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aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

The mussels were more plump than your average mussel, and the curry was quite rich and well-balanced - not too spicy or coconutty but sufficiently lemak. I enjoyed the mantous with the crisp exteriors!

Overall, this is a decent place but I felt like there were more misses than hits. Maybe because we are not really the seafood kind of people so we couldn’t properly appreciate it. Probably wouldn’t return, but if you do visit I would recommend the curry mussels and the canto grouper, and perhaps the seabass pasta. Service was not bad, they give a brief introduction of each dish when they serve it, but the timing that the food came could be better managed.

The “pate” was indeed smoky, but it wasn’t anything to shout about. The sourdough was very nicely toasted tho, it was crunchy and of a good thickness. The pickled garlic shoots were quite interesting, and the “olive vegetable” (as per what they wrote on their menu) was rather strong in olive flavour. The components didn’t really gel well together though.

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This was served with a seaweed butter and braised kelp, but I didn’t think the kelp paired well. These were alright, not overcooked but wasn’t impressive either. The server told us that we should try the prawns on its own first, then squeeze the lemon. It was much better with the lemon, which brightened up the dish and enhanced the flavour of the prawns.

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This was our fav dish at this place! The broth was sweet and savoury, fish was bouncy and the glass noodles were a nice addition to complete the dish. They added sake to the broth which gave it a slightly boozy taste, which amped up the flavour profile. I think it’s inspired by the cny / wedding dinner fish, except this contains fish slices rather than a whole fish.

This was really small, which I would have been okay with had it been good, but sad to say this was pretty meh. Not sure if they had meant for a risotto because on the menu they really listed it as “chili crab risotto”, but don’t expect risotto textures. Sauce had flavours of tomato and corn, but wasn’t to our palate; mixing the egg in didn’t really add much. Prawns were nice but there wasn’t much of it. Also, there was barely any crabmeat. Not worth a try, nor the price.

The fish was done quite nicely, with a crisp skin. I thought the nori cream tagliatelle was decent, it had an interesting briny flavour and delicious wasn’t very creamy so it assuaged my fears that it would be overly creamy and cloying. But some of my friends didn’t really fancy it, so I guess it depends on personal preference!

I had higher expectations reading the other good reviews but somehow I was really disappointed :-(( tasted average in terms of the five spice sauce and pork

Hainanese Pork Chop with ham and cheese wrapped inside it - served with crackers and achar! Pretty average but my friend liked it quite a bit. However not worth $28 if not for 1-1 BB as the serving size seems quite small!

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A fusion restaurant at the top floor of jewel - really chill vibes with transparent glass ceiling btw!! Pasta tasted like a mix of popular flavours - cereal prawns + salted egg yolk + milk powder - a savoury sweet touch that amounted to a cabonara-like pasta. Although it may sound weird but I really enjoyed the creamy base and dipped my mantous into the sauce 😍 shared it and enjoyed it but pretty sure it will be too gelat for one to take!

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This place has satisfying pizza! We got an assortment of pizzas with very interesting toppings, including this mala pizza. It has quite an authentic mala taste (both numb and spicy) and I’m surprised at how well it was on pizza! The staff are very nice and friendly too :)

These were pan-fried nicely and the filling was not bad too! These were better than the smoked duck dumplings

Ordered this again! I like how it’s crisp on the outside, with a creamy filling. It contains mashed potatoes (that r not the yucky instant kinds) & bacon. Best eaten while it’s hot. Got this as part of the burpple set, but I think it’s too pricey without 1-4-1.

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