Featuring IKEA Restaurant (Alexandra), Adam Road Food Centre, Food Republic (nex), Wei Yi Laksa & Prawn Noodles (Tanglin Halt Market), Teck Kee Hot & Cold Dessert (Adam Road Food Centre), McDonald's (Lido), McDonald's (Clifford Centre), Food Junction (One Raffles Place)
Ian Koh
Ian Koh

No surprise that this stall has super long queues because it’s famous for its laksa and prawn noodles. Really love the flavourful broth and how you can customise your ingredients according to your preferences!

Definitely an upgrade from the regular beef burger where the meat is of higher quality and really juicy. The bun was light and fluffy too.

Generally, Macs has one of the best iced Milo because it’s very thick and concentrated. However it’s pretty pricey since you can get iced Milo elsewhere for half the price. Apple pie is always good - with crispy crust and sweet apple filling.

Mala is pretty expensive considering the fact that we took quite little ingredients but the stall is very generous with their peanuts and comes with soup (rather bland though). Mala is very tasty and the ingredients are kept fresh. Ice lemon tea is nice and refreshing.

Ordered the ‘porridge’ where it’s rice that is covered with soup. Fish was sweet and fresh, while soup was tasty. Even though I’m personally not a fan of bittergourd, this added a healthy and nice touch to the dish.

Favourite local dessert stall - Cheng tng is not too sweet while the tau suan (not in picture - they only sell it from around 3pm onwards) has a nice texture and goes perfectly with the you tiao!

Authentic rojak (youtiao, radish, bean sprout, cucumber, mango) sprinkled with nuts on top; while most fruit juices are priced affordably at $2. Wanted to order soursop juice but the store owner was kind enough to tell us that it wasn’t fully ripe so it wouldn’t taste as good, so we ordered watermelon juice instead.

Lotus leaf rice ($6.80) was good with lots of ingredients (salted egg, chestnut, chicken, mushroom) and the cheese tart ($2.60) had a nice crust and cheese filling. IKEA’s chicken wings are always good and their drinks are refillable ($1.50).