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Bandung Eats

Bandung Eats

Featuring Warung Kopi Gunung, Warung Kopi Purnama, Dapoer Pandan Wangi, Hummingbird Eatery & Guesthouse, Hummingbird Eatery & Guest House, Kartika Sari, Prima Rasa Bakery & Pastry, A&W, de Braga by ARTOTEL, Amanda Brownies
Ethel Tan
Ethel Tan

There are many places that sell street food in the street next to Jalan Cibadak. They’re famous for pork satays too.

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This wasn’t as good as the first shop we tried. These tangyuans were more dough-y and the ginger soup was less fragrant with a bitter aftertaste too!

This was so shiok and smelt really good! This must be shared or else it’s be super jelat! It’s also quite expensive at 10.5k but the serving is large too.

Cibadak Street has a lot of street food and we got tangyuan with tauhuey and ginger soup at one of the stalls. I forgot to take down the name but it’s near Nongkow Coffee and Eatery. The mini tangyuan were really chewy. The big tangyuan had peanut filling and was fragrant but the peanut was in a lump so I like what I have in Singapore more!

This two layer cake looks simple but it was really good. The bottom layer is pandan flavoured while the top layer is black glutinous rice flavoured. The flavours are subtle at first but super fragrant and go well together too 😍

The genmaicha flavour was very faint and I tasted more matcha than genmaicha. The pearls were served warm and complemented the cake well though!

This was really tasty but it wasn’t spicy. The chilli that came with it complemented it well though!

Sapi Rica Rica is spicy beef cooked manado style served with steamed rice, keropok, pergedil and mango salad. This was really spicy but so good!

The oriental fried rice was flavourful and had quite a lot of ingredients in this too.

This has a grilled chicken and the presentation’s so nice! Plus the chicken was so fragrant. I like the sambal too.

This is a different type of mojito from the usual. This one is just soda and mint with lychee and peach slices in it. It’s refreshing though!

This place is famous for their brownies and sell them in many different flavours. The pandan layer was very fragrant and the brownie layer below was rich and yet not too sweet.