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All other kinda sweets

All other kinda sweets

List of all other kinds desserts other than cakes, ice cream & tarts that the sweet-tooth 🦷-me has maintained a separate list 🍨
Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks

The pastel purple won the beauty contest against all other contestants at my visit (well, strictly speaking, this clinches the position of the 1st runner-up. I was swooned by Ms Ispahan and had it in my previous visit). Taste wise, the cream within the eclair has very strong hints of lavender (duh) fragrance. So strong that it seemed to be taste a lil' 'artificial'; raises suspicion of the use of flavouring. But of course, I place my trust in L'eclair - to use only natural, real ingredients in their beautiful bakes!

Vanilla and caramelized pecan:
Spot the sexy lil' black spots on the coat! They scream "It's 100% true-blue extract right straight from the vanilla pod!" The rich, vanilla fragrance (no artificial taste!) was warmly welcomed in my mouth Topped with caramelized pecans, the nutty-vanilla combi was simply something you don't wanna miss in your afternoon tea.

Sorely disappointed ☹️ AIYU was too sourish (not spoilt btw!) to my liking, w a strange smell. The tarp and sweet potato balls were incredibly hard to chew on - stone-like toughness! Definitely pale in comparison to Blackball’s / Nine Fresh’s. The only saving grace was the grass jelly and boba balls which were fairly decent.

Creammmmmy D24, sweet & lightly fragrant. The papa would prefer it to be MSW durian instead tho

Good ol' fashioned apple crumble with a dollop of vanilla ice-cream' speckled with black vanilla pods. The warm-cold combi of apple crumble with cold vanilla ice cream cannot possibly go wrong. A safe choice that threw no surprises - but done to expectations - with chunky apples cooked to a thick consistency & strong hints of cinnamon. Again, how can it get any less English old-school than this?

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I'd expected this to be some sort of tart/cake - similar to that of Antoinette's but I guess this is the English take on Mont Blanc. Right in here are little rocks of chestnut flavored meringues that melt in your mouth. They sit on a bed of vanilla ice cream (of course, you'll find black specks of vanilla pods - the tell tale sign of you getting the true value of vanilla, right from the pods). ‘It’s also served with a teapot-ish serving of thick, liquidy valrhona chocolate. (Feel free to drink it if you can’t resist!) Again, a very X'mas-y and heartwarming dessert to ring in the sweet festive season

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This tops my list of favourite Emirati dessert! It’s somewhat the Emirati version of the bread and butter pudding. With cubed bread slightly charred at the bottom - hence making it extra fragrant - and thicccccc date syrup that soaked through each cube thoroughly. The almond flakes sprinkled on top provides added crunch to the dessert. It can be cloying and overly sweet after some time - so best to be shared!

I recall these were pretty much raved about when they first arrived on the shores a couple years back. Having it again this time, I’m happy the quality is still consistent - smooth, creamy and rich. However tho, it was a tad too sweet for my linking this time, somehow. I’d say go for the original, instead of the mango 🥭, cos there’s a slight hint of artificial mango flavouring... aw man, it just doesn’t go!

One of my two favourites from O’ma spoon. The fine snow-like ice shavings were well flavoured with...milky drizzle and a dollop of cream (not ice cream!). It came along with a rather chunky size of cheesecake and really sweet mangoes. I liked the dried cranberries added on top. There could be more of the fruit to provide more twang to the sweet bowl of goodness. Finishing off, there’s almond flakes and peanuts added on top too!


The kinda chendol served in old school bowl. Perfect to beat the heat in sunny Singapore. Love how the chendol shreds comes in thick, greenish rods. The gula melaka’s thick and rather gooey (not too watery and ‘artificial’). There’s a slab of coconut cream which comes along with it as well. Cream, not watery milk. Loving how this small lil’ bowl is so rich. Tho small, everything seemed to be upscaled in intensity, including the beans! Kidney beans here, instead of small little red beans.

The saving grace of an underwhelming lunch experience at Lei Bistro! This chestnut 🌰 sago pudding is rich with sago and chestnut paste (not the real chestnut bits) - served warm is extra comforting especially after a disappointment plate of overly salty char siew and mediocre XO carrot cake. I like how it’s so rich and soft at the same time - the burnt/caramelised top didn’t add any special taste to the pudding but I guess the glazed top forms a layer which kept everything underneath warm in the ramekin.

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