Featuring One Man Coffee (Upper Thomson), Percolate, PUNCH, Woodlands Sourdough, Five Oars Coffee Roasters (Upper East Coast), Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee (Queenstown), Maxi Coffee Bar, Coffee Break (Amoy Street Food Centre), Narrative Coffee Stand, Haritts (Havelock)
aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

It’s quite smooth, it comes by default with a double shot so there is a nice coffee kick. I don’t drink much coffee but this was decently satisfying - not the best but not too shabby either. Wouldn’t mind having it again!

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This was such a pleasant surprise eh!!!! Number one I don’t usually pay much attention to packaging but this was too cute!!!!! Just look at the smiley stopper 😍

Once again I was afraid that the coffee will be sweet esp creme brûlée but nope at all!! I opted for no sugar and the Kopi taste shone through and complemented the creme brûlée froth with sugar bits v well!! Super interesting that Kopi and milk actually goes well together :-) really didn’t expect this from butter bean / Toast Box good job!! 🤩

Ok perhaps one downside was that the cup was slightly small and ice cubes was overwhelmingly lot so portion wasn’t great but smol thing!! Will def be back to try the teh version and other toasts :-)

I have tried and reviewed it before but it’s really very good eh so here’s another review of it! Honestly the price point is slightly steep for coffee at a hawker centre but it is really worth it :”) Sea Salt Caramel is one of their best seller and so so glad that the caramel flavour was not overbearing and the drink was not overly sweet. Actually the coffee was not sweet at all and it was overall very smooth and even refreshing. Enjoyed the layer of froth too! I couldn’t really taste the sea salt tho (just very very subtle). Will definitely order again and do recommend me other flavours as well!! :-)


Iced white was not bad! I’m not a coffee connoisseur but this was smooth and had a good enough coffee flavour/intensity for me.

Pretty decent coffee which was quite smooth, but not particularly impressive.

Finally visited narrative coffee stand after hearing all my friends raving about it!! Slightly crowded on a Sunday afternoon but space is really cosy and minimal (aesthetically pleasing!!) and the baristas are friendly!! Got the matcha latte was slightly teeny weeny bland for my liking!! Might try smth else if I’m back next time!

Had this during their toast bar pop-up! It was rather smooth and mellow, but it could have had a stronger/punchier coffee kick. The beans are from Cata Coffee.

Simple classic cup of matcha latte - matcha flavour did overpower the drink but it was totally unsweetened - had to ask for raw sugar and a tinge of it really made the drink much enjoyable (for my palette!!) also it wasn’t served hot which I would have liked it :”(

Got this as a gift from my friends (thank you!), and was happy that I got to try the coffee from parallel. Received 2 variations: 1) white & 2) oat milk. These were smooth with a relatively strong coffee taste, and I liked that they weren’t too milky. It was nice to have good coffee at home amidst the Circuit Breaker :)

Enjoyed it a lot!!!!!! Though the price is slightly steep for a hawker coffee, but I really liked it!! The tinge of caramel was tasted and thankfully it’s not too sweet which was to my liking :-)

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It was smooth with a coffee kick, not the strongest but it was still delicious to me! I hadn’t expected a good coffee so this was pleasantly surprising.

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My family enjoyed the latte and filter coffee (unpictured) a lot! The coffee is strong and smooth, and just glides down your throat. The cold brew that was kindly given to us (thank you!) however, was a little too milky for our liking. But we definitely would come back for the fresh brews!

started off from eating school caifan together in 2014 Instagram:

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