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Jie Yin Tay
Jie Yin Tay

I tried the chickpea salad which had marinated chickpeas, vegan cheese tofu spread (which really impressed me as it was light with a nutty aroma that lingers in my mouth), organic tomatoes (very juicy and sweet) and romaine lettuce.

It was quite expensive but the portion is big! Around 14,000won. Hence, overall although it is quite delicious, i feel it isnt worth the money. Would probably only return if i was rich enough🤣🤣ooops

Rating: 7.5/10 (would be an 8 if the price is more affordable)


Hence, most matcha-flavoured desserts are widely acceptable to non-matchaholics.

However, i was really glad to found a cafe that sells really really good matcha flavoured desserts!! They are famous for their latte series! This cafe offers 4 different types of tea leaves flavoured drink and pastries: Green tea(Matcha), Roasted green tea(Hojicha), Earl grey and Black tea.

I personslly been there twice. Hehe went for hot matcha latte (no sugar) for both times. I really love how you can customise the sweetness level: original, dark (less sugar) or no sugar. Being health conscious and also a fan of bitter matcha, no sugar is the way to go~ The hojicha tart was very disappointing tho :( i can barely taste any hojicha flavour and it felt more chocolaty. It was also very very very sweet. Hence, i removed the tart cream filling and only ate the buttery tart crust.

Overall: I would recommend the drinks from this cafe. I really feel that the drinks and desserts selections can be a hit or miss. Also the intensity of the matcha latte isnt very consistent. I felt the one i had on my first visit was more intense. Hence, do not have very high hopes when visiting this cafe. I still really like the zen and chill atmosphere of the cafe.
Matcha latte
▪️Distinctness: 4/5
▪️Intensity (bittersweet): 3.5/5
▪️Sweetness: 0/5 (Yay to no sugar)

Hojicha tart
▪️Distinctness: 0/5
▪️Intensity: 0/5
▪️Sweetness: 6/5 (made me felt diabetic)
P.s the scone in the first picture was from Panhonesta~ a vegan cafe!! It was very deliciousssss!! The best scone i have ever eaten. I love how they used coconut flour and coconut sugar. Its soooo fragrant~ i ordered the black sesame flavoured scone. The black sesame was distinct but not intense. However, i like the aroma of the coconut that accompanied it😊
Black sesame scone: 9/10


This place also had a high ratings from my friends! Definitely a must go if you are ever around the vicinity.

You can select the ideal bun for your burger from 3 different variety: Original, Sesame and Oat. The bun is really fluffy, airy and moist. I love how it is freshly made everyday. Hence, it doesnt have the taste of stale flour and it isnt dry too!

The beef patty is really THE STAR of the burger. You can taste the beefy-ness 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤 and it is really juicyyyyyyyyy and grilled till perfection with a slight char (the only flaw i can think about is that the patty can be a little thicker🙈🙈 ahahha its really tooooo good)

The vegetables tasted really fresh and juicy😊

I really really love and recommend this place!!! Ratings: 9.5/10
NO go
Can go
MUST GO😊😊 #burpple

I love eating clean. Not a fan of desserts that are TOO sweet. MAJOR MATCHAHOLIC😍😍

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