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Chetan Phøtøgråphy
Chetan Phøtøgråphy

Swensen's is super casual, super American but yet they've created their own place in hearts of Singaporeans and rightly so! You can never go wrong with their milk-shakes!

The decor and location is superb. Easy to use burrple offer 1 for 1 chocolates.

Chocolates were also decent to taste. Nothing great but absolutely no complaints.

The staff attitude is very off-putting though. I can't really say what it is, but they are not interested in selling. Part of buying and eating at fancy coffee shops is also the experience.

So it's a hit and miss for me. If it wasn't for the 1 for 1 offer, I would not go back.

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Currently they are running a promotion of $5 ice cream shakes from 11am to 3pm every Monday.

It's almost a ritual for me to be there every Monday at 11.

Gorgeous ice creams, yummy shakes, always 5 star

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Beautiful location, great presentation of Gelatos

Flavors are very few. 5 to be exact.

Taste and texture is okay for the price.

The only saving grace was burrple 1 for 1 offer.

Hit and miss for me

The best ice cream shakes ever.

They have deals everyday from 11am-3pm. I got this shake almost half price at $5 on a monday.

Must try ice cream parlors, when in orchard.


Lovely decor, great ice cream, easy to use burrple offer.
Waffle and ice cream was huge, I enjoyed it a lot.

Service is slow, so be patient.

Dark Chocolate 80% is the best ice cream flavor, but it's not applicable for burrple offer.

Should try once


Imagine getting 2 coffee shakes instead of 1, for the same price.

Absolutely worth it with burrple 1 for 1 offer.

This place has the best ice cream options, so many flavors to choose from.


They are back with 'fave' 1 for 1 offer.

Just had 2 ice cream shakes for the price of 1, ton my totally worth it 👌

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Best time to visit this ice cream shop.
They are running everyday offers for $5.

I had the Espresso shake for $5 today. Best value for money.

5 stars

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Right now they are running a promotion of 5 for 2.

2 small tubs of 100ml each. Normally each tub is about 6. That's a huge promo.

Make use of this in the Singapore heat. Stay cool.

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1 for 1 double Scoop right now. Current promotion at Orchard Road

No need to describe how the ice cream was. It's Häagen-Dazs!!

Value for money at 10 for 2 double scoops. No promo code required

Perfect waffle with too many fruits. Comes with Choice of 2 ice creams. I got Belgian choco and cookie and cream.

Portion size was huge and taste was perfect.

Staff is extra nice and friendly. 5 stars

Also burrple 1for1 offer works here!!

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