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Ice Cream Places

Ice Cream Places

Just ice cream and coffee places
Chetan Phøtøgråphy
Chetan Phøtøgråphy

Right now they are running a promotion of 5 for 2.

2 small tubs of 100ml each. Normally each tub is about 6. That's a huge promo.

Make use of this in the Singapore heat. Stay cool.

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1 for 1 double Scoop right now. Current promotion at Orchard Road

No need to describe how the ice cream was. It's Häagen-Dazs!!

Value for money at 10 for 2 double scoops. No promo code required

Perfect waffle with too many fruits. Comes with Choice of 2 ice creams. I got Belgian choco and cookie and cream.

Portion size was huge and taste was perfect.

Staff is extra nice and friendly. 5 stars

Also burrple 1for1 offer works here!!

I ordered the waffle sundae and choose chocolate and salted caramel flavors. Taste was great and portion size was huge

The staff was super friendly and extra helpful.

5 stars. They Also honor burrple beyond 1for1 offer

This one is great for social. So Instagrammable

Taste is ordinary, not at all value food. You would only get this for the presentation and the gold foil look.

Still this soft serve is exactly what it promises to be. So full 5 stars for that.

The good: Great Decor, great presentation. Nice taste of waffle.
The food and place is very Instagram friendly.
Location is convenient near Shaw theaters orchard.

The bad: Staff is not at all attentive. Very confused and casual.
Quantity of food is very less. The waffle was not at all warm, ice cream did not feel fresh.
Cafe is overpriced and not at all worth the money.

Overall very average experience 3 on 5

Got 1 for 1 on ice cream. Had 2 scoops instead of 1 cause of burrple beyond

Rest waffle is huge and filling. ice cream is super heavy and tasty.
I tried butterscotch and oreo.

Server is extremely friendly and polite. 5 stars for everything.

Tip: don't go inside sunshine plaza, the shop is accessible from outside.

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I tried pistachios and salted chocolate.

both flavors were great and complete value for money. Creamy and full!

They are running a 1 for 1 scoop offer till Feb 29th. Enjoy!!

Amazing is the word.

what a presentation. great staff. lovely fancy decor

Slightly expensive but worth it. go for it. 5 on 5

Burrple 1for1 offer on shakes.

Just beautiful. If you want to have milk ice coffee, then go for this instead.

Complete value for money. 5 on 5 everytime


First of all, it's not 5 per pax as stated. It's atleast 15 per person

Second, they clearly have burrple beyond 1 for 1 mentioned on the cafe, but did not honor the promotion. The promotion is not mentioned on burrple app. This was a big turn off.

The good: ice cream tastes great, waffle is superb. Quantity and quality both are great.

So I am little confused about the rating. Let's keep it 3 on 5.

Meal for 2 is easily $35. Date night only.

Right now they are running an offer for 3 litre ice cream at $54 (favepay)

Usually the price is approx 80. It's a steal deal as their ice creams are the best.

The presentation and staff is 5 on 5 too.

This was my nth visit and I intend to go back as soon as the ice creams finish.


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