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dessert yoms

dessert yoms

dessert that isn’t ice cream. ice cream deserves a category of its own.
aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

Though I did enjoy my mains at pizza express (their pizzas are great!!!!!!!), but nope to their desserts :”( overpriced and really not worth it can get better cakes elsewhere!!!

This might be one of my favourite banana cakes in Singapore! It’s soft and spongy. Although I feel that the banana flavour could be stronger (I remember it too be more banana-y when I last had it in 2019), there’s just something about this cake that I enjoy. It’s not the best banana cake I’ve had, but it’s good enough!

The cold mousse was light and refreshing, and it didn’t feel very ‘heaty’ even though it is a durian dessert. The durian purée was creamy and bittersweet, and we liked this a lot!

Was excited to try this but it disappointed so much :”( the injeolmi (which was good!!) was only at the surface of the ice (no sign of injeolmi in the bingsu itself), the ice was plain as well (lack of milky taste, really just eating plain shave ice), and there were many red beans which I got quite tired of it after a while :-( not worth for the price!! Sad cos expected more from Dalkomm

This was pretty good, but I felt that the croissant itself could have been more crisp! Should probably have toasted it at home, but I also wanted to have it fresh (heh). They were very generous with the frangipane filling, which was not too sweet and rather pleasant.

This was quite nice! It was pretty crisp, and they reheated it so it was warm, which made it taste even better. The frangipane was not too sweet, but it was dry bc it was only applied as a topping and not a filling. Nonetheless, it’s good enough for me to consider a repurchase!

This old school bakery is a childhood favourite! My mom’s usual order is a box of their pineapple tarts and assorted cakes.

This is my first time getting their coco tart, and I really liked it! The coco bits were finely chopped and not overly sweet, with a good tart crust - not super buttery and heavy, but light and a good blank canvas for the filling.

The pineapple tart has strongly pineapple bits which we enjoy. The crust can be a little more snappy/crunchy.

I’ll just put it out there - this is a decent dupe for backyard bakers’ (byb’s) brownies. There are some slight differences though, lemuel’s is fudgier, while byb’s is more cakey. I prefer byb’s! That said, this was nice too, and when heated up it was almost molten-ish but still holding its shape. I did find that there was an alkaline aftertaste though.


This had a nice smell but upon eating it, the banana taste didn’t really come through. It’s not dry, and not too sweet, with a nice caramel-ly flavour at the edges. This was very light and airy, but I prefer a denser banana cake!

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Ordered a custom cake from @takeaslicehome for my sister’s birthday! The caramelised walnuts were crunchy, but my parents found it a bit sweet. The carrot cake itself was moist and delicious, while the earl grey buttercream was very fragrant and not too sweet. Would have preferred the buttercream layer to be slightly thinner, if I were to be picky. The flavours were more pronounced after 2-3 days, which made it even more delicious!

Thank you Pei Lin for baking for us :)

This was light and moist. The cold honey cream was a good complement to the spongy cake. The one I had in Tasmania was nicer, but I did enjoy this!

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A friend had bought this for me, and I think it’s one of the nicest cream puffs I’ve had thus far! It’s crisp on the outside, with a light fluffy custard on the inside. The vanilla flavour was great too.

started off from eating school caifan together in 2014

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