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coffee ☕️

coffee ☕️

Featuring One Man Coffee (Upper Thomson), Strangers' Reunion, The Populus Coffee & Food Co., Fuel Plus+, The Coffee Academics (Raffles City), The Social Space (Chinatown), Oberstrasse, Windowsill Pies (Haji Lane), Kindred Folk, Bread Yard
R Goh
R Goh

The drinks here certainly surprised us with how good they were! The flat white ($4.50) had a strong coffee component, bitter with a slight hint of acidity. It was a sizeable cup and not at all overwhelmed by the milk! The chai latte ($5.50) featured a blend of spices, with cinnamon and cardamom coming through most. It’s not easy to get chai right, since everyone has different preferences. But we think it’s better than Joe & Dough’s, and that’s a high compliment!

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It’s not easy to get an iced white ($5) right! This one hit all the right notes, with the coffee coming through cleanly even as the ice melted. Generally prefer my milk frothed, but this one had surprising hints of sweetness even straight out of the bottle!

Swung by for a cup - the store is bustling even on a weekday! Opted for a 5 oz white ($4.50), as there is less milk for a stronger coffee kick. The Guatemala beans are robust and well rounded, bold in flavour 🌟

The long black ($4) uses beans from Laos, giving a full-bodied flavour that is chocolatey and lightly spiced. The flat white ($5) is a tad milder, using beans from Papua New Guinea with hints of malt and nuts. Was really impressed with how cleanly the coffee came through! The cups are on the small side, but definitely of high quality.

Tried the cold brew ($6) with milk (+$0.50) this time round, and found that I much prefer it without. The milk overwhelms the coffee and leaves it weak and diluted. Having it black allows the flavour of the beans to come through strong and cleanly!

Coffee here is a definite! Got our usual flat white ($5.50++) and took a gamble with their specialty coffee. Tried the Nicaragua, brewed using the pour-over method ($9++) - the coffee is smooth and slightly acidic, floral with light hints of caramel.

I didn’t enjoy OMC’s espresso-based coffee the last time, as it was overwhelmed by milk. Went for the cold brew ($6) this time round - there isn’t much information of where the beans are from, but this glass packed a punch! It had a strong bold flavour, fruity without being too acidic. Wouldn’t hesitate to order this again!

Came by for the usual white ($4.50) and ordered another with oat milk (+ $0.50) to-go! Probably a personal preference, but I didn’t enjoy this cup - which is strange, since I do like oat milk on its own! It ended up too sour and masked the taste of coffee. Would recommend sticking to the usual white!!

Tucked away within Bras Basah Complex, Narrative is a quaint establishment with limited seating. Serving El Salvador beans from Nylon Coffee Roasters for their espresso range, the white ($4.50) was smooth and lightly acidic with hints of nuttiness. Greatly enjoyed the depth of flavour! My only gripe is that the serving is a little small and got cold quickly.

I didn’t manage to catch which supplier Bread Yard sources its beans from, but trust me when I say the coffee is really good! We tried both the Brazil (nutty with hints of chocolate) and Guatemala (fruity with floral notes) beans in an 8oz flat white ($4.50). Personally prefer darker roasts so the first was a bigger hit for me!


Not at all known for their coffee, but Kindred Folk does a decent cup! Their Long Black ($3, free with their weekday sets) is smooth and robust with a tinge of acidity. It does get quite crowded at meal times, but Kindred Folk will be great for a quick afternoon break (it even has power points and water!).

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Popped by for a quick refuel! Candour Coffee / Rakki Bowl has great ambience in the early mornings or mid afternoons, before the meal-time crowd descends. Milk was really smooth, and the coffee was mild with little acidity!

R Goh

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