we love cheap and good hawker food
aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

The rice was not bad, each grain was separated and it was quite fragrant from the sesame oil, q tasty even though it wasn’t cooked w chix stock. The mock “steamed chicken” was abit like fish cakes without the bounce, however I didn’t think it was v similar to chicken - it was rather soft & there was no bite to it, too nua for my liking. The “roasted chicken” was actually taukee, preferred this as there was some crunchiness to it. Visually, both really did look like actual chicken if you didn’t look closely! The ginger sauce could be more punchy, because I prefer a spicier ginger kick but still a nice accompaniment. Achar was sour and yummy! I love when they give achar in chix rice. They also gave a generous amount of baicai + a wedge of tomato. Would want to return and try their other stuff, I saw lemon chicken, sweet & sour chicken on their menu and I’m curious to try!

Charsiew was nicely caramelised! It’s lean (I like!) but still pretty tender, with a few pieces having some fatty bits. The ratio of lean to fat was to my preference :) Roasted duck was also rather juicy with a herbal flavour, not bad but I found it quite salty so eat it with the rice. Rice is just white rice but was of a pretty decent quality. The additional sauce given was average, lacks a depth of flavour. Wouldn’t mind having this again, but it’s quite out of the way so probably only if I find myself around the area again. Service is not bad, they were quite friendly :)

Thought this was quite average. Rice had some coconut flavour but could be more fragrant, peanuts & ikan bilis was crunchy, fried chicken was decent, egg was q standard and chili had some heat to it but still relatively manageable. It’s okay la but nothing to shout about!

Was excited to try but this was a major disappointment. Visually, there was a layer of film (the fat congealing as it cooled) so that was kinda off putting. Taste wise, it failed to impress as well.

Soup: the seafood one had additional seafoody sweetness compared to the fish ones, the fried fish one was extremely oily. The sliced fish one was the nicest out of the 3, but all 3 didn’t rly have that depth of flavour? It’s not bland by any means, just that I really can’t say that it’s good soup.

Ingredients: sliced fish has a slight fishy smell, fried fish was average, seafood was okay.

Overall this was really really meh, I don’t know what’s the hype about or why there is a queue for this. If you come to this coffee shop you’re better off having the porridge, leicha looks good, there’s a decent lor mee here too. Don’t waste your stomach space!


This is from level 1 corner stall, it’s called amoy st cai fan I think. Cabbage was best dish out of the 3, it comes with taukee and glass noodles and was stewed nicely. Spinach was okay only, and the worst was the gulurou. I can’t really call this gulurou because it felt like I was eating crunchy batter.... where’s the meat?? It was so unsatisfying that I decided to go on a hunt for good caifan in cbd area, which was what prompted my 5-day caifan streak the next week I was back in the cbd.

My friend patronises this stall every now and then so it isn’t terrible, but please please don’t ask the auntie / uncle for gulurou, it’s a massive disappointment.

This is from the one furthest away from the escalator, not in the same unit as tofu lane.

Spinach and cabbage were decent, but they put those smol shrimp as topping which is not what I prefer. Also the cabbage was very oily. Sweet and sour pork is alright, some pieces were crunchy so those were great, but some didn't have much batter so it was just cubed pork. They put cucumber with their gulurou, which was a nice combi! Rice wasn't clumpy.

Actually thought the gulurou was okay only because not all pieces were consistently great, but after having the other caifan gulurous around the area (amoy, interim, tjpg) I realise this was the best LOL so yeah I would come back!

The only one out of the 5 I tried that week that offers brown rice (+$0.30 compared to white rice)! This is from tp plaza lvl 1, the corner stall right at the end (after you walk past the whole row of standalone stalls). It was decent, they have pumpkin (!!) but unfortunately it wasn’t very well done as it wasn’t as plush or creamy compared to others I’ve tried. Spinach and gulurou was okay only. Probably wouldn’t return, it wasn’t horrible la but it’s just very average.

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Would probably never return - rice was of poor quality, gulurou was kinda dry, egg was too salty, spinach was the best thing on the plate but meh also. They sell curry fish head so you should probably go for that, but I don’t really eat curry so I won’t be back LOL unless the curry is mindblowing but I doubt it, there are probably better places for curry fish head!

Best dish here is the stewed cabbage - soft and delicious, with bits of glass noodles which I love. Rice was ok only, tomato egg was flavourful but I didn’t like that it was kinda overfried (the edges were somewhat like the fried egg floss in fish soup which I’m not a fan of) as I prefer a creamier tomato egg dish.

Please do not get the gulurou! It was way too sweet (too much honey? sugar?) and the outer coating stuck to my teeth which is a big nono. You’re better off with their pork chop I believe.

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Recently went on a caifan streak where I had caifan everyday for lunch for a week. This is from Zhi Sheng Cooked Food #02-108.

This stall’s spinach was the best out of all caifans I tried that week, as it tasted fresh and homely just the way I like it - not oily, nicely seasoned and tasty. The gulurou was alright and rice was of decent quality. Would have liked the cabbage to be cooked for a longer time tho, as it was rather hard. Would definitely return because it’s actually one of the better caifans in the area, and it’s only $2.50?? Please go support this stall’s auntie and uncle!! 😌

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I always have this with rice and I’ve reviewed that before, but I decided to try their porridge today and I kinda like it better than fish soup + rice! The “porridge” is more like rice soaked in soap (paofan, if you would), but the rice is slightly more broken down than actual rice. Just not broken down to the point of goopiness. As usual, the clear fish soup was light & tasty and the fish slices succulent and chonky. Han Kee still remains as my fav fish soup in SG! The queues are as insane as ever so you should either reach by 11.15am, or go after 1.30pm for a reasonable waiting time.

I don’t usually eat haojian/ orhluak because I don’t rly fancy oysters and I’m not a supper-dish kind of person either, but this was surprisingly good! The egg was very crisp and was very nice together with the gooey starch bits! It is a bit oily though. Oysters are plumper than what most haojians have, the first piece I had was a bit too briny but I the second piece I tried was alright. I still don’t enjoy oysters but I would consider coming back again!

started off from eating school caifan together in 2014 Instagram: @coldbutter.sg

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