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dessert yoms

dessert yoms

dessert that isn’t ice cream. ice cream deserves a category of its own.
aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

WOW the earl grey croissant was amazing. Very crispy with earl grey filling which was smooth, fragrant and not jelat at all. The oozy custard flowed like lava!

Strawberry daifuku croissant had strawberry jam + mochi which was soft and chewy. We liked it more towards the end when the ratio of croissant to filling was more even (the filling was probably pushed from the front part, leaving it with more croissant than mochi+strawberry).

Both were good and crispy but I’m really impressed by the earl grey one! Very satisfying :)

Once again, very rich but the dark chocolate bits embedded within the brownie wasn’t overly sweet, so it provided a nice melty chocolatey taste that complimented the brownie. Probably one of my top 3 favourite brownie flavours at Bundt!

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This tasted like their amazing brownies, but in cookie shape and it also has more surface area for crackly crunchier bits on the outside, which I love. Still moist and soft and rich on the inside, take my money @ Bundt!

The buttermilk waffle was super crispy but I can’t exactly call it a waffle, it was almost like a softer version of a biscotti? It was not fluffy at all and pretty dry, so thank goodness for the ice cream which was weird bc it was cold with no vanilla bean flavour, but the combi was better than eating them separately.

The thyme crumble and lemon curd w passion fruit purée were nice, but those were the only redeeming factors.

This was my fav thing here! Shaved ice drenched in thick and sweet gula melaka and creamy coconut milk is a great idea. I’m not a fan of the green cendol bits usually so I let my dinner buddy have them, but I really enjoyed this dessert bowl. The shaved ice was smooth and fine, and the adzuki red beans were of good quality.

Overall chill and comfortable place (with bright natural light and cozy music to get some work done)!!! Waiters are friendly too :-) got this chicken and waffles! Chicken was not overly fried yet still juicy! Waffles are crispy and yay the sweet savoury combination didnt disappoint! Thankfully there’s BB 1-1 or else might not be as worth it!

Had this during the St. Ali pop-up last June, and we really enjoyed it! The warm sticky date pudding was good, but it was elevated by the vanilla bean ice cream and the miso caramel sauce which was so good. A good balance between sweet and salty, and the texture of the date pudding was fluffy as well. Was really impressed :)

We both liked the almond croissant, but it was different in the sense that the frangipane tasted more like kaya than almonds? It wasn’t too sweet and slightly crisp.

The kaya cruffin was decent but I don’t get the hype about it. The kaya was the brown Nonya kind that I like, but the cruffin itself could have been more crisp.

As with all their brownies, this was good. The rum-soaked raisin could have had slightlyyy more rum infused (if it is possible) but otherwise, this was satisfying! My favourite is still the banana one :)

The smell of the stout was quite strong, and the chocolate cake was pretty rich (but less rich than their brownies) and moist. I liked it, but I like their brownies more!

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First time trying a financier and we were hooked! The pastry was moist with a pleasant almond taste, and the soft apple/pear (?) was a great topping. We really enjoyed this!

The banana walnut date tea cake was also really good. The natural sweetness of the banana and dates shone through, and I liked the texture of this: slightly crumbly but not dry :)


Enjoyed these pancakes which had good texture and the fragrance of the earl grey in the batter made it even nicer! The poached pear and crumble were nice additions too :)

started off from eating school caifan together in 2014

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