Breakfast & Brunch

Breakfast & Brunch

Featuring Oriole Coffee + Bar (Somerset), Sarnies (Telok Ayer), Group Therapy (Cross Street Exchange), Boufe Boutique Cafe (Tanglin), Plain Vanilla (Tiong Bahru), Rookery (Hong Leong Building), Grain Traders (Telok Ayer), Grids Coffee, Mother Dough Bakery, BUNDT by The Backyard Bakers
aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

These were average breakfast items, nothing outstanding. The wrap could have had more ingredients (eggs, roast tomatoes, shrooms), there was a lot of bare wrap. I liked the chutney on the sandwich, but the ham, cheese, tomato & mayo was rather standard. Latte was nice tho! It was strong enough and not acidic.

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This tasted as good as it looked! The scramble was fluffy and slightly runny, I was really impressed! Croissant was crisp as well. My lunch buddy had the bacon chop and offered me some, but I feel that the smoked salmon was a better choice (the bacon was a bit heavy for me). I’ve been to rookery a few times now and I haven’t been disappointed. Prices are a little on the high side if not for the 1-4-1 deals on eatigo/burpple/ShopBack, so thank goodness for that :)

A long queue for this, but unfortunately it was a little too salty for our liking. The meat is tender and not dry, but really salty. Thankfully, the bagel and pickles help to cut through that saltiness slightly. Probably would not queue for this again!

These were some pretty solid tarts, my family enjoyed it a lot! Crust was flaky, crunchy and buttery; not at all soggy. This is what an ideal shortcrust pastry should taste like. Egg custard was soft and creamy for both.

The crunchy pine nuts shone through for the roasted pumpkin tart, and the fragrance from the sage was very inviting. I liked this tart more than the other.

For the mushroom tart, there was a nice earthy flavour from the mushroom but the goat's cheese was a bit strong for me.

The red peppers were delicious, roasty and soft. Egg custard was soft but not overly eggy; the top part had a savoury kick from the cheese and was great! The flaky pie crust however, could have been more crisp, but I liked that the base was chonky and buttery. Also, they gave a generous fat slice that was huuuge!

These were decent, plus points for the cheese pull for both. But the bread was just white bread toasted till it was rather dry, which made it crispy but ended up tasted dehydrated.

Fowl Play’s chicken wasn’t dry, and the ranch sauce wasn’t cloying! Pickle was extremely salty.

I preferred Fun Guy. Their balsamic on rocket was good but the poached egg’s yolk was half runny half fully cooked :( Mushrooms (shiitake + shimeiji) were nice!

I wouldn’t pay full price for these tho, and while the service staff were nice and attentive, the food took way too long to come. Sorry, but I don’t think I’ll be returning.

I liked how clean tasting it was, with natural sweetness/flavours from the tomatoes, mushrooms and kale! I think there were cubes of potato/onion as well (I rly have no idea what it was haha). Don’t rly eat quiches usually but I feel like the crust could have been more crisp. (Edit: plain vanilla bakery does a better crust!)


I really loved the pumpkin pancake! It was soft and fluffy, with a natural sweetness that complemented the savoury parts of this dish well. I don’t usually go for smoked salmon bc it sometimes can get very salty but this was just nice. Eggs were poached well, hollandaise sauce wasn’t too cloying and the tobiko roe was a good addition :)

Croque madame was also good, brioche & cheese is a good combination and they did a pretty decent job with this dish.

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Smashed avo, miso tahini, feta, salad. Very basic but also very good. The whole thing came together really nicely, and there were pickled ginger slices that gave the dish some heat which was interesting. Gotta give it to the sourdough which had a delightfully crunchy crust + fluffy insides. Might be one of the best sourdoughs I’ve tasted!

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This was decent but not impressive. The better components were the sauces (avo hollandaise, a spicy tomato based sauce), the homemade ricotta cheese & the guac. I thought it strange for broccoli to be offered as a breakfast item.

We got this at $5/pax because of shopback’s 1-4-1 for breakfast. Value for money at $5 but I wouldn’t pay $10 for this

This was just alright compared to Oyako Toast, tasted healthy but generous serving of avocado 🥑

I loved it!!!!!!!!! The eggs and the terayaki chicken, together with the sauce all went well together :”) slightly expensive without bb 1-1 but it was a great choice!! Bread was fluffy and sweet too! Cafe was really big and spacious (loved the level 2 space) - good spot for doing work!

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started off from eating school caifan together in 2014 Instagram:

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