely Indian spices.)

I do really like the vibes of the place and definitely wouldn't mind chilling there sometime with a cuppa if I'm ever in the area again. It's also one of the more spacious cafes along that stretch - so no fret about lack of seatings!

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Finally got the chance to properly try some dishes at Melbourne-inspired @bearded.bella !

Sadly, as their Pancake. Bacon. Flight. Magic. was sold out, my next choice was to go for their tantalizing cold pasta dish. With seared Canadian scallops on top a bed of capellini pasta, chuka wakame, truffle oil and yuzu ponzu - dang this packed a punch. Full of umami from the truffle and chuka wakame, it melded perfectly with the slight tang from the yuzu. It was delectably refreshing and honestly I've never had a pasta dish quite like it. (And I've had my fair share of pasta mind you.)

Next time, I'll make sure to double the portion. Aww yiss.

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Apart from the stunning views of The Alkaff Mansion where @wildseedsg resides, the Coconut Pea Flower Shortcake caught my eye as well.

The little hint of blue flowers got me intrigued and I figured it was the cake for me. While the layers of sponge and cream didn't look like much, I was pleasantly surprised by how moist it qas (Yes I said moist.) as well as the delectable sweet Coconut flavours of cream and shortcake.

Definitely the perfect way to end of a delicious weekend brunch.

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The brunch menu over ay Elixir Boutique Roasters isn't as extensive as the many other cafes along the Botanic Gardens/Bukit Timah area but what they lack in quantity, they make up for in quality.

Just take a look at this absolutely gorgeous Brulee French Toast. Decked out in seasonal fruits and chantilly cream, the French toast is scented in Madagascar vanilla as well. Yum, the only thing missing was a scoop of ice-cream and a drizzle of honey.


Now I consider myself to be a pasta connoisseur and I usually have high standards when it comes to this Italian dish.

Wildseed Cafe's Truffle Carbonara is a fairly good offering to the many pasta options on this little island. Deliciously creamy with flavours of truffle and added bacon and mushrooms - you can't go wrong with that. Though I would say the pasta had a little more bite than I would usually prefer and it could have used a couple more minutes to Al Dente perhaps.

Alas, for the scenery and aesthetic of Alkaff Mansion, it's worth the trip alone.

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- Bagel Eggs Benny [$16]
- Truffle Carbonara [$28]
- Sesame Chicken Pita [$28]
- Coconut Pea Flower Shortcake [$9.50]

One of the coveted brunch locales of Singapore is none other than Wildseed Cafe at The Alkaff Mansion. Located on the hills of Mount Faber, this stunningly gorgeous location would surely impress your date. Cue the Instagram photos.

The brunch menu over at Wildseed is fairly good. Nothing too mind blowing as it's your usual fanfare but it does complement the location's aesthetic - especially if you are seated outdoors or at the conservatory. The prices are a lil steep as well but you essentially pay for location location location.

Don't be fooled by it's secluded location as well; the crowds are not to be underestimated. Singaporeans do love their brunch spots, lawd Jesus.

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Essentially McDonald's hot cakes on steroids, the grammable Butterscotch Banana Pancakes from Atlas Coffeehouse is not to be missed. Deliciously warm and fluffy - coupled with a slight crisp edge, this bad boy requires a 20 minute wait just for prep! Sprinkled with crunchy cornflakes, banana slices and topped off with a scoop of honeycomb ice-cream - you can honestly say goodbye to any diet plans and just dig in.

If you have a sweet tooth like yours truly, this is the dessert for you. Though I would say it's best to be shared - especially since it's 18 bucks. Oh why are good things so pricey?

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The coveted creamy mushroom on sourdough from Atlas Coffeehouse is not to be missed! Delectable white wine cream is paired with sauteed mushrooms, sourdough bread and topped off with finely grated parmesan!

While I was planning to add scrambled eggs as well, I opted for the Italian Sausages instead for an extra 3 bucks that tied the whole dish together. This is definitely the perfect epitome of brunch.

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My name is Jeremy and I’m just a solitary foodie.

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