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Beth 🌻
Beth 🌻

We ordered the banana butterscotch pancake (think it was 18.5) and truffle fries (9.5). The pancake was rly impressive; it kinda reminds me of the ricotta hotcakes some cafes have, but atlas’ rendition rly puts the cake in pancake! It manages to be rly fluffy and not dense! The pancake itself wasn’t too sweet and didn’t get jelak even towards the end 😍😍 the truffle fries were great: strong consistent truffle taste (the actual portion is bigger than what’s reflected in the image as we were rly hungry and ate some), the price is decent but I’m a little sad that they raised their price (it used to be 8 😥😥). Nonetheless, love this cafe (esp the new decor and setup after their renovations) and will be back! 😍

Went back and ordered their Truffle Fries ($8) and iced Matcha Latte ($7). Decent portion of fries for the price, but the truffle flavour was kinda uneven (fries at the bottom tasted more like normal fries) and I didn’t like how the fries were thick (I prefer shoestring fries) 😥 but overall, it was not bad, may order again!

We used Burpple Beyond to order 2 lunch sets ($16 each). Each lunch set included a choice of noodles (we both had the Sichuan Pork Noodles), a choice of dumplings (we had 1 original and 1 smoked duck) and a drink. The dumplings were really impressive!!! 😍😍 especially the smoked duck one. Try to make a reservation before you go or go early, we reached about 5 mins before it opened on a Saturday and there were already a few groups gathered around waiting for it to open!

We ordered the Crispy Garlic Parmesan Wings ($10) and (not pictured) their Bread & Butter Pudding ($5), an Iced Matcha Latte ($7) and cold-pressed Apple juice ($6).
The wings were up to expectations: crispy and coated in a generous layer of grated Parmesan, we could taste the garlic flavour as well. Loved the Bread & Butter Pudding: it was delightfully chunky and reasonably priced at $5. They used matcha from Matchaya in their iced matcha latte; it was milky and didn’t disappoint. The Apple juice was bottled and imported from the UK, and it was not bad too.
Would come again! Service was good, love that they don’t charge service charge or GST (yet).

We ordered the Loaded Mac and Cheese (front, $12), Kelong Prawn and Scallop Pizza (back, $21) as well as (not pictured) Truffle Mayonnaise Curly Fries ($14), an Iced Latte ($7) and an Avocado Shake ($8). The mac and cheese was very creamy, but a little disappointing as it hardly had any bacon (the supposed bacon pieces were more like bacon bits). The pizza had a decent amount of seafood. Although it appeared to have a thin crust, it still felt quite dense and was quite filling. The truffle curly fries were very crispy and tasty!! Although the truffle dip was lacking, it was still our favourite food item. Although the drinks were pricey, the large portion made up for the price.
Where there was natural sunlight (glass windows/outdoors) the ambience was lovely. But we sat inside, which was not that well lit. If I went back, I would definitely want to sit at the well-lit areas.

Had the tomyum seafood pasta (front) and the chilli crab pasta (back). Was pleasantly surprised by the amount of seafood given in the tomyum seafood pasta, but it got a little jelat at the end as it’s a cream-based pasta. Chilli crab pasta was alright. It was a good deal with Burpple Beyond (my friend and I paid $9 each), but it was quite inaccessible and I might not go back if I didn’t have Burpple Beyond

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