All other kinda sweets

All other kinda sweets

List of all other kinds desserts other than cakes, ice cream & tarts that the sweet-tooth 🦷-me has maintained a separate list 🍨
Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks

Nothing better than a smooth-custardy milky treat after a HK meal! Was initially tempted to get the cold version but why not the original, authentic hot version since this place is air-conditioned? Legendary's milk custard was a nice balance of milkiness and sweetness. The ones in HK were a lot milkier and less sweet, if i don't recall wrong. The texture of the milk custard was great! 'softer than tofu~

Seasonal favourite and the most unique of all that I've tried. The green and red colours simply looked Christmasy. Due to the strong flavours of basil, strong whiffs of basil hit the nose the moment my box of 3 was opened. I'd say this is an acquired taste tho! Not for non-basil loving fans (just like Bird of Paradise's Strawberry basil ice cream) but defo a hit for basil-loving peeps out there (ME!) And oh my, it's so herb-y and health-y sounding that one might think it's some sort of supplement. To some extent I do agree this is one of the healthier bombes around - sweetness level was 4/10 and possibly naturally sweetened from the Rhubarb to a large extent! How much sweeter can this bombe deal get~

Touted as the signature - and a mainstay on the menu, I had high expectations of this! And yes, expectations were met! The lemon creme was so rich, luscious and tangy! Blueberry jam was a tad underwhelming tho - wasnt pronounced nor 'wow' in terms of taste. Ratio of blueberry jam: lemon creme was easily 3:7 (phew!) It could've been better with some real blueberry bits baked into the sourbombe dough I guess? Also, noteworthy mention to the dough-y doughnut that was adapted from sourdough recipe, resulting in a chewy and airy, slightly less dense texture (yay)

Seasonal doughnut! Fragrant whims of sage hit the tastebud upon first bite - you could easily spot the tiny green leaves within the creme. Again, as with all herbs and spices, be warned that this is an acquired taste too, not for those who arent fans of sage! Caramelized walnut was tasty. There wasnt so much of a 'burnt' taste tho. Also, noteworthy mention to the dough-y doughnut that was adapted from sourdough recipe, resulting in a chewy and airy, slightly less dense texture (yay).

Check out the zebra-striped choco chips! Except that the stripes are in light and dark brown haha. Overall, not a super wow-cookie except for the hints of saltiness from the sea-salt. Wouldnt think this is worth the price to be honest... I would rather fork out $1+ for Whiskdom's oozy levain cookies!

Dark brownie with rum raisin
Hms, not fantastic given the price paid. It was just a brownie with some raisins - rum taste was mild (could defo be stronger!). Again, would top up $1+ for an oozy brownie from Whiskdom anytime!

Baked into perfect black squares, each piece is so.... heavy. The black brownie is achieved through the use of cocoa powder. For non-lovers of dark chocolates, fret not. Whiskom uses a mix of cocoa % to achieve the black colour but not-so-bitter taste. I'm not a fan of dark chocolate and I find the bittersweet tone of the brownie acceptable! It's a perfect balance to the sweet, lava center. For a first, I decided to go with Hojicha. The Hojicha ganache centre was liquidy! Rich in tea taste and generous in portion. I love the slight surprise of tartness. The sincerity in their bakes melts me ~ At $6.50, this bake seems a little too pricey but not at all if you factor in the use of ingredients and if you feel the weight of the brownie! Easily x2 the weight of a typical brownie. Not at all dry but moist and cake like within. This is yummy! A word of caution tho - do not attempt to finish this off on your own because it does get a lil' too cloying and definitely way too fattening! Next up, i'll love to try their signature Sea salt dark chocolate and Speculoos

Priced at $6.50/pc, Whiskdom's cookies certain doesnt come cheap and definitely the top the price ranks compared to other popular names out there - Ben's Cookies, Folks & Stories, Nasty cookies etc. Then again, the weight of 1 Whiskdom cookie is easily double that of the cookies out there. Levain- inspired and made with quality chocolate and butter, the chocolate chip (signature!) cookie remained gooey in the centre without reheating. Of course, you can always choose to reheat the cookie for extra flowy, gooey goodness. I prefer it less messy. While the dough-to-gooeyness ratio was perfect, it's not so much of wisdom if you were to wolf this down alone! You're bound to feel a lil' chocolate overload. No wisdom gained, but tons of calories gained. I learnt from the sales crew that a mix of chocolate in various cocoa % were used and mixed in their cookies and gooey brownies. 'Love it when such details goes into perfecting the bitter-sweet balance in my desserts. I also love how the cookie dough doesnt smell or taste of the typical home bakes- made with off-the-shelf subpar ingredients, resembling what I (embarrassingly) churned up in the kitchen - also similar to what Nasty Cookies are selling (bad!). Is Whiskdom's worth the $6.50? Yes! For the quality indulgence, sizable portion and sincere sales.

Oh, so affordable and decent! Not the best hawker muffin (AJ’s got my heart! ❤️) but close to the best. Perhaps because of the tiny base, it got a lil’ dry and hard. The iconic squarish base was huge and disproportionate to the teeny base, a tad too ‘crispy’ and dry for my liking

because… birthday cakes are too mainstream!
I was thrilled when I saw bread pudding on the menu because it’s a hard-to-come-by dessert! Accessible only at buffets thus far - and only the good ol’ traditional kind with vanilla sauce.

Here, the bread pudding comes topped with salted caramel pecans. The sweet-salty combi was a good, crunchy bite to the soft, fluffy pudding. Comes with a side of whipped cream and also, bourbon infused sauce that made it all the more delectable … and M18!

Imagine my delight when I walked into the bakery at 9am, to find no sight of a crazy queue! Yay, no one to fight with for the trolleys of freshly baked cruffins that were still piping warm and left on the troller to cool! I got 1 of each flavour that I had been wanting to try. Love the lemon curd - fluffy croissant layers that were light - and then surprises with a strong tangy pang. Salted caramel lovers would love the salted caramel and hazelnut version too (no salty desserts/ pastries for me!) Those with sophisticated taste would find the matcha rich and delectable while kids would love the peanut butter jelly cruffin!

Doughnut shack’s Bombolinis first caught my eye on ig with their pistachio bombos! Had been wanting to try it for the longest time and imagine my delight when I got hold of them! The vibes weren’t great when I stepped into the tiny shack, with the place reeking of oil because of the enclosed kitchen within the same space. The bombos and donuts looked pretty decent and legit on the shelves. However, when I brought them home hours later, oil has formed at the bottom of the box. There were trails of oil! Not just a droplet or two, or a stained patch of oil but visible streams of oil 😔 The dough of the bombos where’s fluffy at all too. The pistachio filling was the best out of the lot. White peach jam tasted like store-bought peach jam while the spiced vanilla was okay. There weren’t specks of vanilla beans so I suppose essence was used and there were no vanilla pods involved in the making of the custard. The honeycomb chocolate was a disappointment. Not only was the dark chocolate artificial in taste; the honeycomb was sticky and overly chewy - definitely nothing like your Cadbury honeycomb. It’s all so stale 😞

My chubby cheeks speak of my love in uncovering new bites & savouring ‘em all!

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