Indian Cuisine!!

Indian Cuisine!!

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aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

This had a crisp skirt around, with a soft & chewy middle - texture is similar to a minjiangkueh. The coconut shreds (it didn’t feel super fresh, but it wasn’t stale or dry either) and appam itself are plain on its own, so a light sprinkling of the fine sugar helped to elevate the taste. First time trying appam and I wouldn’t mind having it again, but I don’t think appams are my kinda thing though.

Thosai was crisp at the edges, kinda like a tissue prata (with butter, without the sugar). My bf and I both felt that there was too much butter at some parts tho, felt greasy at those parts. Maybe we should get the masala egg next time instead! The centre part was stuffed with soft and yummy potatoes. Yogurt (?) sauce (middle) was tangy, the dhal (left) complemented the thosai well. The sauce on the right was pretty spicy (even the bf with a good spice tolerance agreed), so I didn’t have much of it.

I haven’t tried many thosais before, but I think that this was pretty good and I would travel to Tampines for this :) The queues are quite consistently long, which is a testament to how popular it is!

A fancy Indian restaurant with an overall pleasant experience ~~

Murg Makhni (aka butter chicken) with Naan is a MUST-GET at any Indian place & it was truly the my favourite dish of the night!! Although the portion might look small, they are actually quite generous with the chicken chunks and the sauce itself was creamy and rich yet not too overly gelat or no trace of oiliness too :”) we got the mixed naan set to share which cake with 6 HUGE pieces of naan (plain / butter / garlic / pudina / cheese / tandoori roti) honestly I couldnt tell the difference in each but I did enjoy the flavoured ones more than the plain naan :-)

Navratarn Korma (aka spiced vegetables) was ok, nothing spectacular. We got the Pani Puri too which was alright HAHAH the dough balls are pretty good but i can’t appreciate the chutney 😅


These were not bad, and we liked the aloo gobi which was very flavourful, with soft cauliflower florets, and cubed potatoes that were soft but not mashy. The butter chicken gave a spicy kick (to me) but it wasn’t spicy at all for my lunch buddy; they also gave us a lot of chicken. We got this for $17.70 total (after eatigo’s 50% off)!

My go-to place for Indian food! Have been coming here since 2016 and it doesn’t disappoint. I always order butter chicken when I’m here, as it is rich and savoury, with juicy chicken chunks. The garlic naan is fragrant and is a good vessel for the butter chicken gravy to be slathered on. Tried the aloo gobi this time, and the soft cauliflower & potatoes went well with its gravy, which was tasty and less heavy compared to the butter chicken gravy. The sweet and salty lassi was well balanced! Glad that burpple beyond is offered here :)


Been here many times and i always have the butter chix & naan no matter which friend I’m here with! The gravy is rich & has a depth of flavour (from the spices), rly yums! Their naans are not the fluffiest but still satisfies :)

Ambience at table restaurant was comfortable and posh! Staff recommended this dish - Bombay Pani Puri and it was rather interesting (both the flavours and ways of eating)! 6 of us shared 2 curries (chicken tikka was good!!!! Lamb curry wasn’t too strong as well which suited friends’ palates) & 2 bowls of balsamic rice and it was just enough for us :-)


started off from eating school caifan together in 2014 Instagram:

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