Cliche but stressed is desserts spelled backwards💆‍♀️
Munch Kinggs
Munch Kinggs

📍Plain Vanilla, Ion Orchard📍
💸 Cinnamon brown sugar brioche donut
A dessert place known for their delectable cupcakes🧁, Plain vanilla serves up a spread of other bakes as well which will definitely satisfy any dessert lover! Today, we decided to try their cinnamon brown sugar brioche donut filled with brown sugar custard and rolled in cinnamon sugar.😋 The donut itself was great being soft and airy!🍩 However, there was too much brown sugar custard and with it being so sweet, it got a bit jelat after a while and we had to remove some of the custard.😫 As we're not really a fan of really sweet food, maybe this could be a great dessert for someone with a sweet tooth? Though we'll probably stick to their good ol' trusty cupcakes next time, or try out some of those lovely looking loaf cakes instead☺️

📍Hvala, Chijmes📍
💸 Goma (Black Sesame) Cake: $9 ish (inclusive of service charge)
Lucky for us, we managed to snag a seat at Hvala right after lunch before the crowd came, no chill indeed😟 Been going to Hvala quite a bit since they were opened and got to say goma cake is the one thing that kept us going back for more - major fan of all things black sesame😍 Hmm but we feel that the standard has kinda dropped and for it’s price tag (sry but the service charge was quite a turn off as always) and how it gets so crowded during the weekends, we’ve been heading to alternative cafes where we can really chill and chat😌

📍JUJU, Singapore Botanic Gardens📍
💸 Acai & Houjicha bowl (Large): $11.50

Nestled in Botanic Gardens🌸, JUJU was a lifesaver in this sweltering heat by serving up some refreshing smoothie bowls!🥵 The flavours for the smoothie bowls are on a rotational basis (be sure to check their insta before heading down) and the flavours are acai and houjicha for this week. We got the mixed flavours and wow, really enjoyed the best of both worlds.😍 They were super generous with the portions, and the acai and houjicha had really intense flavours!! It also came with toppings like chia seed pudding, frozen blueberries, banana etc., but the acai and houjicha were sooooo good that we wouldn't mind just having that itself.💯 Glad that its healthy, which means that we can have more and still feel guilt-free hehe 🙆🎊 Noticed some other interesting flavours for their smoothie bowls while we were there, and we'll definitely be back to try them all😍

📍Nesuto Patisserie📍
💸 Konichiwa hōjicha (Whole cake, 16cm): $65 with free delivery

Ordered a houjicha flavoured cake from Nesuto for our birthday to pamper ourselves!!🎂 The Konichiwa hōjicha is their seasonal special, and we got it as we're such big fans of japanese flavoured desserts!😍

The cake really boasted an intense roasted houjicha flavour with the different layers of hōjicha ganache, hōjicha chantilly and hōjicha soufflé chiffon sponge.🍵 We loved that it was not too sweet, however it was a tad too creamy for us. Hence, we thought it tasted much better after scraping off the cream piped on top as it was for deco purposes and just tasted like plain whipping cream. But overall, we still enjoyed it very much!! 🤗

📍Donq Boulangerie, Takashimaya Department Store📍
💸 Uji matcha cream and chocolate: $3
We love matcha, but we love a lava matcha cream bread even more!!! And Donq Boulangerie's Uji matcha cream and chocolate just ticks all boxes in our checklist on how a matcha cream bread should be like.☑️📝 It has a matcha crumble on top which adds a nice crunchy texture, soft bread, and a matcha and chocolate filling is not overly sweet while retaining some bitter notes of matcha!🍵 We had to heat up the bread in order to achieve that lava filling, but oh boy, it was worth the extra effort!🔥 Hot, piping bread dipped in the warm, flowy filling....definitely a sinful but satisfying treat😍

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💸 Triple Scoop: $11, additional charges for premium flavour
💸 Brownie: $7
First got introduced to Apiary by my friend years ago and I’m a convert!! They offer a good range of flavours, some of which are really unique. Here we have some of our usual favourites - Blue Milk, Hazelnut and Pistachio💕Would strongly recommend to get the ice cream with the warm brownie pan - perfect combination of cold ice cream coupled with oozy chocolatey goodness💯

