sweet things

sweet things

that are not ice cream. ice cream deserves a category of its own.
aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

We both liked the almond croissant, but it was different in the sense that the frangipane tasted more like kaya than almonds? It wasn’t too sweet and slightly crisp.

The kaya cruffin was decent but I don’t get the hype about it. The kaya was the brown Nonya kind that I like, but the cruffin itself could have been more crisp.

As with all their brownies, this was good. The rum-soaked raisin could have had slightlyyy more rum infused (if it is possible) but otherwise, this was satisfying! My favourite is still the banana one :)

The smell of the stout was quite strong, and the chocolate cake was pretty rich (but less rich than their brownies) and moist. I liked it, but I like their brownies more!

First time trying a financier and we were hooked! The pastry was moist with a pleasant almond taste, and the soft apple/pear (?) was a great topping. We really enjoyed this!

The banana walnut date tea cake was also really good. The natural sweetness of the banana and dates shone through, and I liked the texture of this: slightly crumbly but not dry :)


Enjoyed these pancakes which had good texture and the fragrance of the earl grey in the batter made it even nicer! The poached pear and crumble were nice additions too :)

Oof these were pricey but so delicious.

The traditional croissant had a brilliant crumb structure and every bit of it was buttery but not cloying. It also had a wonderfully crispy outer shell (asmr worthy)!

The almond croissant was generously topped with toasted sliced almonds, and I liked that the frangipane filling was not too sweet.

The lemon curd cruffin was my fav bc the shape made the crispy outer shell very nice to chomp on, and the insides were very slightly less aerated than the traditional one but I preferred this! The lemon curd was tart and lemony, really enjoyed this cruffin :)

Brownies were delicious as usual. Very rich and fudgey with crisp top edges. We toasted it so it was even nicer bc it was warm :-D liked the sea salt better as it helped to cut through the richness a little.
Nutella hazelnut bits were nice too, but it made the brownie slightly too rich & heavy :p

Paid $4/brownie as part of their promo for the day.

This was a generous slice of cake, and it was not bad! The layers: vanilla cake (I think), white choc, choc cake, choc ganache. The choc cake was rich and slightly fudgey; it was the nicest component. Good that the cake wasn’t too sweet other then the white choc part, which we scooped out :p

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These french butter scones came with a wild berry compote, praline nut honey & madagascan vanilla whip! They were good with crispy bottoms and crumbly insides, and I especially liked the nut honey & the vanilla whip, which was v fresh & not cloying :) Very different from the average scone which may sometimes be dry / floury. A little expensive (I got these + an ovomalt brownie for $16.50, unsure of the price breakdown) but it’s a good treat once in a while.

The cookie was crumbly and served warm, which was super satisfying! The brown butter ice cream was surprisingly nice too, it wasn’t overly sweet.

I understand the cult following for their bakes now. I’ve previously only tried their smashed avo sourdough, and I resisted their bakes bc it was sinful and I was training for a marathon. But I got this for free as part of a random promotion, where they give u a free brownie (normally $4-$4.50) when you get a main + drink.

These were super good!! The brownie was moist and rich, yet not too sweet. The banana in the middle was gooey and warm, really glad that I got this flavour! Shared half with my brekkie buddy, but the next time I’m back (after my marathon) I will chomp down >1 brownie.

Oh ya their coffee was good too!

This was good! It was rich but not heavy, and wasn’t too sweet. The combination of the cold chocolate cream with the moist chocolate sponge came together nicely :)

started off from eating school caifan together in 2014

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