It's A Date

It's A Date

A dish and a kiss - restos & bars that are good for both.
Jeremy Holden
Jeremy Holden

â—¾Dumpling Platter [$20]
â—¾Braised Pork Noodles [$7.5]

Dumpling Darlings has been on my list of places to try for years. For years! Even after the opening of their second outlet - which I had to walk past many times as it was close to my previous place of work - I still did not had the opportunity to give them a try for a myriad of reasons.

Well, it was long enough and I finally made plans to head down to the OG @dumpling.darlings outlet to give them a try and I was not disappointed.

It was a no-brainer that I went for their platter of 15, with a mix of 5 different dumpling flavours at only 20 bucks! What a bargain. The flavours included:

â—¾Fried Pierogi

...and they were all really good dumplings I tell ya. Each with distinct and unique flavours, I was actually surprised everytime I popped the next flavour into my mouth. Standouts for me had to be the Fried Pierogi - a truffle potato and bacon stuffed dumpling. While the Momo had a blend of interesting curry spices and Labneh. Yum.

To top it off, I also got the Braised Pork Noodles that consisted of pork ragu and soy tare. This tasted a lil' weird to me though, not good not bad but I definitely wouldn't go for it next time. The XO Prawn Noodles caught my eye on the otherhand. Next time?

Dumpling Darlings is definitely worth a visit. Their dumplings are for sure darlings - with exquisite taste and actually affordable pricing. My one gripe is the 45 minute dining time which is pretty abysmal but you gotta do what you gotta do with such a cramp space I guess - so make those reservations y'all!

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Dang, missing the alfesco Bali vibes and sick food from @rawkitchenbar! There's still quite a number of items on the menu that I'll love to try - time for another trip down perhaps.

Here's what I got on my previous visit:
â—¾Prawn Toasties [$10]
â—¾Black Mamba [$26]
â—¾Miso Jerk Chicken [$23]
â—¾Warung Pork Ribs [$25]

Initally, I figured I would have gotten more of their seafood items considering the "Raw" in their name but holy crap their meat dishes really blew me away. Each dish was full of flavour and it was a delicious explosion of umami in your mouth. Definitely will head back to try their other dishes soon!

Sidenote: I love to shoot group shots but oof, by the time I'm done, the food's cold. Is it weird to ask the kitchen to heat the food up again? My bad. #PhotographerProblems

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Super grateful to @royalplazaonscotts for not just sending over their Powered by Keto bento set, but their gorgeous Berries Tart to boot!

Filled with diplomat cream and an array of mixed fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, lychees and interestingly enough baby yellow tomatoes! It was quite the combination of mixed berries on top luscious cream and a buttery tart base. Dang, my heart definitely broke knowing I had to cut into this stunning piece sooner or later!

Do check out to order not only this amazing tart but their variety of meal bento sets to share!

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Nothing like a midweek pick me up that is @tipsyflamingosg's Ebi Katsu Sando! Touted as one of their signature dishes, it encompass both the Asian fusion and Miami Beach Club vibes of their locale.

The sando is filled with spicy mentaiko, with breaded king prawn patties, cabbage and tobiko all sandwiched between toasted brioche. Savoury and filled with unami, thankfully it wasn't that spicy! (Cos spicy food ain't for me man.)

I do think their Lobster Roll have a leg up on their Katsu Sando but it's still pretty good nonetheless! And if I didn't say it before, I'll say it again - the aesthetics of Tipsy Flamingo are to die for.

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It's been awhile since I've had a lobster roll actually and the one over at @tipsyflamingosg definitely did not disappoint.

Generous portions of fresh marinated lobster and crabmeat, then topped off with orange tobiko and smoked herring caviar - dang this was indulgent. Compared to their Ebi Katsu Sando, this takes the cake for sure!

Now I've got a hankering to try the lobster roll over at Burger & Lobster.

