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Mabelle Tham
Mabelle Tham

If there is a reason to head up north, it must be to get a slice of @munchidelights awesome min jiang kuehs.

Munchi has 3 crust flavours --- original, green tea and charcoal. I personally like the green tea crust as there is subtle bittersweet hint of the green tea in the soft and chewy crust.

You also get to choose from a variety of fillings. I am pretty old school and usually opt for their peanut filling. It isnt too sweet and is quite crunchy. Just be careful not to bite too hard cos I cracked a filling recently having a slice of this!


Its been a long long time ever since I made my last visit to Old Hen Coffee — the last time being even before this thing called “COVID-19” actually existed; definitely miss those times where one could head out without actually wearing a mask, and it feels like this “new norm” has already been this way for a while.

Having seen Old Hen Coffee Bar’s updated menu via their social media pages, I was really attracted to the Brownie Affogato — a relatively new item being introduced to the menu (at least to me) that is exclusively available at Old Hen Coffee Bar (i.e. their original space at 88 Rangoon Road). Those whom have been following my Instagram feed for a while may have come across the “Bittersweet” from Percolate, and the same conceptual ideas have brought upon the Brownie Affogato here at Old Hen Coffee Bar — brownie, served with a scoop of Vanilla ice-cream over the top, and with a shot of espresso served on the side to be poured atop the scoop of Vanilla ice-cream for maximum enjoyment.

There is something about how simple this dessert may be in terms of its set up, but takes into consideration more details than one might think. The brownie here comes all fudgy; served warm, its rich, dense and chocolatey — glad how this does not burn the throat and is nowhere near being heaty. The Vanilla ice-cream is where the details lie; considering it has to be served atop a warm slab of brownie, and also doused with warm espresso atop, the ice-cream has to be served chilled, and should not melt too easily to end up in a mosh due to the warm elements around it — the Vanilla ice-cream here stays true to those concerns, and holds much of its integrity down to the last morsel whilst slowly infusing itself into the espresso as it gently melts to the heat of the surrounding elements and climate. With that, the flavours of all the elements in the Brownie Affogato melds into one; the bittersweetness of the brownie along with a slight hint of saltishness from the sea salt, the aromatic vanilla beans of the smooth and creamy Vanilla ice-cream, and the roasty, earthy notes of the espresso shot comes together as one — almost akin to having a brownie with ice-cream and a cuppa on the side.

Being the first specialty cafe to have launched bottled cold brews, Old Hen Coffee Bar has since become an established name in the local coffee scene. Whilst they have expanded their operations into Old Hen Kitchen several years ago, Old Hen Coffee Bar has always been seen as a more down-to-earth establishment with its more earnest food offerings that does away with the fussy fusion elements in cafe offerings of the modern day coffeehouse. No doubt the food offered may not be quite as adventurous or even interesting as some may say, but Old Hen Coffee Bar is a spot I would return to when looking for a safe option that I know I would leave satisfied.

LEGENDARY. I've got so many good things to say but tldr; MUST ORDER

First of all the taste profile is v similar to Royce matcha Nama chocolate, which we all know is delicious.

On top of that, there's a biscuity crust at the bottom which adds to the textural variance.

It's densely fudge and has a bit of that cake-like pleasurable texture.

There's a bit of umami in the middle, but just a hint.

It's topped w bitter matcha powder, giving it class lol.

One of the best bakes I've had this year, if not THE best, and lately I've been eating a lot of bakes.

My brother is very picky and he usually says it's not bad or decent, he came to me of his own accord and told me this was v good.

The bubble tea trend is strong since last year, and it has already invaded pastries and desserts. This matcha tart has a nice crispy texture, while the matcha itself is not too bad as well.

Peanut Butter Slice ($8.90)
A superb cake loaded with thick luscious and rich peanut butter @awfullychocolatesg . Definitely on the sweeter side but the savoury peanut butter helps cut the sweetness a tinge. The cake is a perfect match with the signature Hei ice cream ($8 double scoop) as the dark bitter notes of the chocolate compliments the peanut butter so well.

Love love the cake as the espresso was so rich and strong! The texture of the espresso cream was almost pudding like, sitting on top of a chocolate cake base. Maybe the espresso was a little overwhelming on the taste buds as i could not taste any of the chocolate cake. Nevertheless I really enjoyed it so I am guessing that this might be well liked among the coffee lovers. Well as for hei, I think that the intensity of the chocolate has been watered down:(

Rare price point for a cheesecake that looks as stunning as such! Looks as good as it taste with a fluffy cheese layer texture on top of the moist sponge. The use of fresh raspberries adds moisture and acidity to the cheesecake! Will def return to try the other cakes!

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Le bf didn't quite enjoy the vodka cubes but I thought it is a creative approach instead of dousing vodka into the entire curd. Not as refreshing as the pineapple passionfruit, but you can still taste sour notes from the light curd. Recommend this if you want a little bit of everything- sour, sweet, alcoholic. #burpplebeyond

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My first impression of this cafe was really nice. One of the server came to ask if it was our first time coming to their cafe. He was very nice and showed us the recommended menu.
The matcha cream was nice, and for the pancake you can really taste the multigrain texture. Will definitely come back to try other menu. It was really worth it with Burpple Beyond.

There are only 2 seats at the café but there is a communal seating area nearby. The acai was layered with bananas and granola, and I had almond butter as my topping. I like the almond butter here because it is crunchy and fragrant! The entire gastronomical experience was a very crunchy affair. I liked that the acai was very smooth, and left a nice aftertaste of dark chocolate.

Finally made a trip down to the highly raved creamery! The ice cream is stored in traditional pozzetti to ensure its freshness. We went for a double scoop ($7.60) - the first had pistachio (+$0.70) and green tea with roasted rice (+$0.70) whilst the other had pistachio (+$0.70) and coconut with pandan. Also had them served on a waffle cone (+$1)! The pistachio was rich in flavour and I particularly enjoyed the small bits of nuts. The green tea with roasted rice tasted exactly like the Korean rice tea I love, especially with its smokey taste. The coconut pandan was reminiscent of kaya and extremely rich, but I found the sweetness cloying after a while. Serving only 8 flavours daily, I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t a chocolate-based flavour on rotation that day. In addition, the price is rather steep ($10 for one cone alone after all the additional surcharges!) so I’m glad for the burpple beyond deal! But with its name inspired by the neurotransmitter, Dopa Dopa sure brings happiness :-)

Came here for waffle ice cream dessert.
Had a carbonara there as well, but was told not included in the main dish 1 for 1.
Ambience was great.
Nearby pine garden. Will be back for their gelato soon. Snow White was wonderful. The durian is a little disappointing.

Feeling peckish - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are my favourite times of day.

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