Featuring CHICHA San Chen ([email protected]), Hollin (Suntec City), R&B Tea (Marina Bay Sands), Xing Fu Tang (Takashimaya), Milksha ([email protected]), Truedan (orchardgateway), Playmade by 丸作
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Sweetness level was alright - it came more from the yam since the fresh milk was blend.

Yam was smashed and soft but you could still taste chunks within it

Overall quite a nice drink and it’s pretty filling :)

Tea foam was pretty sweet but it did balance out my oolong tea at 30% sugar. My personal fave would still be the normal roasted oolong milk tea

Not a huge fan of brown sugar drinks cos some places makes it overly sweet and so I was quite skeptical when purchasing this.

For XFT, I was able to taste the fragrant brown sugar when sipping on my fresh milk

Drink was rather enjoyable and not too sweet.

Pearls were rather inconsistent in texture with some being harder than the rest. Not sure if it cos I bought it in the morning and the pearls not soaked long enough ??

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First time trying out playmade !!!

Pearls were really good, not those super chewy type but by far, one of the best I’ve eaten.

Chrysanthemum MT had the strong taste of Chrysanthemum as expected. Not too sweet.

Paired it with the pearls as well but I think since they are of the same flavour, the pearls were there more for the texture rather than the taste.

$1.20 for the pearls

New outlet alert !!

Jenjudan has opened a new outlet recently and had launched a new drink - taro drink which consists of fresh milk, taro and brown sugar!!

As a yam lover myself, I found this drink quite palatable!! generous amt of yam !!! Do try it for yourself !

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Never was I a fan of brown sugar because it can get v sweet at times. But this drink came as a surprise.

Warm brown sugar pearls were added into cold fresh milk and after giving it a few good shakes, the drink was well mixed. The brown sugar taste didn’t really overpower the milk which is a good thing and the pearls were really soft and chewy.

This bbt was highly raved but tbh, I think it’s over- hyped. Not saying that the tea was bad, but while it did have the tea taste, it did not have the strong aftertaste that I was looking for. The tea was smooth and not cloyingly sweet.

One of the better ones I’ve drank was from R&B tea.


Tried Hollin for the first time after hearing about their interesting flavors of pearls. I paired my black tea latte with rock salt pearl and found that the pearls were quite salty. Doesn’t really match the tea. However, both teas were really smooth and not overly sweet at 25% sugar. Will be back to try their other teas :)

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i love pastas and pizzas!

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