we love cheap and good hawker food
aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

Wow, this porridge was wonderful! It was flavourful and quite thicc, with tender pork slices. Kinda reminds me of weng kiang kee porridge in Chinatown complex, but wkk is cleaner tasting but of similar consistency / texture. Would definitely come back for this. The constant long queue is a testament to its deliciousness!

Yuan Yuan always has a long queue during weekend dinners so do come early (and I overheard that you can call them to order before you reach)

But the long queues and waits are justified!! Very satisfying claypot rice with the pronounced wokhei smell and taste, and I especially love the bites of salted fish surprises hidden among the sea bed of claypot rice :”) Sadly, they are not very generous with the chicken but the chicken is sweet (in a good way) and succulent!

Very comforting to order their boiled soup too (i always get their lotus root soup love it!!)

Pretty good satay! Meat was tender and well marinated, had a nice smoky char too. I don’t really eat satay so I’m not in the best position to comment but the long queue for this on a sat early evening should be a testament to how delicious it is. Peanut sauce has a tiny spice kick, good for people like me who can’t rly take spicy food. I thought the sauce was ok only tho, I ate the ketupat with sauce but the satay on its own :p

One of my sec sch favourites! The fish is quite succulent, with no fishy smells! Also, they give tang o veg, which I enjoy. The soup is pretty flavourful - my dad and I drank it allll up. I have to give a shoutout for the rice - it’s of a decent quality, and it is separated / not clumpy so it’s great for drenching in fish soup :)

This was pretty decent, but oops my dad makes a better lorbak. Meat wasn’t dry, had a good ratio of lean to fat, sauce is not bad, but my dad’s lorbak is somehow more fragrant/tasty. My dining partner who has tried my dad’s lorbak agreed too 😂

Black fungus was crunchy! But what I liked most was the RICE haha it was so good?? Separate individual grains, cooked just enough such that it won’t clump and a perfect pairing for the sauce.

This was really quite good; the long queues are not for nothing! The porridge had a great consistency - somewhere in between thick canto porridge & runny Teochew porridge. It’s also nicely seasoned, not bland like the porridge u eat when you’re sick. Fish slices didn’t have the 腥味/fishy smell! Would definitely return to have more :)

What an interesting find! First time trying vegetarian satay and I’m rather impressed. The marinade for the “meat” was pretty good, and it was well-charred with crispy bits, similar to typical satay. Texture-wise, I could tell it wasn’t meat, but it was a little bouncy, like chicken when it’s tender. It’s much more flavourful, and has better texture than regular mock meats! The accompanying peanut sauce was alright, but got a little starchy for me at the end. Also, found this pretty filling.

Didn’t expect much, but this was actually a pretty decent plate of charsiew rice! The charsiew was quite tender, and had some caramelised charred bits. The rice wasn’t normal plain rice, but rice cooked with stock and aromatics. The savoury & slightly sweet sauce was not bad, but I asked for less sauce as I was afraid it was going to be a sodium-bomb.

The cheecheongfun was very soft and chewy, pairing well with the sauce which was savoury sweet and pretty fragrant. Even though the sauce was nice, it was too salty. Would still return, as their food is above average.

The tapioca cake is soft, chewy and light - it feels like you could easily eat a few without feeling jelat. I usually associate kuehs with a slightly sticky texture, but this is very clean cut, it doesn’t stick to your teeth. There’s a delicate sweet flavour that comes through, and really so good I loove it! Theirs is really the best I’ve tried.

The ondeh ondeh was also very soft. The skin is not the thinnest, but thankfully it wasn’t floury. Some had a not-fully-melted sugar crunch encased within, while some allowed for a slight burst when eaten. I remember having some that really burst on a previous visit - perhaps it would be better to have them fresh instead of doing a takeaway.

Either way, this stall has been my family’s go-to kueh place for a very long time now, and we definitely would continue having their food :)

The chicken was pretty tender, and was doused in light soy sauce which went well with the rice. The rice was disappointing - I liked that the rice grains weren’t clumpy, but it was lacking in fragrance/flavour. Soup was tasty, and I liked that achar was given. The chicken feet was actually rather palatable (it’s my first time having chicken feet), the crunchy texture was surprising. A decent place for chicken rice, and the queue moves quickly!

The popiah skin is thin, and the crunchy bits + stewed turnips was rather nice. The brown sauce is not too sweet; chilli sauce is pretty spicy. I prefer the non spicy version! Overall, a pretty decent popiah that satisfies.

started off from eating school caifan together in 2014 Instagram: @coldbutter.sg

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