📍Matchaya, The Cathay📍
💸 Kurogoma (Black sesame) soft serve: $5.90
💸 PÂTE À CHOUX (Black sesame): $3.80
💸 Signature Koicha milk (iced): $8
Insane hot weather🥵 in Singapore got us craving for some desserts, especially ice cream! We decided to visit one of our favourite Japanese dessert cafe, Matchaya because we absolutely love😻 their soft serve. Our favourite was definitely the black sesame soft serve🍦 that had an intense flavour. Also got a black sesame choux as it was highly raved online.🙌 It was flowly and full of nutty black sesame goodness, but we had to admit that the flavour of the cream in the choux was less intense compared to the soft serve.😕 However, we loved the crumbly pastry. Sooo...we decided to combine the best of both worlds by eating the choux together with the ice cream on top which was really damn good!! Definitely recommend this combination if you happen to get both.😃

And lastly, the signature koicha milk tasted average to us, but maybe because we were feeling jelat after having multiple milk-based desserts.🥴 Hence, we think it would've been better to pair our desserts with their straight matcha tea to wash it all down at the end👍

💸 Orh Nee: $7.50
💸 Yakun Set F: $7.50
💸 Sesame Yuzu: $7.50
💸 Milo: $7.50
Finally got our hands on the highly raved 'IntheBrickyard' chiffon cakes! 🍰 Went through a nerve-wrecking 😰 process of ordering as these cakes are literally sold out within minutes once they're released😵. Our favourites were the 'Orh Nee' (pandan chiffon with yam filling) and 'Yakun set F' (Kopi with chiffon with kaya and peanut butter filling). These 2 flavours really amazed us as they managed to integrate the local Singapore 🇸🇬 flavours into cakes so well 😋 We loved that the cakes are fragrant and siew dai (less sweet), making it a great treat for all ages! 🙆 Definitely will be ordering this sometime again soon😅😅

📍L.E. Cafe Confectionery & Pastry📍
💸Original Bean Curd Tarts: $10
Our parents have been patronizing LE Cafe since we were young and we grew up eating their bean curd tarts, cakes, moon pies, pineapple tarts and many other pastries☺️ The bean curd tarts remains as our family favourite, especially when they’re served chilled! Forget about egg tarts and dig into these bean curd tarts, couldn’t resist and ate one first!!😍

💸Baozi: $8.50
💸Caramel Dreams: $9
Accidentally chanced upon this cafe and it was the best decision ever!!! We were really intrigued by their nostalgia desserts- desserts with a twist that brings us back to our childhood days🔙Really spoilt for choices because everything looks so amazing but the settled for the “Baozi” which was the most popular dessert here (according to the staff☺️) We also got their “Caramel Dreams” which was part of their seasonal menu- we wish we could order everything but gotta control ourselves!! “Baozi” is a chrysanthemum white chocolate mousse with yuzu, lemon and matcha sponge- taste quite light and interesting pairing of flavours🤩Personally preferred this over “Caramel Dreams” which was richer. The staff (she’s really friendly💯) mentioned that they’ll be coming up with 10 new desserts in March and we’ll definitely be back to try out other desserts!!

💸$18, not too dense with a really subtle yuzu taste

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Today we MUNCH-ed on...🤤
📍Butterknife Folks, Funan📍
💸 Double Scoop in a cup: $9
🍡Flavours tried: Ms Maple Teatime Treat + Miso Sexy
Butterknife Folk rotates the flavours quite frequently as everything is one pan only and once it’s finished you’ll never know what comes next🧐
Super excited to share the flavours I’ve tried this time!! Ms Maple Teatime Treat was strongly recommended to us and is essentially toasted white chocolate with balsamic strawberry whereas Miso Sexy is a white miso gelato with generous sprinkles of caramelized black sesame brittle!! When they say generous sprinkles, it is REALLY generous and you could taste the strong black sesame taste in almost every bite🤩 Really glad that I gave this place a second shot because the flavours they had the previous time didn’t exactly make me go ‘wow’😂

Occasionally enjoys pigging out🤙🏻 Also on insta @munchkinggs

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