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Beyond - Chinese

Beyond - Chinese

Featuring Dumpling Darlings, Chong Qing Grilled Fish (Liang Seah)
Sher Ong
Sher Ong

This was my fave dumpling dish!!

The poached pear inside the fried dumplings went really well with the ice cream, I think it’s vanilla based- and wow, the combination just really makes you want to cry tears of joy. It’s not too sweet and just nice. There’s some tint of honey (?) inside and wow I’d go back just to have this again. Pls order this!!!

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Kinda tastes like the Crystal jade chao shou but once again it won Cos of its unique spicy Sichuan vinaigrette. But if you have limited space to choose which dumpling to order, I would say save the stomach space for the other unique dumplings!!

Another interesting item on the menu is this fried dumpling which wasn’t oily at all!! amazed by this! Really crispy on the outside and soft on the inside!

Although this was the hub’s favourite, a personal downside was that the potato taste was a little too intense. But the sriracha cream did give quite a kick!

May seem a little pricey for 5 pieces of dumplings for dinner but there’s a lot of filling and once you take a bite, the taste of the smoked duck fills your mouth!

It’s palatable as the duck is being cut into small pieces and goes really well with the caramelised leek (pink one) and balsamic vinaigrette! My 2nd most favourite dumpling after the dessert dumplings!

Got the cheapest item on menu free under beyond deal!

This bowl was noodles was definitely addictive! The noodles were very “q” and al dente style! Savoury and just the right amount of flavour and bite!

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Steamboat per pax is 26.90++ (weekdays) inclusive of 1 sea bass (cannot choose) split into 2 for the yuan yang pot. Per YY pot you have to top up 10++. 6 of us could share 2 pots of 4 different flavours as 2 fish is more than enough! You can choose the chilli level for each of the soups.

My fave is the spicy fragrant soup. Spicy numbing 2 chillies is pretty hot to handle.

Generous portions of the free flow sides. The pork slices were kinda fatty but beef is not bad. Love the fried bean curd skin, king oyster mushroom, tiger prawn, and lotus root!!

We ordered a pot of tea ($6.50 for 4 pax) and restaurant was good to give us free flow ice cubes.

Will definitely be back Cos it’s so affordable with Burpple beyond!

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