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we love cheap and good hawker food
aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

The ccf here has got to be one of the best I’ve tasted in Singapore! It’s soft and chewy, but still retains a bite when you chimp into it. The sesame oil and sesame seeds are fragrant and give flavour to the plain ccf. We really enjoyed this, and ordered another plate as it was we all wanted second helpings.

The leicha soup was nutty, fragrant and flavourful from the peanut & basil blend. It wasn’t bitter, and I liked it even though I usually shy away from leicha soup.

The ingredients were well seasoned, and had good balance in terms of flavour and texture. Out of all the ingredients, I like the mani cai best, as it had sweet natural flavours. The caipo is crunchy and not salty, tofu was fragrant.

It wasn’t oily like I had remembered it to be, or maybe the ABC market franchise one has more oil. It’s a good lunch option!

This is actually almond butter with raspberry rose jam, not pb. I did like the almond butter, which was quite pleasant and didn’t feel heaty. However it’s pricey considering that it’s just spreads on thin white toast. The coffee is not outstanding, but it’s still decent!

This was nice, with the saltiness of the cai po and the slight crisp of the carrot cake cubes. While this is not the *best* I’ve had, it does satisfy.

Satay from this stall in Toa Payoh is pretty good! I’m not sure what the stall name as my dad was the one who bought it. Tender, succulent and well-marinated. It also has some charred bits, which add to the flavour.

The rojak is pretty good, with crisp youtiao and a savoury sweet rojak sauce topped with lots of chopped peanuts. My family enjoys the popiah as well, as it’s very light but still delivers on flavour. The stewed turnips are done nicely and there’s a crunch from something in the filling.

We ordered a ‘kosong’ popiah (without sauce), but the default that the auntie makes includes the brown sauce!

This was generously stuffed with ingredients including oyster, minced meat and coriander. It was not bad especially since it was piping hot but I personally found it rather heavy / jelat for me.

Oh this was sinfully delicious! The marinade was my favourite part, a good savoury and sweet combination. The chicken was juicy and tender. What a surprise find!

Xiang Ji’s lor mee was quite delicious, with a tasty sauce. I particularly liked the ngoh hiang and fried fish, and the generous dollop of garlic. Even though the sauce was a little thick, it wasn’t goopy and thinned our with the addition of the vinegar.

The ccf was soft and chewy, I’m glad that there is hk style ccf in hawker centres! They were drenched in a savoury sauce that wasn’t too salty. We got the prawn and the charsiew, and I personally prefer the charsiew ones :) Be prepared for long queues though!

By far the best glutinous rice that I’ve tried, and also a family favourite for years. We prefer the savoury version over the sweet!

The rice is sticky, chewy but not mushy; peanuts stewed nicely; fried shallots were crisp and fragrant. Some places get the rice either too dry or too mushy, but they do it just right here. The uncle is also very friendly :)

Their fish had a nice bite to it. I usually don’t like to soak the fried fish but this was nicer after soaking I feel! For the soup (no milk) itself, it was quite tasty without being too heavy and I surprisingly enjoyed the use of preserved vegetables. An above average fish soup, but don’t expect to be blown away!

Was excited to try this, but it fell short of expectations. It was average at best, and nothing stood out. The mee hoon kway wasn’t clumpy, but it didn’t have that delicious handmade quality, was a little too thin for my liking.

started off from eating school caifan together in 2014

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