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we love cheap and good hawker food
aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

The cheecheongfun was very soft and chewy, pairing well with the sauce which was savoury sweet and pretty fragrant. Even though the sauce was nice, it was too salty. Would still return, as their food is above average.

The tapioca cake is soft, chewy and light - it feels like you could easily eat a few without feeling jelat. I usually associate kuehs with a slightly sticky texture, but this is very clean cut, it doesn’t stick to your teeth. There’s a delicate sweet flavour that comes through, and really so good I loove it! Theirs is really the best I’ve tried.

The ondeh ondeh was also very soft. The skin is not the thinnest, but thankfully it wasn’t floury. Some had a not-fully-melted sugar crunch encased within, while some allowed for a slight burst when eaten. I remember having some that really burst on a previous visit - perhaps it would be better to have them fresh instead of doing a takeaway.

Either way, this stall has been my family’s go-to kueh place for a very long time now, and we definitely would continue having their food :)

The chicken was pretty tender, and was doused in light soy sauce which went well with the rice. The rice was disappointing - I liked that the rice grains weren’t clumpy, but it was lacking in fragrance/flavour. Soup was tasty, and I liked that achar was given. The chicken feet was actually rather palatable (it’s my first time having chicken feet), the crunchy texture was surprising. A decent place for chicken rice, and the queue moves quickly!

The popiah skin is thin, and the crunchy bits + stewed turnips was rather nice. The brown sauce is not too sweet; chilli sauce is pretty spicy. I prefer the non spicy version! Overall, a pretty decent popiah that satisfies.

The soup was tasty and relatively light, but got a little more salty at the bottom due to the bits of the shallots and whatnot. The batang fish slices were fresh, succulent and had a good bite! However, the pomfret was slightly fishy, with many small bones present - I’ll say go for the batang. We added minced pork (+$0.50) for one of the bowls and it is a good addition, as it was well seasoned and tender, bringing extra flavour to the soup. P.s. the rice is very dry, so be sure to drench your rice in soup!

We queued ~1 hour for this for a weekend lunch. It’s a good place for fish soup, and I would probably revisit if I was in the area / the queues are shorter, but Han Kee at Amoy still takes the spot as #1 :)

This was flavourful but light. My lunch buddy remarked that there was a nice natural sweetness. The pork slices were tender, and we enjoyed this bowl of porridge :) My only gripe would be that the youtiao is not crisp, as I prefer having crunchy youtiao with porridge.

Had this 小辣 bowl and it was not bad - there was a nice spicy & numb kick, but not too overwhelming such that I couldn’t taste anything after. I’m not the best candidate to review mala as I feel like they’re all around the same, but I liked that this bowl wasn’t too oily, was nicely fried, and their ingredients were relatively fresh.

The ccf here has got to be one of the best I’ve tasted in Singapore! It’s soft and chewy, but still retains a bite when you chimp into it. The sesame oil and sesame seeds are fragrant and give flavour to the plain ccf. We really enjoyed this, and ordered another plate as we all wanted second helpings.

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The pancakes were soft and chewy. The peanut butter one was more fragrant and creamy than the peanut one, and was also easier to eat as the chopped peanuts didn’t drop everywhere. Delicious!

A soft and chewy pancake, with a nice crunch and sweetness from the grated coconut mixed with red sugar. It’s good!

The leicha soup was nutty, fragrant and flavourful from the peanut & basil blend. It wasn’t bitter, and I liked it even though I usually shy away from leicha soup.

The ingredients were well seasoned, and had good balance in terms of flavour and texture. Out of all the ingredients, I like the mani cai best, as it had sweet natural flavours. The caipo is crunchy and not salty, tofu was fragrant.

It wasn’t oily like I had remembered it to be, or maybe the ABC market franchise one has more oil. It’s a good lunch option!

This was nice, with the saltiness of the cai po and the slight crisp of the carrot cake cubes. While this is not the *best* I’ve had, it does satisfy.

started off from eating school caifan together in 2014

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