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$3.5. It was q good! We got the chocolate tart, which, although it looks like it has not much chocolate, it felt like enough cause it’s warm and it melts haha. The teh was surprisingly good also!!

$7.5. Best word to describe this: decadent. Rly tho, i’m so glad we tried this. It literally melts in your mouth, but the base is crunchy and the top layer is powdery 😭 so beautiful. i’m gonna come back for this HAHA.

$5.9. Finally tried this place! They have both icecream and froyo, and for the Twister (kinda like a Sanum) you can choose a different flavour for the bottom and the top! Personally we felt the froyo was nicer than the icecream haha. Also available on Beyond!

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~$5. Hmm felt this was really expensive for a cookie but it was interesting how they combined the chocolate chip and double chocolate chip and subsequently the nutella stuffing. But I felt the cookie was a bit salty also... Not sure if it was just mine haha

$9++. Tried this because it wasn’t available the previous time I was there. As w the rest of their cakes, it was goood tho I personally still prefer their cheese and chocolate cakes haha. Also though it’s a bit pricey, the portion was worth the price.


$6++. One of my fav cheesecakes so far tbh haha has a nice base, and chocolate and cheesecake go quite well i feel? Tho it’s not a v big slice I think it’s decently priced. Perfect for dessert after dinner πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

This came in a box of 2 slices which was a bit too much for 2 of us but I feel if we had more people with us it would’ve been just nice. Isn’t the best crepe cake but is good given the price.

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Yummm good cheesecake πŸ˜‹ Fluffy, not too cheesy, and a nice solid base. A hint of sea salt in the top layer that tops off the whole cake well ☺️

$9. Wow this was a gooood cake haha nice chocolate outside layer that melts in your mouth and the cake part was moist also, and overall not too sweet! A bit pricey but we used burpple beyond so it wasn’t too bad.

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First tried this in LA and was glad to hear they had this in SG too!! A very generous scoop of icecream on top of a nice heated apple pie with just the right amount of crunch and cinnamon πŸ˜‹

$8.5 Although I personally don’t usually go for tiramisu, this was pretty good! Has a light, fluffy texture, and the matcha part was really good like the rest of their matcha stuff. The top layer tasted like a nice chocolate powder too that complemented the rest of the cake well. & the truffle on top was the best part.

$8.5. Meh. We were happy to see that Matchaya has expanded its Cathay branch to a nice cafe with a wider menu. However, this cake was a bit disappointing as the sesame taste is overpowered by what we believe is a cream cheese taste (?) and the crepe itself was not light and fluffy as expected. But perhaps our disappointment was partially due to how the cake looked so promising but fell short of our expectations haha.