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The black coffee was rly bitter!! Guess it’s only for coffee fanatics who can truly appreciate the pure bitter black coffee! It was displayed so beautifully with a small vase of dried flowers and a mini shawl tied around the slender cup. Tried their croissant today and it’s so crispy and fresh! I’m in lovee🥰

their latte art is so on point every single time!! I was a little disappointed to see that their chocolate muffin has evolved to be smaller than before. But I still love their food nonetheless!!😋

As usual, I ordered the latte with the passion fruit chilled drink!! I’m in LOVE W THE LATTEEEEE😚

Mellower coffee never fails to surprise me with their amazing latte art!! The talented baristas skilfully drew a cute lil bunny and it really melted my heart☺️ I’m a sucker for good lattes and the iced latte really blew my mind!! I could taste the rich milk and coffee beans that went into the cup. Honestly one of the best lattes in sg and I’m truly impressed by it! This outlet also has 3 storeys and the interior was beautifully thought out and super cosy! I would go back there to have a nice cup of latte accompanied by a good read hehe💖

Taste: 10/10
Presentation: 10/10
Ambience: 9/10


This was nothing like I expected tbh!! I went there with the intention of drinking free nespresso coffee from the cheap coffee machines there as my mom is a maybank premier member. However, what greeted us was a friendly lady at the counter showing us a full spread of pastries and pies from mellower coffee and asking us to choose a drink and food item each!! We chose the chocolate muffins as that was the only food item left for the day and my mom ordered the latte while I chose the mango chilled drink. My mom and I were pleasantly surprised by how huge the cup of latte was and how the latte art was so skilfully drawn. The muffins were super rich in flavour with liquid chocolate oozing out with every bite. I loved my refreshing mango chilled drink and it even had huge aloe vera chunks beneath. Overall I was really amazed by the high standards of food & beverages offered by mellower coffee and the excellent service by maybank!

Taste: 9/10
Presentation: 9/10
Ambience: 8/10

Here cause I’m done paying for overpriced food😙 *addicted to burpple🤤*

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