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Thokoh Makan
Thokoh Makan

Bo+Co offers some great vegan and meat-free options. 🍃

We tried the Green Breakfast (RM33) - scrambled herbed tofu, vegetarian sausage, hash brown, mushroom, spinach, tomatoes, and toast. 🍅🍞

The homemade sausage was well-seasoned with herbs and spices to provide flavours. Texture was almost similar to meat sausages and we like that it was not dry.

The hash brown nuggets was perfectly crispy (unlike McDonald's soggy ones) and the toast was crusty. #️⃣
We didn't like the scrambled tofu (resembling scrambled eggs) as we though it was a bit sour. The mushrooms and tomatoes were nicely done. Other meat-free meals include burger, burrito bowl and gluten-free aglio olio.

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The Halibut Fish & Chips (RM41) was a huge portion - three pieces of halibut fried in light crispy batter and loads of chunky fries. 🐟🍟

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Coffee here is good, the choc banana 🍫🍌 cake also good - gooey choc on top, moist filling and chunky banana bits.

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We enjoyed the Choconut (RM15) - pure chocolate mixed with coconut water served in the coconut(!) 🌴 The sweetness of the juice blended very nicely with the bittersweet chocolate - yielding a really refreshing drink.

For purists, you really can't go wrong with their Milk Chocolate (RM13) which uses single origin beans. The chocolate drink is creamy, not too thick with the natural chocolate flavours at the fore.

But if you really like your kakao #extrakao (geddit?) - go for the Chocolate Shot (RM10.50) - 35g of warm single origin chocolate straight from the spout. We sampled it - lovely, thick, chocolate-y goodness!

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Our friend recommended the 462 Prawn Laksa Pasta ($18) and it did not disappoint. 🦐🍜

It was a really good interpretation of the local Singaporean laksa. We enjoyed the thick, creamy, fragrant laksa sauce.

The sauce was perfect with a hint of he be (dried shrimp), spices and enough lemak (coconut milk) to lavishly coat the al dente noodles.

The shrimps that came with it were super succulent and fresh. 🍤🍤🍤

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We saw a lot of people ordering the Rosti with Smoked Bratwurst ($19). No doubt, the rosti were cooked well with a nice crispy exterior and it was not very oily. 🥔

However, we wouldn't say it was overwhelming and we would likely skip it for other brekkie items on the menu.

The Sea Salt Caramel Latte ($6.50) was quite enjoyable though - the sea salt lends a nice touch to balance the soft sweetness of the caramel. ☕

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For white coffee, the Filipino 🇵🇭 Kalsada Siti Belis beans ($4.50) was perfectly creamy with caramel notes.

This is our favourite coffee stop during our trip here - a must try if you are in the Jalan Besar area.

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We loved the open space, natural light and Scandi furniture here. A long white bar features prominently which allow patrons to chat/watch the baristas in action.

Pour-over coffee is the main feature, but the hot chocolate 🍫☕here is excellent too!

The Indonesian 🇮🇩 Burung ($7.50) had a lovely lush mouthfeel - with the perfect balance of berry sourness and nuttiness 🌰. So good, that we wished it would last longer.

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Imagine a non-spicy KFC Zinger burger patty with similar crispy batter - except it's more juicy and bigger. It can get a bit jelak after awhile but fried chicky lovers would definitely love it. 🐔❤️

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I can't believe it's not meat! Impossibru! 😲😱😮

We checked out Park Bench Deli to try out the Impossible Patty Melt ($22) - Impossible patty with griddled onions, cheddar, dill pickles with special sauce in between slices of rye bread.

The verdict? The resemblance of the patty in terms of looks and texture to real beef is uncanny! If you didn't tell me it's not beef, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference. It has the pinkness in the middle, and the chew and bite really resemble the real deal!

The only giveaway is the lack of beefy taste at the end. But otherwise, I actually don't mind it at all. The sandwich itself is really yummy - gooey cheese with nice crusty warm bread. Yummy!

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We like the cool vibes at Momo's, the newest and hippest hotel on Jalan Chow Kit. 😎☕🧡

Espresso-based coffee is served here too throughout the day and night.

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Good coffee with a lovely chilled atmosphere. Great place for catch up with friends.


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