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Diana Su
Diana Su

Ordered their Original French toast and then this. The French toast was fluffy good with a good soak in their milk batter. Texture was good with their vanilla ice cream and some cookies crumbs n fruits combi. Wat beats this is their sourdough with scrambled eggs, sautéed mushrooms, fried kale n dried tomatoes. The sweetness of the fried enoki I can still remember vividly. Will go back just for this.

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Food was awesome needless to say free flow wine makes it better. The pork belly was good esp with the crispy n yet not oily crust and goes very well with the mustard n pickled vege. The cream artichoke was great with the bread. Beef capacious was not bad either. Nice ambience for small chats

Nicely plated with with Plums, hazelnut and some edible flower (which I forgets) and some herbs pesto sauce. I'll give this a miss as the burrata doesn't comes out at all for me.
$24 for this.

First time I had this dish that is not spinach or artichoke. Kale was a refreshing change as it's crunchy as opposed to the usual soft spinach. Topped with a Parmesan crusted Soft-center eggs. Mix the yolk with the nicely done creamed and betters it. $16 for this

Haven had such a good steak for awhile.
Ordered medium rare and it came exactly the way I wan very very juicy inside and without any sauce it's already sooo delectable. $108 for this and also came with 7 choices of sauce. We had Scampi Butter.

Foie Gras was melting in my mouth and the beef short ribs is absolute tender. Goes well with the seasoned rice. Spicy mentaiko don was lack lustre compared to the beef. Thou the amount of tuna n salmon was alot. The truffle fries was goooood but getting jerlak as we had more. Anyway we couldn't finished the the mentaiko Don n fries between my son n me. But will go back again just for the foie Gras n beef.

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Ordered the
1. Drenched Mushroom Burger $25
2. Mermaid $16
3. Messy Matcha $5.90
4. Minced Beef Mac & Cheese $18
Shall try other food... Hmmm, have higher expectation actually... Paid $76.93 in all

Overall the food is greatly great. Good flavour and portion (except for the Seabass which is really small). Everyone enjoyed their food (Seabass included) n they love the coffee there. Will come back on other time cos price wise abit steep.

1. Thai roast chicken $20
2. Seabass $24 (way too small for that price)
3. Ortus burger $25
4. Tiger prawn Linguine $24
5. Carborana $22

Not bad at all, set meal of tomato soup, potato sous vide egg salad, Foie Gras truffle Linguine (I request for change from Sakura Prawn Linguine to that) and a tea. Paid around $40. Definitely worth it and am coming back to try more.

Medium rare Augus Ribeye, good as usual. Seafood Bouillabaisse, first time trying it. The soup was sweetened from all the seafood. Savoury good, overall I enjoyed it. The oysters today were bigger than what I had there previously. We end the meal with the melting Foie Gras. Was a good meal for $94 with 3 drinks included.

Didn't taste much of truffles thou they specialise in truffles stuff. Cold pasta, I would had thought it would at least be al dente, but it's just dry and hard. Very small portion. Fries portion was OK but with just some sprinkling of truffles as seen in pic. Serves everything in paper takeaways box. Inconvenient, can only be paid with cash and fave app. Wouldn't be back for sure. $24.50 for these.

Ordered the Casarecce with Truffle Pesto and Porcini Mushroom and Wagyu Beef Cheek with Roast Peppers. I've always like chewier pasta but the one served today was abit too hard even for me. I says today cause the previous time I came the pasta was always perrrrfectttt. The sauce was abit thick but good. The beef was practically melting in my mouth with the sauce tasting like the chinese dan gui herbs. But that's it. Had couple of Paulaner Lager as well. Full and Satisfying. Paid $68.30 in all with a burpple one for one for the mains.

Diana Su

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