All other kinda sweets

All other kinda sweets

List of all other kinds desserts other than cakes, ice cream & tarts that the sweet-tooth 🦷-me has maintained a separate list 🍨
Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks

Krispy Kreme needs no intro but I guess the incredibly deals at late night clearance is worth sharing! It works out to be just $1 per 🍩, cheaper than the ones sold at neighbourhood bakeries?! Limited flavours available tho - whatever is remaining for the day will be the only available flavours. Then again, which donut at Krispy Kreme doesn’t appeal?

Got this at a discounted price of $3.90 (usual price, $5.50). It’s creamy durian filling with some sponge cake and wrapped in crepe skin. Hmms. Not bad but nothing very “wow” about the combination. Melts really fast under the hot singapore sun- even when it’s just 5mins out in the open!

It’s the household brand name for durian puffs, and definitely kept to it’s reputation. Sort fluffy, airy puff shell fully pipped with 100% durian pulp. Tho it’s not musang king (they sell it too, at a slightly higher price of course), it’s pretty premium breed - creamy, fragrant and sweet. Quality guaranteed!

Just same really HUGE green babies from the coffeeshop in the hood. Love the coconuty shreds on the outside and the gula-melaka-soaked coconut shreds inside. I wish it were some melty oozy gula-melaka instead but it’s okay, I’m not complaining!

This is kinda like a fat biscotti. The good ol’ traditional style of biscotti that’s more cake-ish than ‘crunchy’ or ‘crispy’. Personally, I’d prefer the crunchy, crispy thin rendition but I wouldn’t mind having this traditional ol’ style biscotti given it’s laden with nuts! The dried prunes were pretty decent (fortunately) and nothing like sugar-soaked, overly sweet and artificially-tasting fruits.

At just $2++, this would probably be one of the cheapest scone you can find. I would get this anytime if not for the fact that there’re other kinds dried fruits in addition to dried cranberry bits 😟 I’m not a fan of dried fruits (except for dried fruit berries ..) The unpleasant additions aside, I especially love the crusty edges and underside of this scone!

Egg white | Sugar | Almond | Hazelnut

Without the sugar, this would be the perfect keto dessert! Then again, how can there be no sugar for any any dessert?! The protein and ‘healthy fats’ ratio here does qualify this as a healthier choice tho! Perfect for nuts lover

Chocolate chip cookie with marshmallow inject ... was nothing short of a major disappointment. Given the hype, I was initially excited to try. But it pales in comparison with the likes of other cookie houses. The first whiff smelled like any other cookie baked from home - with cookie recipes found online. I was sorely disappointed to smell sth similar that I could reproduce at home (well if I’d liked the cookies I baked at home, I wouldn’t have spent $ on cookies out there isn’t it?!) plus, priced at ~$5.00 each, this is definitely a nasty cookie experience

Let’s just say, tis’ just a calorie laden sin. & a total guilty pleasure (at time 0s before you take a bite) cos it’s just pure sugar and not worth the calorie, at all. Looking at the menu, there’s no value add if the cookies tasted great with kitkat/ lotus biscuits/Oreo given these trademarked cookies already tasted fantabulous on their own! So I’d expected the cookie dough to be d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s, thereby enhancing the entire cookie-within-cookie mix. But my-oh-my, upon my first whiff, the cookie dough smelled nostalgic of.... what anyone could easily replicate at home. It was the same exact cookie fragrance you get when you try to bake at home with cookie recipes found online. Priced at a whopping ~$5.00 per cookie, it’s definitely not worth the money. Totally a sin to spend your hard-earned money on this!!

New flavour alert! Matcha’s new in the house
And yes, expect the same gooey, rich flavour within the huge cookie

UK’s best cookie in Singapore
Loving how it’s so gooey deli melty molteny right within

The pastel purple won the beauty contest against all other contestants at my visit (well, strictly speaking, this clinches the position of the 1st runner-up. I was swooned by Ms Ispahan and had it in my previous visit). Taste wise, the cream within the eclair has very strong hints of lavender (duh) fragrance. So strong that it seemed to be taste a lil' 'artificial'; raises suspicion of the use of flavouring. But of course, I place my trust in L'eclair - to use only natural, real ingredients in their beautiful bakes!

Vanilla and caramelized pecan:
Spot the sexy lil' black spots on the coat! They scream "It's 100% true-blue extract right straight from the vanilla pod!" The rich, vanilla fragrance (no artificial taste!) was warmly welcomed in my mouth Topped with caramelized pecans, the nutty-vanilla combi was simply something you don't wanna miss in your afternoon tea.

I chew like a hamster 🐹 with my chubby cheeks. Apply CHUB857 for 20% off Burpple Beyond!

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