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Featuring One Man Coffee (Upper Thomson), Strangers' Reunion, The Populus Coffee & Food Co., Fuel Plus+, The Social Space (Chinatown), Windowsill Pies (Haji Lane), Maxi Coffee Bar, Mellower Coffee (Tanjong Pagar), Candour Coffee, Olla Specialty Coffee (Sunset Way)
R Goh
R Goh

Popped by for a quick refuel! Candour Coffee / Rakki Bowl has great ambience in the early mornings or mid afternoons, before the meal-time crowd descends. Milk was really smooth, and the coffee was mild with little acidity!

Tried their flat white ($5) and mocha ($6)! Both featured medium bodied espresso with a dark roast, smooth and slightly nutty. The chocolate in the mocha also came through nicely!

Well known and beloved for its coffee, OMC presents a cup of consistent quality. The flat white ($5) was a bit more milky than I would have preferred, but it was smooth with little acidity. OMC is pretty crowded throughout the weekend, so be prepared to sit outdoors or wait for a seat!

Had a cup to accompany the pies we tried - the flat white ($5) was smooth and well-foamed, with just a hint of bitterness. It was also pretty quiet on a weekday afternoon! :-)

A relatively new addition to the neighbourhood, I was pleasantly surprised to find it helmed by young people! Got a kopi gao siewdai bing ($1.90, small) while having lunch next door. It’s easily one of the best around - thick, smooth, and filling. Plus points for the use of reusable cups and straws!

Despite the many accolades featured on its walls, the coffee was nothing spectacular. We tried the flat white ($4.90++) and mocha ($5.50++), and found the coffee to be overwhelmed by the milk - which was smooth and well foamed, but not what I was looking for. They do have a large variety of brewing methods to choose from though, so maybe the others would do better than their espresso-based drinks!

Previously operating from a mobile cart, Olla settled into a permanent space this year! This was my first trip down and they’ve picked a superb location in a sleepy neighbourhood - it was perfect for weekend hangout. The Iced White ($5) features Guatemalan beans from Nylon Coffee Roasters - it was strong and well rounded, with the slightest tingle of acidity and a lingering flavour. Particularly loved the coffee to milk ratio! Also tried the Iced Hojicha Latte ($5.50), which was smooth and earthy.

Mellower is one of those places that makes it a point to ensure the quality of each cup, and it shows through their attention to detail! The flat white ($5.80) here is extremely aromatic and the coffee give a depth of flavour with a hint of bitterness. The milk is steamed at 65 degrees, lightly sweetened and smooth with a layer of foam on top. Proportion is just right and this is one of the rare few places where the milk doesn’t overwhelm the coffee!

Have wanted to try out the coffee here for the longest time!! Ordered the highly raved iced cereal milk latte ($7.50). Took a sip of milk before mixing and it definitely lives up to the hype - slightly sweet and with a strong taste of cereal! The coffee is strong and smooth with minimal acidity. Interestingly, the drink had a slight tinge of saltiness. All components are carefully measured by weight or volume, so the quality of their items is ensured. Portion looks a tad small but it was really filling! It is a rather steep price to pay for your daily cup so thank goodness for burpple beyond’s 1 for 1 ☕️ looking forward to my next visit!

Nutty and just slightly acidic, the flat white here is full bodied and richly flavoured. I got the 8oz double shot ($6+), which provided a strong kick of caffeine! The milk was well steamed and smooth. All in all a really enjoyable cup of coffee, living up to its namesake :-)

Serving Bianco coffee beans from La Ristrettos, the flat white ($5) was smooth and rich in flavour, of medium acidity. Definitely a solid cup!