we love cheap and good hawker food
aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

Hurried to amoy to queue for hankee which has insanely long queues daily. We queued for about 30 mins.

The soup was light but flavourful, and the bottom parts which were filled with garlic had an extra kick of flavour which was delish.

The fish was the pièce de résistance (aka the carry) wow I am impressed! The fish slices were thick and kinda bouncy - texture was great!! The natural sweetness of the fish shone through, and was balanced with some slight savouriness. There was no fishy smell as well.

Was great having this delicious bowl of fish soup on a cold rainy day :)

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This came with spinach, egg, minced meat, prawns, mushrooms, wolfberries and macaroni! A clean tasting lunch that was light but not bland. Queue for this is q crazy tho, lucky to have arrived when it wasn’t toooo crowded yet

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Was not bad, the mee pok was springy and the sauce was good (I asked for extra vinegar not spicy). The ingredients were decent except the fishball which wasn’t gr8.

An old heartwarming grandma who prepares the popiah with love when ordered! :”) just simple honest good old popiah

Cheap XLBs!!!!!! A stall which I have always enjoyed patronising but it seems like today it wasn’t as pleasant as I rmbed it to be :-( no soup in XLB which is impt in a GOOD XLB!! And wanton wasn’t too flavourful sadly. But!!! Ordered their Cong You Bing (not in pic) today and IT WAS GOOD 👅 doughy but still crispy!!!!

A nearby breakfast option that we always go to when we can’t think of where to go. The ccf is paired with a sweet brown sauce which is satisfying (I prefer brown sauce over red sauce). Not the besttt hawker ccf I’ve tried, but still sufficiently soft. Sometimes I eat it plain with sesame oil which sounds bland but it’s good!

The carrot cake from he zhong is great as usual! It’s something that we’ve eaten so many times over the past 10+ years :)

This is the best. banmian store in SG!!

The soup is my fav. A clear, flavourful soup with natural sweetness from the ingredients, this is what all banmian store soups should taste like.

The noodles have a good bite and are cooked well; the prawns and meat have a flavourful natural taste; the ikan bilis is crispy and provides that salty burst; mushrooms are normal; and the use of mani cai just ties the whole bowl together.

Shoutout to my parents for bringing me to eat gr8 food since young!!

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- fishball had caipo, green n red bits, quite nice texture to bite
- taukee stuffed with fish meat: not bad, soft n tasty
- taupok was also stuffed with fish meat, tasted slightly different from the normal taupok which was nice
- soup is clear and clean tasting
- spinach was crunchy

a rather decent meal, but you should add noodles/rice to make it more filling

Queued rather long for this! Beef slices were tender and easy to eat; kway teow was soft & slurpy, and was tossed in a rather tasty sauce. I liked that it comes with beansprouts, and they have preserved black bean for u to add - I added a few, which provided some nice saltiness that is not too overwhelming when paired with the noodles. Aunty is also nice and not grumpy - will repurchase! (when I finish exploring all the amoy stalls)(oh dear how long will that take)

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This came with chicken, pork belly, lupcheong (chinese sausage), salted fish. The chicken, albeit a rather thick cut, was cooked well and was not dry. Unexpected! Love the chinese sausage. The other components were decent. Rice was nice and separated, like you could see each individual grain and it wasn’t clumpy. Overall a satisfying meal, but the $12 portion was definitely too much for 2 people. Would be just nice for 3/4 people. I called in to order 1 hour in advance, so please call in if not you’ll have an insane wait time in the humid market.

Shared this plate bc we were unhungry after our gym session. I don’t normally go for curry rice, but this was not bad. We got cabbage, sunny side egg, lu rou & cutlet, which was drenched in the brown sauce + curry. Liked the soft cabbage and lu rou more, egg was normal while I would have preferred the cutlet to be a bit more crisp. The colour of the cutlet was a bit pale, idk if they under-fried this batch or it’s supposed to be like that? Liked the sauce combo on rice, would revisit! But I feel like it’s damn sinful and I won’t get a craving for this so maybe like next year ahahahhaha

Had this at 10pm after our run, and it was a good choice! It’s open 24 hours. Actually I hate meesua, but this was okay bc it wasn’t tooo floury. The meesua was soft n palatable, I asked for extra vinegar so it was sour enough for me HAHA. The ikan bilis was crunchy (but not crisp), soup was tasty but could have a liiittle more depth. Would come back!

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started off from eating school caifan together in 2014

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