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Y Evefei
Y Evefei

Part of the restaurant week menu.

My three course lunch ($38) consisted of the following

1. Lime Coconut Kingfish
2. Spiced Local Duck Breast
3. Salted Plum Panna Cotta

The meal start off with their signature cheese bread which I love! Happy to find out it’s available on Webuy app now!

I thoroughly enjoy my meal here at the Spot. With its spacious settings, innovative fusion menu and good portion sizes, I will be definitely be coming back!

What a place to retreat to for drinks and good food after a long day at work. Here’s a place with an atmosphere that I love - vibrant and much warmth. A good place to chill with colleagues and even catching up with friends over drinks.

Well Izakayas are all about their alcohol! And their sakes here are such guilty pleasures. I had their standard cold sweet sake - easy to drink and great pairing with their fried dishes and grilled skewers!

Recommended dish to order is most definitely their homemade minced pork cutlet (Buta Minced Katsu). Can’t find it elsewhere, and it tastes so good. If you’re an appetiser person, go for their Ponzu Beef - it’s a cold app that’s light but bursting with flavours at the same time. Opens up the appetite right away!

Surprise to find this cosy little Korean restaurant at Sunset Way, opened by a friendly Korean owner.

Priced at $20, this Haemul-Pajeon (Green onion pancake with seafood) was one of my favorite dishes. The pancake was not too thick and fried to crispy but not burnt even though it looks dark brown. There were different ingredients in the pancake such as prawns, squids and of course green onions.

One thing to mention is the dipping sauce, which wasn't too salty and had a tinge of sweetness. Also, the addition of sesame seeds contributed to the fragrance of the sauce. I couldn't stop dipping the sauce at all!

They also have a wide variety of dishes, even for pancakes itself they have kimchi, vegetable and potato pancakes too! Had a hard time deciding between kimchi and this green onion seafood pancake. I will probably be back again to try the other dishes such as their jjajangmyeon, kimchi pancake and Korean fried chicken!

By the way, their side dishes were good too! They provided 8 side dishes generously, such as fish cakes, kimchi, mashed potato, anchovies, bean sprouts.

2 of us, orders chicken thigh rice bowl and black pepper chicken chop. Chicken meat is juicy for both don and chicken chop. black pepper sause just nice with chicken chop. Not bad. fries also crispy.

My second visit which i think its better vs the previous. We spent $24 for 2 set meal includes 2 viet coffee with Burple Beyond. I love the viet beef gyoza the most.

$35.95 | Known as Trawler Catch on the menu. Can I say this is the best cod fish ever? The fish was perfectly done - crispy on the outside but yet it’s not dry inside.

Congrats to Ramen Keisuke for the opening of their latest outlet Ramen Dining Keisuke Tokyo at Resorts World Sentosa. This is their 12th ramen concept and 21st dining concept overall in Singapore.

This latest concept features Keisuke’s popular Tonkotsu Ramen and Lobster Broth Ramen along with rotating locally inspired seasonal specials such as Laksa Ramen, Mee Pok Maze Soba and Bak Kut Teh Ramen.

That said, the current seasonal special is the Laksa Ramen which will be available till 31st March 2020. This local flavour ramen features a strong flavourful broth which kinda reminded me of curry noodles, but in a good way. Would definitely recommend this if you like your broth rich and spicy!

They have their breakfast menu served till evening. Tried their customisable big breakfast set, where I picked the bread, meat, egg, vege and sauce of my choice. This spot turns into a drinking spot, known as Stage after 5pm.

This restaurant has a 100% vegetarian menu, and you can simply make the dishes vegan without any additional cost by putting a simple tick in the order slip.

We ordered the laksa baked pasta ($18.90 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond) and the truffle wild mushroom pizza ($20.90 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond) and they were both really flavourful! I had a strong impression of the pizza, as the crispy thin crust, together with the earthy flavours really gave huge points to the dish. Definitely will be back!!

this ice cream waffle paled in comparison to other waffle places i have been to because the waffle was softer in texture 🧇 the ice cream flavours were not that special either and did not leave a lasting impression :-(

Going green (or not HAHA look at the disposables) with Hainanese Kaya and Matcha. This is the type of kaya that I like - heavy on pandan and very very less coconut cos I don't like coconut (hate me but anyway). The matcha is quite balanced, not sweet but not bitter too, and the matcha flavor really shines through. If they are still getting their matcha from the brand with initial M it is good processing on their part as normally I don't really like the way that brand does their matcha drinks.

$9+ for 2 waffle sets w/ drinks is a mega steal!! pistachio was nutty, but the nuttiness can definitely be intensified! black ssm was STRAIGHT UP black sesame paste in gelato form - RLLY GOOD!! highly recommend the black ssm gelato if you come! waffles were soft and chewy, not the classic crispy exterior chewy interior kinda waffle.

read more : @xuanstummy

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