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Stand-alone Eateries 🍴

Stand-alone Eateries 🍴

Indulgent date nights and cosy gatherings
Emily C
Emily C

Dropped by for lunch at Scrambled and got their smoked salmon scrambled egg burger with fries!

The bread was a tad oily but it was toasted well. Unfortunately, the mentaiko sauce and smoked salmon overpowered the scrambled egg (which i assume should be the main star). Nonetheless it was still a good burger, and I’d come back to try other flavors. My friend enjoyed her katsu pork variant alot more!

Got their cajun fries and truffle fries from set A and set B respectively. Fries were very crisp and fresh, and seasoned well. Truffle dip came separately and it was really fragrant!

Overall pretty pricey (about $16 for my set A meal w salmon) but delicious fast food!

Happened to stumble upon this little bar along Tanjong Pagar and decided to give it a shot. It was crowded when I was seated — a good sign I guess! I had the bar seat overlooking the chefs. They had lard available on the table, which made my date very happy.

We ordered their pork and prawn wantons in superior stock - amazing broth, every spoonful you could taste the prawn stock. Wantons were not bad, but I expected better from a wanton specialty store.

Had their mushrooms as well - MY FAV. I don’t know what sauces they used but it was delicious. They also used three different mushroom types, and the medley was perfect.

Pork belly was alright but my date loved it. He was raving about how crunchy the skin was.

(Not pictured) Ordered their carrot cake too, and it came under a blanket of omelette. Omelette was fried with chai po, which made it very fragrant. Underneath were carrot cake cubes lathered with sambal. The sambal had little pieces of dried shrimp so each bite had plenty of textures. Would recommend ordering!

Mee kia was springy and cooked well. My date almost ordered 3 bowls of noodles cause he enjoyed it that much.

Overall enjoyed my dinner here. Bill was pretty hefty but we did order alot of food. Ambience was cosy and service staff were attentive. Definitely one of the best eateries I’ve been to.

Priced at $10.90, this bowl of shoyu ramen came with 2 slices of pork cheek and half of an onsen egg. Simply delicious - I was polishing off this entire bowl.

Bamboo shoots didn’t have to usual chemical scent to it unlike most stores, and they added raw onion as garnishing which gave the dish a depth.

Swapped my noodles out from thick wavy ones, to thin and straight ones. Noodles were springy.

Pork cheek was well marinated and tender, with a slight charring on its surface. Not bad.

Service staff were attentive and friendly.

It’s no wonder this place has a never ending queue during peak period!

Got the salmon, roasted cauliflower, egg whites, broccoli and pasta, with cheese for the topping.

Everything was excellent, especially the salmon and roasted cauliflower. So much flavors from roasting both dishes. Only gripe is the pasta - a tad too al dente for my liking.

I got the ebiko prawn paste noodles in tomato broth while my friend got the dry version. The soup was rich, full and savory - akin to a certain hotpot chain that made tomato soup popular. The sweetness of the tomato was strong in the soup too.

The prawn balls were fresh and had a really nice bite, especially with the addition of ebiko.

Egg was perfectly molten and noodles were great too.

My friend raved about her dry mushroom prawn paste noodles throughout the entire meal.

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Not sure why but Keisuke tonkotsu ramen was only going for $9.90. If you get the black/red ones it’s $10.90!! So much cheaper than other outlets. As stated in a poster there, it seems like it’s only for Tanjong Pagar’s branch. Do double check if you want the promotion!

Broth was rich and thick, and noodle doneness was perfect. And free. flow. eggs. That’s one of the highlights of Keisuke! Amazing ramen & endless eggs. Definitely value for money here.

There’s usually a long queue here and the queue stretches when you arrive past 6:30pm, so be prepared if you’re heading down at that timing!

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Topped with beansprouts, minced meat and spring onions! Looks really good but unfortunately really, really salty. Was hoping to get a lighter tasting broth so I opted for miso instead of tonkotsu, so I was disappointed by this. Overall an average dish, nothing to scream about!

Got level 1 spicy mazesoba, but what killed me was the pepper (which was available in non-spicy ones too). It was so. damn. peppery. I couldn’t finish this. I was dying halfway through the meal.

Apart from the pepper overwhelming the dish, their ingredients were actually pretty good. Noodles were springy and the minced meat had a nice marinate to it. You could also add a bowl of rice to the leftover sauce at the end of the meal.

Service was really nice too. If I had to eat this again, I’d remove most of the pepper.

At Guoco Tower’s outlet.

Unphotogenic, but sooo good! They did not hold back on the spices; the mala hits hard. I couldn’t stop drinking the soup cause it’s so addictive. Their sliced fish was amazingly fresh and springy.

They serve a free cup of barley on the side. Seats are hard to find but customers finish up pretty quickly!

Came on a monday for their really affordable lunch promotions ($6.50) and sichuan chicken was the meal of that day. Rice served with a bed of greens, onsen egg (my egg was hidden if i recall) and fried chicken seasoned with spices. There was a side of miso soup too!

Ambience was very comfy and quaint, and food was piping hot from the kitchen. Spice level was mild!

Portion was just right - enough to satiate my hunger but not enough to induce a food coma.

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For every main, you get to choose 2 sides of your choice. I got the fried fish with broccoli and baked potato. Food was pretty good; it was hot and fresh. Queues are always really long for this place. Their food portions were massive! Their broccoli was impressively tender, considering how its the size of my fist.

Been awhile since I’ve been back here! Nam Nam introduced 2 sizes available - small and regular. Regular is the same size as it was before so I got that.

I really enjoyed Nam Nam’s pho - savory yet light broth with springy rice noodles. The beef slices were tender, but my fav would be their beef balls!

Emily C

Level 5 Burppler · 86 Reviews

I enjoy my food spicy and my tea hot; just like how I like my men.

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