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Bakes & Sweets

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Joanne Goh
Joanne Goh

With such a chunky nut butter smothered on a good chewy yet sturdy enough sourdough — this makes the perfect satisfying bite. Perfect for a quick energy boost to kickstart the day or mid-morning snack if you’re feeling hunger pangs before the next meal👌🏻🍪.


In between a brownie & cookie, The Backyard Bakers terms this a Brookie — coming in a range of flavours from banana to macadamia nuts, this Choc chip & pink salt was my first pick! My only gripe is that they’d had been more generous w the salt so that it’s featured more prominently :/

Not sure if it’s supposed to lean on the crisp side or a softer cookie version? — but this struck the right balance in-between. (don’t fancy those soft American cookies) They didn’t sting on the chocolate chips, & the effortless addition of sea salt made the difference to elevate a simple choc chip cookie!🌝

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Perfection when paired with their one&only Thyme-infused Cone ($5.7)

Lychee with a raspberry swirl; still wld prefer the strawberry basil flavour tbh but thot I’d have smth different since my trips to the east aint frequent!🍂

Nonetheless, defo still one of the most incredibly delightful & creamy gelatos u can get on our shores! (ps. surprisingly preferred the cone soft/soggy; I felt that it enabled the botanical flavours of the gelato to twine perfectly with the the thyme-flavours of the waffle cone!🌿

Not the cheapest for sure, but I’d pick a swirl of soft serve over a solid scoop of icecream any day! It’s sister cafe Creamier is far away, but I’m glad that it’s v2.0 is less than a 10min drive away.🍃🌝

One very homely lemon slice from Motherdough which is one of their specialities — the zesty slice wasn’t too crumbly just the way I like cakes to be whilst the icing (with its unexpected hints of lemon) dripped over added a refreshing touch!!!🍋🍋

PV cupcakes and bakes always make me happy; esp loved this mth’s special cupcake
*Lychee strawberry* which had a lychee whipped-cream filling and strawberry lychee Swiss meringue frosting perfect for those who’d prefer a lighter, less rich cupcake. Their *lemon pound* too which ain’t too sour but just the right amounts of tartness :)

Takeaway: Lychee strawberry cupcake ($4.80), carrot cupcake ($4.30), oatmeal raisin cookie ($3.50), lemon pound slice ($5.20)!

$4 flew from my pocket, but decided to make the spend cos this Danish is packed w all the ingredients right up my alley! (Since their pastries are a tad expensive I often spend a loooong time deliberating if I shld make the pastry splurge)

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Breakfast, brunch and tea 😛

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