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Stand-alone Eateries 🍴

Stand-alone Eateries 🍴

Indulgent date nights and cosy gatherings
Emily C
Emily C

Swensen’s offers a weekday lunch special where you get a free side, drink or dessert of your choosing for every main purchased.

My family and I had such a spread! Wanting to milk every cent, we ordered a side each. In the end we barely touched our sides cause their mains were huge enough. On hindsight, we packed our sides to-go so we could heat it up later on.

I had their salmon & mushroom baked rice. It was very salty but it’s sauce always brings me back to order it. They were also very generous with their ingredients and cheese.

Picked the warm protein - miso salmon - and it was amazing! The fish was well marinated and added a nice oomph to the lettuce base. I also accompanied my base with a portion of pasta, which was pretty decent. Portions were big so I shared it with my friend 🙂 a good place for a quality salad bar.

Miharu boasts an extensive selection of ramen bases - I was spoilt for choice. I eventually chose seafood shoyu ramen while my friend picked fish shoyu ramen.

Perhaps my order was confused with my friend’s, but the seafood shoyu ramen tasted heavily of bonito whereas the fish ramen was much lighter.

I ended up swapping ramen bowls with my friend bc I preferred her lighter soup. I was a tad disappointed - I saw alot of reviews praising their food, but I thought it was pretty average. For their price point ($17-18), I could’ve tried places with better quality.

Nonetheless, I still finished the entire bowl. A plus point would be their egg - a perfectly molten center with a salty touch from it’s marination.

One serving size is 4pcs, but you can order in one individual piece. Sashimi were fresh! I had so many of the salmon slices cause they were so good.

Part of the buffet ($38), cold somen is one of the offerings and I absolutely adore the serving sizes they have here. This somen was light and refreshing! You could finish it in a slurp.

Staff tend to be swamped with orders and may not get to you in time. Kitchen takes very long to prepare the orders too. I’d recommend you to arrive earlier than 7:30pm and order a good amount first, instead of ordering it in small batches and waiting over 30 minutes for it.

Ramen Nagi allows you to customize your ramen: thick/thin noodles, heaviness of broth, amount of garlic, spice level, meat cut, and topping type.

I opted for the thick noodles, which resembled the thickness of a yellow noodle. I’d much rather their thin noodles which is similar to a finer u-mian!

Even after choosing light broth, the soup was heavy and flavorful. I prefer a lighter base, like shoyu, so this was not for me. Pictured is also their pork belly which was slightly tough.

Service wasn’t great — they were chatting amongst themselves, and were unresponsive and unfriendly.

Portions are large; I couldn’t finish this. Overall an okay ramen joint.

A childhood favorite, this dish was served warm with generous helpings of minced beef. Very flavorful and comforting meal!

The cafe is a social enterprise that hires special needs employees, all whom are professional and friendly. A tip to note is to be patient and order slowly 🙂

Favorite go-to soup apart from their Tokyo Chicken stew — this is when I want a soup that is hearty, creamy, and chock-full of ingredients.

I had a beautifully seared, 170g sirloin steak in medium rare. While the cut was average, the steak was cooked to perfection and soft throughout. CUT offers various sauces for your choosing — mustard, red wine, bearnaise and sweet/sour.

Fries had potato skins intact and were seasoned with sea salt. Very addictive.

I also chose broccolini as my side, and I enjoyed every bite. It was flavorful and the broccolini head was crisp.

Early cut menu comes with a starter, main, side and dessert for $95++. Available until 7pm!

Part of their early cut menu, crab cake is offered as one of the starter choices.

This dish focused solely on the crab, loaded generously with fresh and chunky flesh. Every bite was absolutely lovely!

Early cut menu comes with a starter, main, side and dessert for $95++. Available until 7pm!

These cheese puffs were on the house, served hot in a beautifully folded napkin. It was a pleasant surprise, and these little tasty morsels were a delight to snack on. It was very salty — but that whetted my appetite and got me wanting more!

Aside from these savory choux, CUT offers an extensive selection of bread as well. I tried the olive bread and onion focaccia bread. The olive bread had a tough and crisp crust, which went along well with their smooth butter spread. The onion focaccia bread was soft and oily; the caramelized onions adding a hint of sweetness.

Wonderful bread choices. There were also breadsticks!

A favorite Thai food go-to place amongst my friends.

Omelette with minced pork ($12) was crispy and fluffy, and the minced basil pork ($12) was fragrant.

We also ordered the clear seafood tom yum ($12) which had prawns, fish, squid and fishball. It was thoughtfully served with a small candle to ensure it stayed warm through the meal. The soup was tangy, sour and spicy; everything a good bowl of tom yum should be!

Before getting to this restaurant, you’d have to walk past a few questionable salons and massage parlors. Make your way up to the third story, turn right, head down along the corridor/railing and turn into the small corner. Thai Tantric has a few tables laid right outside it’s store!

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Emily C

Level 5 Burppler · 67 Reviews

I enjoy my food spicy and my tea hot; just like how I like my men.

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