Best Places to Eat in Sri Petaling

Best Places to Eat in Sri Petaling

It's been two years since we ate our way through buzzy Sri Petaling, and we revisited the area to see what's new in the hood. From highly popular dry ramen to juicy pork burgers and coffee poured by an award-winning barista, here are 10 spots that join the ranks of Sri Petaling's best eats!
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If there’s one thing our community flocks to Sri Petaling for, it’s this delicious dry ramen. The popular Nagoya Mazesoba (RM23) sees chewy noodles, minced pork, melt-in-your-mouth chashu, scallions, seaweed and egg yolk piled in a bowl. Burppler Brry Kh aptly describes it as a Japenese version of chilli pan mee. Enjoy an explosion of flavours — from the savoury pork to the tangy vinegar and the creaminess of the egg yolk. Once you're done with the noodles, you’re given a small scoop of rice to mix with the leftover sauce. Also share the juicy and crispy Pan Fried Gyoza (RM8).
Photo by Burppler Tiffany Ng

Lazy weekends are made for desserts, and you can find delicate tiramisu cakes and silky soft serve at this cosy spot. While they have a selection of hot food — the Chicken Waffle (RM22) is made for cheat days — we’re big fans of their sweet offerings. Matcha lovers will fall for the Matcha Tiramisu (RM17), which Burppler Joey Tee has dubbed as "the best matcha dessert she’s ever had in the country". The Softserve Waffle (RM19) featuring the chrysanthemum soft serve and osmanthus jelly is also worth an order. For something super unique, they also make Coriander Softserve (from RM7). Leave a review in the app to let us know what you think!
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In case you haven’t heard, this cafe is home to the 2018 World Latte Art Champ. While coffee's the obvious star, you'll be glad to know the food offerings are just as good. For a quick lunch on weekdays, the Pull Pork Sandwich (RM17.90) with fries will fill you up. Otherwise, share the Katsu Don (RM18.90) and Yakiniku Udon (RM19.90) with your colleagues. You can’t leave without a cuppa, and to see the champ’s pretty latte art, order a Cafe Latte (RM10.50) or Flat White (RM11.50) – you won’t be disappointed. Ps. Check out their newly opened roastery located just across the street for quiet time over a cuppa with a friend.
Photo by Burppler Joey Tin

Join the growing line at this roadside stall for amazing nasi lemak. Everything is self-service here, so wait in line for your packet of rice and take your pick from the variety of sambal (sambal ikan bilis and sambal tempeh), protein and vegetable dishes. Fill your plate with the stellar Ayam Goreng (RM4) that's fried to golden perfection. Petai lovers, you won't want to miss the Udang Petai (RM3), which goes superbly well with the fluffy rice. In addition to the usual fried and boiled egg, the folks here offer Quail Eggs (three pieces, RM3.50). Pro tip: The queue starts forming at 8am and the food sells out by noon. Come early!
Photo by Burppler Shun Teoh

Situated on the first floor along Jalan Radin Anum is this Middle Eastern restaurant made for grand dinners. It’s an extravagant-looking place – think thick curtains, glossy porcelain and gold furnishings. Get your appetite rolling with the super smooth Hommus (RM10) served with bread for dipping and Sambosa Lamb (RM18). For the main event, dig into the signature Mendy Lamb with Mendy Rice (RM48) that's good for sharing between two. Pair that with the refreshing Taboola salad (RM18) to balance the rich flavours.
Photo by Burppler Ali K

Gather your family and friends for a scrumptious seafood feast this weekend! The signature Steamed Fish Head with Black Beans, Ginger and Chilli (from RM50) is "worth every cent for the incredibly smooth flesh”, says Burppler R D. It’s cooked in a killer sauce bursting with flavours from the soy, black bean, ginger and chilli – perfect to drizzle over a bowl of hot white rice. Another standout to share is the house special Chiu Pai Tau Fu (from RM15), chunky, deep-fried cubes of tofu topped with crunchy cai po (preserved turnip) and minced meat.
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If you're in the mood for burgers, look to this Penang-born burger joint that grills up succulent patties. Chow down on the signature Baconizer (RM17.90), featuring a juicy patty (there's beef or pork), cheddar, cheese crisp, caramelised bacon bits and more bacon! If you’re here with a chicken-loving friend, Burppler Carmen Chan highly recommends the Chickanizer (RM16.90) for a sinfully delicious deep-fried chicken fillet topped with bacon strips and cheddar cheese. Skip your regular fries order for a side of housemade Porkets (RM10.90) served with a housemade dip – we recommended the smoky bacon mayo!
Photo by Burppler Chris Ong

For your next adventurous foodie night out, look to this trendy spot for twists on traditional ramen, cocktails and more. Helmed by the folks of now-defunct Ru Di Fook, you can trust these noodle experts will dish up something good. Burppler Carmen Chan comes for the King Of Pork Chop Ramen (RM29.80) brimming with chewy noodles, savoury tonkotsu broth and a massive, tender tomahawk that she recommends sharing with a friend. Burppler Joey likes to pair this ramen with a side of addictive KungFu Mushroom (RM14.80). Wash the meal down with one of their house cocktails, like the creamy and chocolatey Keep Calm (RM26.80) with dark rum.
Photo by Burppler Carmen Chan

This quiet corner shop is famed for their local fare, and the Char Kuey Teow (small, RM7) in particular is a must-have. This dish ticks all the boxes for a great plate of char kuey teow: noodles imbued with wok-hei and a generous serving of prawns and cockles. The Burpple community is also a big fan of the Hakka Noodles (from RM6) that's comforting and made for a quick lunch fix. Ps. Service is a bit slow for the drinks, so we suggest popping in for a quick meal and moving along elsewhere for something to sip on!
Photo by Burppler Shun Teoh


Come 10am on a Sunday morning, this neighbourhood dim sum shop is already crowded – the red round tables filled with hungry folks take up the entire street! Trays of steamed dumplings, fried snacks and more are carried around, so all you have to do is point and choose. We recommend these staples: Fish Ball (from RM4), Siew Mai (from RM4), Prawn Chee Cheong Fun (from RM5) and Fried Prawn Dumplings (from RM6). A community favourite and must-order is the signature Chicken Nest Bun (RM6) that sees loh mai kai (glutinous rice) stuffed into a pau and steamed – yum!
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