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Rich Belly

Rich Belly

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Abi T
Abi T

Honestly I feel bad for using Burpple Beyond at times. Quality food, quality wine, quality service!

I won’t use the pictures of the mains because theh were so kind to portion the mains into two for us!

Started off with some complimentary bread and it is delicious, toasty and fragrant. Don’t get too full on this before the mains!

We shared the [Linguine] Arrabiata-style Tomato-based linguine with a delectable fresh lobster tail. No frills, fresh ingredients made it good.

[Manzo] Beef Short Ribs was the best and most tender I have ever had, I was holding back trying to steal the girlfriend’s portion.

Ended off with [Costata] -pictured- sinful chocolate tart topped with vanilla gelato. Again, delicious!

We also had a glass of Nero red wine each and it tasted of good quality as well.

Guess what, this whole meal with 2 mains, 2 glasses of wine and 1 dessert only cost me less than $100 nett thanks to Burpple Beyond!

Will return even without Beyond!

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Everything was yum. From the salted egg calamari to kueh pie tie to scallop porridge to beef kwaytiao and lastly to service and cocktails.
The gulamelaka whisky cocktail and chai negroni was absolute love. Had 3 rounds of it! Andrew the outlet Manager was so welcoming and such a nice host.
Members only!

Grilled peppers are great. Cocktails were so strong and truly aromatic.

From Seizan Uni Ramen, located within the grounds of Picnic at Wisma Atria taking over the stall that used to serve up Taiwanese fare. Being affiliated to a 2 Michelin Star restaurant in Japan, Seizan Uni Ramen serves up Uni Ramen as its specialty, though also serving up to other items that feature their Dashi stock with other condiments.

Featuring a Uni-infused broth where Bafun Uni is cooked and melted down into their Dashi broth, the ramen also comes with other condiments such as Cha Shu, Egg, Seaweed and Spring Onions. Whilst looking more like a thick and rich sauce rather than a soupy broth, the Uni-infused broth is surprisingly liquid; the broth being pretty flavourful and rather interesting with the Uni's distinct umami notes carrying a slight sense of booziness in its finish — very unique, though something not meant for everyone for its richness. Noodles were springy, while the Chashu whilst being just a single slice was a pretty chunky portion; a good mix of both lean and fattier parts that provides a bit of chew while also being melt-in-the-mouth. The Egg was a bit of a letdown however; a little dry and lacking of the oozy, molten goodness that other ramen joints may be able to serve up. Overall, a pretty interesting concept; probably one of the only few places that specialises in Uni Ramen as a permanent fixture on the menu, priced rather affordably at $21 considering Uni being a premium ingredient — still probably something meant for the adventurous, as well as for ramen lovers who are open to trying all sorts of ramen around.

Make a mental note of this chic joint in Shaw Centre for future tempura cravings. Order the Toku-Jo Bowl ($22.80) for a generous serving of tempura anago, crab leg, prawn, fish and egg heaped on top of pearly white rice. Choose between a spicy or non-spicy sauce — Burppler Veronica Phua recommends the former for extra oomph. Each order comes with a side of shredded cabbage salad and miso soup so you'll definitely leave feeling satisfied!
Photo by Burppler Veronica Phua

Make a mental note of this eatery on Upper Serangoon Road for lunch time feasts with the colleagues. Order the Foie Gras Teriyaki with Unagi ($23) for a plump slab of char-grilled unagi accompanied by melt-in-your-mouth foie gras drenched in smoky sweet sauce. Also good is the Kaiyo Chirashi ($21.90) for a fresh assortment of fish, pickled ginger and wasabi on top of short-grained, pearly Japanese rice.
Photo by Burppler Russell Leong

I wished I discovered this place earlier, and I would have a regular place to go to on Friday nights. That's when I need casual fuss-free food that are also yummy.
Following the closure of Otowa after the previous Japanese owner-chef went back to Japan, it's not easy to name another good yakitori place in Singapore. Jinjo could fill that spot, albeit with much better ventilation that will not leave you smelling like one of the skewers.
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If you go here, choose the buffet - the meat quality is mediocre but at least prices are reasonable. À-la-carte prices are OUTRAGEOUS for the same mediocre meat or worse, the low-quality fish: $44++ for the small sashimi moriawase, or $10.90++ for a tiny cup of kimchi soup (it looks much bigger on the menu photo!). The Filipino receptionists are enthusiastic, but the wait staff are kind of blurred. The wait is long (20 minutes for sashimi) as there are only two ‘chefs’ in the small kitchen. Even with the 1-for-1 Entertainer offer, it’s expensive.

Probably the best deal for the $20 you spend here. Everything done right with the immensely flavorful pulled pork shoulder, creamy coleslaw, rich chipotle aioli finished sandwiched between those toasted buttered brioche bun

Chef Kenji Okumura’s creatively intriguing menu includes his signature teppanyaki dishes, like this A5 Miyazaki wagyu incorporated into a claypot dish, together with uni and truffles.
This Japanese restaurant along Tanjong Pagar is helmed by chef Kenji Okumura, trained in the art of Kaiseki by master chefs in Japan. His menu pays homage to the artistic tradition with sophisticated nuances of fine Japanese multi-course meal, while presenting them in a relaxed and intimate atmosphere.
Omakase dinner starts at $150. While the modest, kappou-style cuisine is offered in three fixed menus for dinner ranging from $60 to $120, the Omakase set lunch treat starts from a digestible S$50.

The prefect sushi experience. Every action she did was taken in account - From The degree of the lime zest was sprinkle to the finger movement she chose to make the sushi. .
Hotato (Scallop)
A dash of lime zest and salt was all it needed. .
Akami (leanest part of the tuna)
Completely melted in the mouth. .
Sea robin
Noticed the fine cut between the sashimi. Not only it soften the texture, the shoya been trapped in between helped to season the fish perfectly. .
Black fish .
Ika with uni
This was how uni and ika should taste like. The soft and sweet ika carried the uni flavor to extend its stay on the palate. When you though the uni was the best thing ever happen, the toasted sesame came in. Nuttiness cleansed the entire palate. I literally gave an applause to the chef. .
At first I didn't understand why sushi was less compressed and looser, until he end, I understood why. Because all the fish was aged, the texture will be softener than usual. Thus, in order for the flavors to merge completely, the rice couldn't be as compared. .
Mini chiraishidon
Red bean and sea salt ice cream/ Sakura ice cream
Even the dessert was served to perfection. Just make sure to get all everything into one spoonful to 100% enjoy the flavors. .
I had tried to explain the experience to the best I could. When you have the chance, please go and try their omakasa. #BurppleSushiMonth

Abi T

Level 3 Burppler · 14 Reviews

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