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πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ Jap 🀩

πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ Jap 🀩

Jap cuisine hands down gotta be one of my fav cuisines... I eat almost anything Jap I mean hey, what’s not to love?? :’)
Victoria Cheung
Victoria Cheung

I have decision making problems so I usually spent forever at Donki tryna decide what on earth to get bc everything looks so good. So lemme help u out - get the Kani (forgot the full name) but the sauce n crabstick is v tasty n goes v well w rice n it’s huge so u will b v full trust me on this

Would recommend sharing w friends bc the portions here r rly monstrous yo not kidding. The plate is maybe 2x bigger than my face? But my friends eat ALOT so we got one combo (for 2-3pax) & one ebi fry (1-2pax) to share among 3 of us. Food is p good I would say like comfort food can never go wrong ey. We got lvl 5 spicy but it was p okay not too bad just enough heat :-)

Dashi Master truly has authentic Jap vibes it rly felt like I’d been transported to a quaint lil town in Japan, with a peaceful n woody interior drinking hot dashi soup w veges n Super thin, soft beef. Dip in the accompanying sauces/pastes for flavour variations. Quite an experience :-)

Udon is chewy, was a p decent meal! Would hv loved if the food was hotter tho haha and tempura had been sitting outside for abit i Guess? But all in all it was olrite

$14.90 for this if I’m not wrong (correct me if I am I can’t rly rmb), which is way cheaper than other Jap restaurants which sell unagi Don!! And the eel was good too, rather meaty n flavourful!! It’s the jap restaurant beside Aston’s

Tonkatsu broth was rly rich n flavourful, ramen noodles were al dente (u can choose hardness but I prefer my noodles harder). Nth much to fault abt this place really, although the soup was a tad oily

Rly enjoyed the dish although the sauce was slightly too sweet. But the beef was tender, soft and packed w flavour. Truffle was fragrant n perfumed the entire shop. Onsen egg added a creamy touch when cut into. All in all v good n value for money for sure!! Would def revisit


Burpple set was rly worth it man I especially love the mentaiko tamago wow so generous w mentaiko n the egg is perfection too. Pairs amazing tgt :’) The sashimi n rice were alright, gotta eat w wasabi n soy sauce for flavour. Set comes w miso soup n salad which is gr8 :-)


Saboten is my go-to place for tonkatsu bc the pork is rly crispy w the inside being juicy n glistening, n it’s v worth it w student discount during lunch (not sure if it’s still on). The cold, fresh shredded cabbage is Super refreshing n a great way to cleanse ur palate (esp when u mix it w the ponzu sauce provided). U also get to grind ur own sesame seeds hehe