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Happy Everyday
Happy Everyday

Was disappointed I couldn’t try their signature hotdog bun bc they ran out of bun. However their beef burger with homemade patty tasted pretty delicious. A classic burger that can’t go wrong. Also saddened that there were no options to upgrade the fries to truffle fries. :(

A very pleasant and light matcha cake.

I prefer their wagyu truffle beef bowl over many of the other well known brands such as Waa Cow or Tanuki Raw. I like how their beef was sliced thinly as compared to the slabs of beef offered which often has too much fat or very hard to chew. However my friends commented that because of the way it was cut, it tasted more like shabu shabu 🤷🏻‍♀️ to each its own I guess. The salmon chunks were cut extremely fat and thick which is good however I prefer if it was sliced more fine so that the salmon could be more cooked.

I really liked the contrast between the acidic acai and refreshing coconut sorbet. The almond butter was too thick and sticky. Overall not a bad acai but I personally prefer project acai’s more thick and fruity acai base

The caramel sauce of the French toast was slightly salty but overall still pretty good. Gashouse eggs were a delight, I wish there were two eggs inside hehe. I really like the bacon jam, has a underlaying ground coffee taste! Really delish yum yum

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Came back again to try their keto must-have. Tastewise is pretty good, their chicken was tender. My sister loved it, especially the chicken rice chill that was doused on top of it. Avocado smoothie lacked the taste of creamy avocado :(

Presentation wise was pleasant however the flavours of the pasta was too strong. I was also disappointed there wasn’t flecks of crab meat and egg white in the sauce itself. Personally, I prefer their steak and breakfast set.

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I really liked the avocado milkshake due to the perfect combination of nuttiness from the almond and the creaminess from the avocado. Wish it was thicker with less ice and more avocado! The pastas were really healthy and tasted p decent! Salmon gyozas was v unique, one of a kind. Will come back next time when I’m feeling healthy :) picture taken from the internet oops

Salmon was a little tough for my liking but I really liked the taste and aesthetic of the dish. Portion was generous and sufficient to keep me p full for the rest of the day. Will definitely come back again to try the chilli crab pasta or pork ribs!!

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