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i heart carbs ?????

i heart carbs ?????

unheAlthy, but i guess everyone deserves a cheat day ONCE IN AWHILE
bev c
bev c

$22.90 // ((crabmeat + mushroom in pink sauce)) this pasta rly nothing to fault, it was just that good 😍😍 the HOMEMADE pasta was amazing, you could really taste the doughy texture and it was cooked al dente (which i like a lot), loved the balance of cream sauce and tomato sauce and wow they were so generous with the ingredients!! there were huge chunks of juicy and sweet crabmeat and button mushrooms and there were shreds of crabmeat scattered all throughout the sauce. yumzzz!!! soo worth the price (AND calories)

$12.90 // a HUGE portion for the price (PLEASE SHARE!!!) and it was of top notch quality !!! the fish was very fresh and tender, with a thin layer of crispy batter, and it was a rly generous serving of fish. there was also a lot of calamari, and it was fried and coated with some paprika which really gave it good flavor!! opted for the thai chili dipping sauce that paired well with all 3 items!!

rly ulu place (i got lost lol) but it’s worth the trip, for chill ambience (of dining in a highly aesthetic supermarket) and good food!!

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$15 // this is one of my favorite pastas in sg, as they do this combination of tomatoes and cream really well. i feel like with this combi, you get the tomato-based flavor without it being too sour and the cream-based flavor without it being too rich, so rly the best of both worlds!! the pasta was also al dente, though rly filling (would get the penne option next time, as it’d probably be less filling). good quality for this price!!

$25 // there are those days when you consume a meal that is probably equivalent to your weekly calorie intake, and today is one of them. this dish was superrrrr sinful and rich, but also very yumz!! a generous chunk of battered soft-shell crab as the patty, drenched in mentaiko sauce, topped with ikura (which gave nice pops of fish roe oil(?) with each bite, good texture!!), a slice of melted cheese and sandwiched between 2 fluffy, toasted hamburger buns!!! SO much carbs, but thankfully there was a single piece of lettuce to let me feel like i was being healthy uh (jkjk it didn’t, but have this dish anyway, it was great and u deserve a treat once in awhile!!)

this restaurant is quite a hidden gem, as it is situated in a corner of south beach tower within one of their blocks, but very chilled out ambience once you enter and the service staff were prompt and efficient, which made my experience here a fond one :-)

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$18 // essentially a mala pasta (not overly spicy) and the lap cheong crumble + tobiko really added dimensions to each bite. loved the al dente blue pea curly pasta, but recommended to share this because the portion was so big and i was so full even after sharing. overall, not too bad!!

$9.50 ($7.50 if u present a student pass) // food this good deserves to have more awareness spread about it!!! have mostly only tried this dish at other cafes where it’s generally quite pricey like $15+++ so imagine my joy when i got food of this quality at such a budgeted price!! 😛😛 crispy, juicy chicken + crispy on the outside soft on the inside, decently sweet waffles, all topped off with maple syrup. who knew maple syrup and fried chicken would make such a palatable combination?? (anyway, it’s served with salad on the side as a refresher to the richness of this dish)

count your blessings, not calories 💫

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