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Burpple Beyond

The reason why I am still able to live with a roof over my head.
Mich C
Mich C

Deal for real sweet with 1 for 1 tarts. Rich and decadent chocolate filling with a soft buttery crust. Wish the crust could have been more firm. The chocolate here are also something not to be missed!

A good reason to eat clean with Burpple Beyond’s one for one.

What stood out would the creamy smooth coconut sorbet. Minus the weird coconut aftertaste. With the Burpple app, you get to enjoy 2 large cups for ~$13.90

Light, refreshing and thirst quenching. With this 1 for 1 offer, resistance is futile.

If there was one place I would recommend on Burpple Beyond that is most value for $$, this is it. Generous serving of beef that covers almost half of the bowl. A refreshing and welcoming serving of kale together with button and enoki mushrooms to give it a good crunch. Topped with a runny onsen egg to mix with the rice beneath. And not to mention the sweet, crunchy bread stick to complete the meal. Loads of effort placed in dishing out such an awesome rice bowl during the peak lunch period on a weekday. This is certainly worth $14 on its own. But with Burpple Beyond, I got 2 of this for $14. This is one place I would come back and use up all my Beyond deals.

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With the Burpple Beyond app, you get to enjoy your coffee fix for a steal. Sadly, the mocha was pretty bad with lousy chocolate syrup added that tasted pretty weird.

Love the curly fries in this dish and the mango salsa adds a nice touch to the dry taco shell. Overall an enjoyable meal and even more enjoyable when you get 1 for 1 with Burpple Beyond.

Really enjoyable salmon fillet! Meat was juicy and sweet though I wish the salmon skin could be more crispy. Charred broccoli was huge and crunchy & sautéed mushrooms were just so juicy and flavourful. With Burpple Beyond’s 1 for 1, this is really a bang for your buck.

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One of Chef’s plant based dishes which I felt was a major disappointment. The plant based meatball was too salty with the teriyaki sauce. Although the crushed peanuts added a good crunch to the dish, it was too much and became quite overpowering. The shredded veggies were nice but somehow gave me the feeling like I was having an early CNY yusheng dish. Had it not been for the Burpple Beyond app, I wouldn’t pay for something so mediocre.

Value for money lunch set where you get an appetiser, purple cabbage, miso soup and chawanmushi to pair with this beef rice bowl. Break the onsen egg, give everything a good stir for maximum satisfaction.

A nice robust cup of coffee and hot choc for just $5 - First place I might actually max out all the coupons within a month of using Burpple Beyond.


With Burpple Beyond, I get my coffee fix at just $2.50!!! Good coffee at awesome price. This is such a steal 💛

Mich C

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