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cafe food

Featuring Kyushu Pancake Café, Lowercase, Privé (CHIJMES), Fat Po, PARK at Holland Village
bev c
bev c

$15++ // AMAZING AND I AM IN LOVE WITH IMPOSSIBLE MEAT 😍😍😍😍 it has the same texture as beef (which i rly missed) but without the meaty/bloody taste that i always tasted when i used to eat actual beef, so this was great cos i get to eat “beef” without feeling any guilt!! + it’s very environmentally friendly too so all the better :-))) and this dish had a very earthy/mushroom-y taste to it, not sure if it was from the sauce or the meat but overall a great dish!!

rly love prive for its gorgeous restaurant decor (this one was a garden/outdoor setting with a backdrop of fairy lights which made it so magical) and high quality food. i also tried the chili crab pasta, chili & lime salmon, truffled mushroom pizza, oreo mudpie and hummingbird cake (what a mass consumption kind of day, come to think of it) and all the dishes were really amazing as well in terms of taste, quality, flavor combinations and texture. despite the relatively steep prices, i can’t wait to come back for more!!

$15++ // this was SO filling as it came with a stack of 3 really dense pancakes and it was drenched with the tiramisu mousse/cream thing. their hojicha flavor is seasonal so try it while u can!! i would say that the flavor pairing of the very sweet mascarpone cheese was balanced out by the strong, bitter, earthy notes of hojicha. there was a hojicha paste(?) between the layers of pancakes, powder dusted on top of the cream, a side serving of hojicha sauce and even hojicha jelly!! pancake wise, i felt like it was very dense and somewhat chewy?? it wasn’t very fluffy either, which is something is less to my preference. think macdonalds pancakes but harder and thicker. overall, the pancakes are done in a more traditional way? and it’s probably harder/chewier because of the special grains that they use in the dough (which is featured somewhere in the menu). it also comes with a scoop of ice cream at the side (and i opted to switch the standard vanilla one to matcha) :-)

it was a good dish and i would recommend trying it if u r a big fan of hojicha!!


$8.80 (20% off for lasalle students) // crust was done just the way i like it, a decent level of thickness that let me have the “doughy” feeling but also not too thick so i didn’t feel like i was overstuffed with carbs by the end of my meal. light toppings of mushroom, teriyaki sauce, japanese mayonnaise and a slight amount of cheese. major yumz 🤤🤤 would definitely come back again

$14.80 // the spice level was just right for it to still have the numbing effect but not too spicy that you can’t even taste/enjoy the dish and the mala paste used was evenly distributed to coat every pasta strand thoroughly, ensuring the fragrant mala taste we all love to be present in each bite i took!! comes with a very generous serving of a variety of mushrooms and 2 battered oyster mushrooms, making this a 10/10 vegetarian dish!!

$16 // (a little ex, tbh!! since it’s a seafood max & cheese but the only seafood i got was 2 average sized prawns and 2 bite sized chunks of salmon. worth it? you decide.) mixed feelings about this because while it was a very good mac & cheese, i feel like it wasn’t an amazing /mentaiko/ mac & cheese since the mentaiko flavor was very subtle. while the slight spice + umami flavor was somewhat detectable, i feel like if i was blindfolded and asked to try this dish without knowing what it is, i wouldn’t have been able to identify that it contained mentaiko. but for the mac & cheese aspect of it, it was great, just as all the other ones park does, with sufficient cheese sauce to cover each macaroni piece and a generous amount of melted cheese on the top layer. portion size was decent so that even after finishing it i wasn’t too full or sick of it, which was great!
while this was a great dish, i’m not sure if it is worth the price, and you may be better off ordering the other mac & cheese’s they have as it’d be more wallet friendly as well

count your blessings, not calories 💫

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