clean eating

clean eating

in an attempt to be healthy lol
bev c
bev c

$13.90 (for a weekday lunch set + jug of T2 tea) // THIS WAS GOOD!!! the spicy garlic flavour was in the fish and also used to season the sushi rice, so you get double of the "umami" flavour. the portion is also really generous as the fish to rice ratio was quite equal and the fish was fresh as well. toppings wise, it came with pickled (sour) mushrooms and pineapples. the sides are nice on their own but i don't really see how they work together?? but i appreciated them being in my bowl for a change in taste on my palate. think this was worth it with the lunch set, so try to come during this timing if you plan on eating here!!


$11 //
felt nourished after this healthy AND tasty lunch at autobus!! i liked how it came with so many options for the base/protein/toppings and i decided to get the penne pasta, baked fish, garlic butter broccoli, onsen egg and furikake and hot + spicy sauce.
the pasta was yumz - lightly tossed in olive oil and some herb seasoning(?) (and it was a decent portion for me to be filled but not be over loading on carbs, which felt great lol)
baked fish - was given 2 chunks and i liked the way it was done, lightly pan fried and then baked so the skin was really crispy and the fish was very fresh as well
the hot and spicy sauce was spicy enough and had a slight tang to it, which complemented the fish and pasta well
the broccoli was more mehhh, it was really just boiled broccoli, no garlic butter taste that was mentioned, and could do with a bigger portion of veggies
the furikake was really just black and white sesame seeds, and idk i think i expected other japanese toppings to be added in the mix for it to be called furikake??

overall, enjoyed this meal sufficiently but i do think the price of $11 is a bit on the steeper side for what you are getting


$7.90 (with the weekday lunch promotion) // had the most laidback lunch in this cafe along arab street, rly rly loved the vibes of this place. the food was great too!! a chunky piece of salmon well marinated in the tangy and salty mirin sauce, paired with flavorful mushroom medley, steamed broccoli, onsen egg and fluffy, hot brown rice ~~ healthy + delicious!!

(bases, sides and proteins are all customizable, and they provide extra sauce for free of charge)

$5.90 but $1 off for students // love the idea of how customizable this bowl is and for a reasonable price. choose between tofu, duck, salmon, chicken, beef or unagi and rice, soba or salad. opted for a vegetarian meal in an attempt to be healthy !! the portion was good and the torched mentaiko sauce paired with the glazed tofu was rly such a treat - makes me want to eat healthy all the time now lol. and it was even topped with an onsen egg

count your blessings, not calories đź’«

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