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Featuring Curious Palette, SONS, The Benjamins, Saveur (Purvis Street), Knuckles Bistro, FrapasBar by Saveur (The Cathay), Artisan Boulangerie Co. (VivoCity), Wine Connection Bistro (VivoCity), Wonderland Savour, Trufflelicious
Diana Su
Diana Su

Ordered the
1. Drenched Mushroom Burger $25
2. Mermaid $16
3. Messy Matcha $5.90
4. Minced Beef Mac & Cheese $18
Shall try other food... Hmmm, have higher expectation actually... Paid $76.93 in all

Overall the food is greatly great. Good flavour and portion (except for the Seabass which is really small). Everyone enjoyed their food (Seabass included) n they love the coffee there. Will come back on other time cos price wise abit steep.

1. Thai roast chicken $20
2. Seabass $24 (way too small for that price)
3. Ortus burger $25
4. Tiger prawn Linguine $24
5. Carborana $22

Not bad at all, set meal of tomato soup, potato sous vide egg salad, Foie Gras truffle Linguine (I request for change from Sakura Prawn Linguine to that) and a tea. Paid around $40. Definitely worth it and am coming back to try more.

Medium rare Augus Ribeye, good as usual. Seafood Bouillabaisse, first time trying it. The soup was sweetened from all the seafood. Savoury good, overall I enjoyed it. The oysters today were bigger than what I had there previously. We end the meal with the melting Foie Gras. Was a good meal for $94 with 3 drinks included.

Didn't taste much of truffles thou they specialise in truffles stuff. Cold pasta, I would had thought it would at least be al dente, but it's just dry and hard. Very small portion. Fries portion was OK but with just some sprinkling of truffles as seen in pic. Serves everything in paper takeaways box. Inconvenient, can only be paid with cash and fave app. Wouldn't be back for sure. $24.50 for these.

Ordered the Casarecce with Truffle Pesto and Porcini Mushroom and Wagyu Beef Cheek with Roast Peppers. I've always like chewier pasta but the one served today was abit too hard even for me. I says today cause the previous time I came the pasta was always perrrrfectttt. The sauce was abit thick but good. The beef was practically melting in my mouth with the sauce tasting like the chinese dan gui herbs. But that's it. Had couple of Paulaner Lager as well. Full and Satisfying. Paid $68.30 in all with a burpple one for one for the mains.

Ordered the Seaweed Pasta, felt jelat after a few mouthful maybe due to the sticky consistency. The fried Cauliflower is nice. CURRY PAPRIKA! Comments from my colleagues who ordered the Mentaiko Balachan pasta, umami taste for the first 3 mouth but felt bored after cos there's nothing just the 3 not so big shrimps. Buttermilk fried chicken sandwich was pathetically small. All the guys commented that food portion here is small esp so when it's not cheap.

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Paid $67 in total for 2 adults n 2 kids
1. 1x knuckle set $10 (recommended)
2. 1x soft shell crab aglio olio $12 (pasta Meh but a whole soft shell crab was given)
3. 2x truffle mushroom pasta 2x $8 (cos kids love it)
4. Fried squid $10
5. Truffle fries $6
6. 1x lemon tea $4, 1x coke $2 n 1x stout $7
Overall OK for simple weekend family dinner.

I love this place for their Miso Salmon Fillet Linguine. But they dun serve it in the early morning. My next go-to, the lemon tart to settle me-self early morning mood. N a Single-egg Benedict with smoked Salmon $12.90, ABC Big Breakfast $17.50 and Egg and Avocado Open-Face $15.90 to share. Everything wiped out clean cos the bread itself is GOOD.

Tuna Tataki $19 was okay. Dun really like the dry tuna. But the Truffle n Mushroom Fettuccini $18 I like. Personal preference. The use of king mushroom makes the whole dish more texture thou the Truffle taste is abit lacking.

As usual, my Salmon Tartare, Ribeye, Foie Gras, Rosemary Smoked Chicken. Not in the pic is the oyster ($2 for one) cos they were so small that they aren't worth showing. All my usual except for the smoked chicken $12, which I dun think I will order again. Its just me n not my cup of tea.

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Ordered Crab Tortellini $22, Beef En Croute $34, Foie Gras $14 and Salmon Confit $14. Loves the pasta for its complex creamy flavour. Lentil with foie gras combi was surprising good. Beef was too overcooked. Salmon Confit was good with the kombu sauce but the green apple slice wasn't a good match for me. Overall will be back for more.

Diana Su

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