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Thokoh Makan
Thokoh Makan

We were recommended the Li Xin Teochew Fishball Noodles at Ion Orchard's foodcourt and ordered both the soup and dry version.

The fishballs are very good! They had a nice bounce and firmness to it, with plenty of fish flavours. 😋

The fish dumplings were equally good. The skin were smooth and flavourful - having being kneaded and rolled into paper-thin consistency from yellowtail fish as well. The minced pork fillings were yummeh too.

Between the soup and dry noodles ($6.90 each) - we prefer the latter with mee pok (flat noodles). The sauce is a mix of chilli, ketchup, oil and vinegar - yielding perfectly sweet, savoury, spicy flavours. The mee pok is served al dente.

The soup version is on the lighter side if you prefer it that way.

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The Ebiko Prawn Paste ($13.50) turns out to be mala-flavoured (Szechuan peppers 🌶️🌶️🌶️) dry noodles tossed with chilli vinaigrette. Not really for us - noodles portion was huge but the mala was too overpowering after awhile. The side dish of braised tofu in tonkotsu broth was nice and warm.

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Walao, this is like Ipoh kuey teow soup on steroids! 🍜🦐🦐🦐💪💪

We could smell the shrimp broth as soon as we walked in.

We ordered the Le Signature Trio 🍤🍤🍤 Shrimp Broth Ramen ($19.90). It was so yums! Imagine Ipoh kuey teow but with an even more concentrated shrimp taste and the consistency of tonkotsu broth.

It was so full of prawn-y goodness and umami that we finished it to the last drop. It seems that the broth was cooked with fresh sea prawns, pork bones 🍖and Chinese spices.

We opted for the Chinese la mien - which had the perfect al dente bite. 🍜 The trio consisted of a pair of fresh, succulent prawns; silky smooth prawn dumplings and ebiko prawn paste. The portion was really good for the price.

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Crabs were super huge and super-satisfying. We ordered two crabs (RM88/kg)  to feed five. The kam heong sauce was fragrant - we detected the addition of bunga kantan, which really elevated the dish. The sauce goes well with rice.

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Clams though small, were succulent and fresh - which is key for a good lala soup. We loved the ginger and peppery highlights of the soup.

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Fish was fresh and cooked just nice, so flesh was tender. The broth is light and healthy with the perfect balance of sourness, savoury and sweetness.

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Today, we finally tried the dry version - it turned out to be pretty yummy too. The sauce is thick with a nice savoury-sweet combination that goes well when mixed together with the hor fun.

The flat flour noodles are springy and served with minced pork, anchovies, fried onions, and topped with a runny, poached egg.

The star however is the dry chilli mix - perfectly spicy and savoury - which blends so well with the runny egg and noodles. We enjoyed the lobak too.

🍲🍲🍲 Red Inn Hot Pot offers great value for money with premium ingredients and tasty soup bases.

For RM78++ per pax, you get to enjoy 4 soup bases per pot. Choose from: .
1️⃣🌶️🌶️🌶️ mala (additional RM20)
2️⃣🐖pork bone
3️⃣🐚superior clam
4️⃣🍅fresh tomato
6️⃣🍭sour and spicy

We tried all their soup bases except for mala (no one was feeling it that day). My top choice would be the laksa soup base - it was very fragrant and similar to Sarawak laksa.

The superior clam soup was also good as we were able to taste the clam's essence. The tomato was the least favourite as it was too sour and thick.

Selection of ingredients were great: pork slices were of good quality and sliced thinly, and the seafood was fresh and of a decent size.

Our favourites include the Iberico pork slices, handmade fresh shrimp paste, bursting meatballs, fresh tiger prawns, and scallops.

We enjoyed the cozy atmosphere; karaoke rooms are available at the premise and shaved ice was also part of the buffet deal.

We definitely recommend this place! Open daily from 6.30pm-1am.

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For our bak kut teh fix without the need to travel to Klang, we like Meat in Claypot in Bandar Utama.

We like that the soup is thick and rich with herbal taste. The meat is also tender and tasty - having absorbed all the "herbal-ly" goodness for hours. Our choice cuts are yin kuat (soft ribs) and sam chan (pork belly).

The onion rice is also fragrant and they are pretty generous with the soup.

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We finally tried the dim sum at Elegant Inn.

My litmus test for good dim sum is the siew mai. Unfortunately, it was a bit dry and rubbery. Their har kau and fish ball were average.

The stand-out was probably their version of chee cheong fun. Instead of char siew/prawns - the filling comprises vegetables, yam with deep-fried skin similar to that of wu kok (yam puff). The sauce was a bit sweet though.

I still prefer Marco Polo down the road and Xin Cuisine at Concorde Hotel.

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