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All other kinda sweets

All other kinda sweets

List of all other kinds desserts other than cakes, ice cream & tarts that the sweet-tooth 🦷-me has maintained a separate list 🍨
Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks

Not the best-looking, nor traditional round-topped banana 🍌 walnut muffin. This was squarish and less “puffed” up. But hey! Do not pass your judgement too soon, at least not until you’ve smelled the buttery, vanilla-ey aroma of this squarish little thing. Indeed when it comes to food, it’s not all about looks. Disregarding the non-typical look of this muffin, this muffin is worth 8/10 in terms of taste! I love how there were chunky banana chunks within the muffin, and walnut bits around the muffin top. AJ’s muffin still wins my heart - I’m a sucker for their streusel muffins. While the walnut bits were not as generous as AJ’s this is a close runner-up!

these bombos are a .... bomb in the mouth! Fluffy and generously filled with milo custard and I love how the milo-explosion in the mouth additionally enhanced with crunchy mouthfeel from the biscuits. There’s also a side serving of milo powder for those who’d love to create milo dino 🦕 doughnuts!

So... is a $4++ donut worth the splurge? YES, esp when it’s from a Michelin ⭐️ restaurant!! I’ve to clarify tho, that the Michelin star was clearly not accorded to the bakes (it was for the food!). Despite so, you’re assured of the same sincerity, quality and standards that they hold for the edibles that they produce, be it sweet or savoury. It’s so fluffy that the dough “bounces” back to it’s risen-form after each teeth-marked indent. How pillowy!! The vanilla custard wasn’t overly sweet, perfect for those who doesn’t want sth super sweet. The specks of vanilla pods thrills me!! Those black lil’ dots tells you: you’re paying for the real stuff! I love how they rolled these donuts in rough, grainy sugar bits, resulting in a nice overall bite and texture each time! I had it fresh, on the very first day of purchase, hence am unable to determine if there’s “bad oil taste” if you keep it for a day, or two (if you can resist polishing them off!)

Chitose Strawberry with Fromage Blanc cheese, served with a side of herby gingery extract. A little too floral-y for my liking but the perfect light dessert after a heavy meal

Krispy Kreme needs no intro but I guess the incredibly deals at late night clearance is worth sharing! It works out to be just $1 per 🍩, cheaper than the ones sold at neighbourhood bakeries?! Limited flavours available tho - whatever is remaining for the day will be the only available flavours. Then again, which donut at Krispy Kreme doesn’t appeal?

Cute little fours to end off the grande lunch menu. Can you identify which is which?

Pate De Fruit "Raspberry"
‘Gelatinous gummy coated with sugar. Good but not ‘wow’

Dark Chocolate Dome
‘delightful and definitely the joy of any chocoholic

Cashew nuts "Chouquette"
‘hollow within, topped with chestnut cream and a pretty leaf 🍂

Feiullantine "Waffle"
‘cereal / oat cookie base with sweet cream - very crunchy & yummy!

Got this at a discounted price of $3.90 (usual price, $5.50). It’s creamy durian filling with some sponge cake and wrapped in crepe skin. Hmms. Not bad but nothing very “wow” about the combination. Melts really fast under the hot singapore sun- even when it’s just 5mins out in the open!

It’s the household brand name for durian puffs, and definitely kept to it’s reputation. Sort fluffy, airy puff shell fully pipped with 100% durian pulp. Tho it’s not musang king (they sell it too, at a slightly higher price of course), it’s pretty premium breed - creamy, fragrant and sweet. Quality guaranteed!

Just same really HUGE green babies from the coffeeshop in the hood. Love the coconuty shreds on the outside and the gula-melaka-soaked coconut shreds inside. I wish it were some melty oozy gula-melaka instead but it’s okay, I’m not complaining!

This is kinda like a fat biscotti. The good ol’ traditional style of biscotti that’s more cake-ish than ‘crunchy’ or ‘crispy’. Personally, I’d prefer the crunchy, crispy thin rendition but I wouldn’t mind having this traditional ol’ style biscotti given it’s laden with nuts! The dried prunes were pretty decent (fortunately) and nothing like sugar-soaked, overly sweet and artificially-tasting fruits.

At just $2++, this would probably be one of the cheapest scone you can find. I would get this anytime if not for the fact that there’re other kinds dried fruits in addition to dried cranberry bits 😟 I’m not a fan of dried fruits (except for dried fruit berries ..) The unpleasant additions aside, I especially love the crusty edges and underside of this scone!

My chubby cheeks speak of my love in uncovering new bites & savouring ‘em all!

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