🇯🇵 Jap 🤩

🇯🇵 Jap 🤩

Jap cuisine hands down gotta be one of my fav cuisines... I eat almost anything Jap I mean hey, what’s not to love?? :’)
Victoria Cheung
Victoria Cheung

U.P. $16 but we got this for $8 bc of some opening promotion hehe and the uni was so sweet, fresh n good. Super worth it for $8 honestly cos they were quite generous n uni is usually q ex too, but I think the promo is over :-(

This was sooooo good 💯 the mentaiko sauce was flavourful and salty and perfect it went v well w the fragrant truffle rice mixed w Furikake. The abit i salmon was soft n well-torched on the top, yet still abit raw at the bottom which I loved. Honestly the truffle rice could well be eaten on its own, it alr tastes rather good by itself. Loved the wakame and the jellyfish, they added a refreshing touch to the dish. Would defo order again foshure 🤩

Eh this was nice haha uni was tasty and the set includes Wagyu too (which tasted good w the salt). Small unassuming shop located in a slightly dingy mall haha eh but food was nice. The burpple 1-1 set was really quite worth it I must say :-) since uni is known to be rather ex

Get the shoyu fire ramen instead of the tonkatsu haha shoyu is nicer :-) soup was yum yum w the flaming spring onion oil it became so flavourful too. N u get to watch a free show haha what’s there to complain but the fire is damn huge af n hot LOL but it’s all bout the experience eh so alls good. Oh the queue time is super long tho like 1-1.5h good luck to u

Looks carcinogenic tbh LOLOL I think it was nubbad, tastes like regular karaage except the crust was v v slightly citrusy. Overall nice texture! But I think it’s abit ex for karaage haha tbh you’d be btr off just going for the fire ramen IMO!

The weekday lunch set rly w worth esp if u have ramen cravings bc it comes w ramen (smaller size), a side and a drink. First of all the tonkatsu broth is rich n tasty af esp w the black garlic thing, and I like to add sesame seeds n chilli powder bc I’m extra ✌️Can choose firmness of noodles too n I always pick hard bc I like hard noodles. Got the chicken bun for my side and iced green tea for my drink ehh rly nth to complain for the price :-)

I always love Genki n my friend was telling me this sashimi (I think might b swordfish but not too sure) is v good it’s like a v fatty fish n the mouthfeel rly good af. N it rly is!! Have been ordering it ever since haha. Also love the other food on the menu like salmon sashimi n other sushis yeah nth much to fault abt Genki tbh

Due to my STM I have one again forgotten the name of this shop fml but it’s at Telok Ayer opp the kebab place near GC. The scallop truffle ramen/noodle(?) (omg brain fart what’s happening) was nubbad and we shared the bara chirashi don too!! It tasted alright! Service slightly slow tho think they r quite busy

So I was damn surprised to find this stall I nvr knew SMU sold this!!! And it was good!! $5 only daheck?? Worth it ttm but sorry I can’t rmb the name of the stall :-( It’s at connexion tho if anyone is int! A v good find hoho

Wanted to try this place bc their ebi sando (jap version of sandwich) looked so good haha! Actly not bad haha their ramen also rich but sinful. We preferred the spicy pork over the Ebi ramen tho!
(Note to self, completely unrelated to post: reminder to go to Donki opp w Nat & Joel next time we hang out bc the food there looks good af n cheaper)

This place is soooo good love it everything there is 👍👍 The calamari is so crispy n they have this interesting freshly grated wasabi that is like a paste n has some bite (???) that is unique af. The beef also good af n the Hamburg black curry cheese thing is yumz as well. If u looking for juicy jap style beefs this is the place to go, it’s an unassuming lil stall at Far East plaza but trust me the food is v gd

Their mentaiko is Super thick and rich, I’ve tried both salmon Mentaiko Don & the sushi version n gotta day both r p good but sushi has more fish!!! Ippudo’s ramen n takoyaki r big love as well hehe the karate is nubbad as well!!

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