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Dayum, missing these Prawn Toasties from the one and only @rawkitchenbar !

Toasted bread topped with homemade prawn paste, a generous topping of roe and a side of ginger lime dressing - the only crime here is that there's only two pieces! Deliciously crispy with a slight tang from the ginger lime dressing, oh it was a good starter for sure.

More sir, can I have some more?

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Tipsy Flamingo, a poolside themed bar and restaurant, opened its doors to much hype a couple weeks ago! It is a collaborative effort between the Tipsy Collective and celebrity couple Pierre Png & Andrea De Cruz and was immediately added on my list of places to try!

I managed to snag a reservation on a Sunday night and got to try some of their new dishes that were specially curated with the beach club vibe in mind - this included their Abalone Pasta with kawa ebi, XO butter and kombu.

This was perhaps the highlight dish of the night for me - with incredible bursts of umami flavour with tender New Zealand abalone slices, crunchy ebi and topped with a generous serving of caviar. Dang, if only it didn't cost such a pretty penny - I'll have this everyday!

I loved the aesthetics of the place as well with sort of a Miami beach club feel to it - with cabanas, an actual tiled pool section and a mix of teal and pink all over. (I was told that the pool area was originally concepted to be actually filled with water and it's supposed to be an actual pool to boot!)

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To end of the scrumptious meal over at , I decided to go for none other than their Eton Mess - having seen it pasted all over Instagram.

A dark red hue of raspberry sorbet, round red chocolate crunchies and pale white vanilla meringue - dang this was the perfect sweet ending. There was hardly any mess at the end either as the bowl was picked clean to the T.

I did eye their Lemon Custard Tart as well but perhaps I'll save it for next time.

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Not only do you get a Bali aesthetic vibe when you dine alfresco over at @rawkitchenbar , you'll get to enjoy a lil Balinese cuisine as well! My mind was initially geared towards the seafood dishes but their meat offerings was too good to pass up.

While their Warung Pork Ribs doesn't look like much - holy crap does it pack a punch in flavour. Balinese BBQ glaze, pickled cauliflower and a side of lime - the tender meat literally fell off the bone and blew my mind away. I would definitely place this as one of the top ribs that I've ever had - and yes it might even be better than Morganfield's!

Another stunner from is their Grilled Octopus Leg. Comprising of chimmichurri, chorizo crumbs, watercress and fennel, the humongous octopus leg was grilled to perfection.

While it required a slight chew, it was everything an octopus leg should be. The chorizo crumbs added a slight crunch which melded delectably with the chimmichurri - the three elements combined was a match in Heaven and made me constantly go back for seconds.

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Oh thank the Lord we can finally dine-out again! I initially had a reservation for @rawkitchenbar but had to cancel due to the last minute restrictions - hence when they were lifted, I got right back and of course made another reservation.

The Bali aesthetic at Raw Kitchen Bar was just stunning and a nice breather from the city. (Especially since we can't travel.) This outdoor bar and restaurant serves up soul comfort food with a Latin-Asian inspiration.

And of course, that Black Mamba definitely got my attention. Consisting of black fried rice, tiger prawns, squid ink sofrito, fermented chilli sambal and curry leaves - I was kinda apprehensive about the spice level but was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't spicy at all. The sambal added a whole new level of flavour profiles to the black fried rice and I highly recommend eating them together!

I was also eyeing their Open Faced Salmon Mentaiko but dang it, it was only available for brunch - though I might just have to head back again.

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While everyone else was going for their Crêpe Marcel for dessert, I decided to be a rebel and go for @mercimarcel 's Crème Brûlée instead

I was initally quite surprised to be served with such a huge deep dish for the dessert, and I thought that it was gonna be such a generous portion. Alas, it was actually quite shallow and I reckon that the deep dish was used to give it more surface area for that delicious crackling of torched sugar. The handmade caramel complemented the delicious burnt cream and it was a perfect way to end the meal over at Marcel.

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