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Burpple Beyond

Burpple Beyond

The reason why I am still able to live with a roof over my head.
Mich C
Mich C

One of Chef’s plant based dishes which I felt was a major disappointment. The plant based meatball was too salty with the teriyaki sauce. Although the crushed peanuts added a good crunch to the dish, it was too much and became quite overpowering. The shredded veggies were nice but somehow gave me the feeling like I was having an early CNY yusheng dish. Had it not been for the Burpple Beyond app, I wouldn’t pay for something so mediocre.

At $24 for a box of 8 you are out of reach. But with Burpple Beyond, I can call you mine. Looks so pretty and packaged in a nice box, this makes a pretty decent gift too!

Value for money lunch set where you get an appetiser, purple cabbage, miso soup and chawanmushi to pair with this beef rice bowl. Break the onsen egg, give everything a good stir for maximum satisfaction.

A nice robust cup of coffee and hot choc for just $5 - First place I might actually max out all the coupons within a month of using Burpple Beyond.

With Burpple Beyond, I get my coffee fix at just $2.50!!! Good coffee at awesome price. This is such a steal 💛

Very well priced at $3.80 for a basic flavour single scoop ice cream. Charcoal waffles start at $3.50/piece and cones are priced at $1 for regular/charcoal. Best part, they are also on Burpple Beyond where you can get up to 40% off the total bill. No wonder that’s why they say ice cream is cheaper than therapy.

Take your pick of ice cream (dark chocolate flavour is a given for me) and pair it with an espresso shot. Give it a good mix with the candies almondS for some legit indulgence. Best part - with Burpple Beyond, you get two of these beauties at a steal of $9.50 🤩 How I wish i could reuse it again.

Paying $5.90 for a classic swiss roll?!! NO WAY! But 1 for 1 with Burpple Beyond, now we are talking. Paid $10.90 for 2 cups of coffee and classic swiss rolls. My wallet and stomach is pleased.

A sure hit for chocolate lovers as you get to drizzle that dark rich chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce. Not to forget that the ice cream is also seated atop a bed of chocolate soil. Talking about some serious chocolate overkill here.

One for one deals available for their fresh bakes such as almond and matcha croissants. Now that’s a steal for quality croissants.

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Mich C

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