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Bubble Tea, Icecream, Dessert, Waffles

Bubble Tea, Icecream, Dessert, Waffles

Featuring Sunday Folks, Tiger Sugar (Capitol Singapore), Kazo (Chinatown Point), Milksha (Suntec City), Tiger Sugar (Paragon), GOCHABAR, Sin Gan Tian, Nine Fresh Desserts Taiwan (Plaza Singapura), 京都 Kyoto, Japan, Manneken BELGIAN WAFFLE JR大阪駅店
Zoey Belle Wannabe
Zoey Belle Wannabe

Nine fresh dessert, not just priced affordably so everyone can enjoy but also generously portion, delish tasty and satisfying. Their beancurd is especially smooth, soft, silky and bouncy, complement nicely with the chewy QQ taro balls and smooth grass jelly.
They have a huge variety to choose from their menu or just narrow down to their signature best seller. What I really love about Nine Fresh is that you can customise your own cup and create your own perfect combination of ingredients from the list of their base and over 20 different toppings!! Extremely love their wide range of toppings 😋 and their loyalty card which every 6 stamps collected you can redeem a free desset bowl ❤❤

There’s always something about ice cream that makes them so irresistible! Especially is from our all time favourite Famous Tiger Sugar signature Brown Sugar Boba Milk in frozen form!!! Every bite arouse my tastebud dancing in excitement with its extremely rich creamy milk based ice cream with swirls of brown sugar running through it and generous amount of chewy boba pearls. As for its sweetness level, it wasn’t very sweet at all. The rich creamy milk and brown sugar paired well together without being overshadowed by sweetness. Every element worked together and they belong with one another. It’s almost like drinking the original Brown Sugar Boba Milk but in frozen ice cold bar form!! Now we can satisfy craving anytime!

Getting my BBT fix! Sinful pleasure of Brown Sugar Boba Pearl Milk with Cream Mousse in layer of brown sugar, brown sugar boba, ice then top everything off with milk and cream mousse. It is so rich, creamy and smooth and the boba was so chewy yet without being sticky. Gosh I love it.

Weekend is for the sweet tooth! A pleasant dessert experience here at Sunday Folks! Not just presentation is beautiful, the hot waffles with softserve create magical moment. Each waffle order already come with pre selected toppings but you can customise your waffles with a selection of toppings available and is topped with a fat tall swirl of soft serve. The waffles will only be bake after order is taken to ensure freshness. Their waffles are one of the best which I tried so far. Crispy good crisp along the edges and fluffy soft on the inside also it's not to dry. The soft serve flavour to choose; Dark Chocolate, Summer Strawberries, Roasted Pistachio, Earl Grey Lavender, Madagascar Vanilla and Seasalt Gula Melaka. I love the smoothness and creaminess of the softserve and my 2 favorite had got to be the Seasalt Gula Melaka which has a brilliant combination of sweet & salty and Earl Grey Lavender that is aromatic and not too sweet and complemented the warm crispy waffles. Definitely be coming back again.

Manneken Belgian Waffles! Very crispy yet soft, fluffy, doughy and chewy on the inside. Not too sweet but sweet enough and the sugar coating on the side were yummy. Is so tasty and fragrant they they churn out extremely good buttery waffle smell. You can still smell the waffles from a good distance.

One of my favorite things in Kyoto is matcha softserve. This mildly sweet delicacy has become so synonymous with modern Kyoto dessert that you can get it nearly everywhere. Another favourite is Yuba softserve. Derived from soya, Yuba is a soy milk skin that is created on the surface when the soy milk is boiled. It has a delicate, creamy flavor tastes like thick soy milk and it's so amazing in taste. Having the mix flavours it's like having the best of both world that leave you speechless.

Gochar Bar hails from Taiwan, this fruit juice bar is known for its fruit smoothies, juices and ice blends.The ingredients used in the drinks are 100% natural and the juices are made from pure fruits. I love that each cup is loaded with a generous amount of fruits used to base the smoothie in. You can actually see huge chunks of fruits in them as well. Got their xmas edition Magical Snowball Strawberry Milk and is so legit berri-licious!!

Sin Gan Tian offers a wide selection of luscious desserts and drinks. I like the dessert bowls which taste light, freshening and not sweet. Despite their wide range of selection, is a pity they do not have option to customize your bowl otherwise it will so awesome able to mix your own favourite with their freshest ingredients.

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Tuck in Chinatown Point easy to locate. The fleshly bake original cheese tart is very milky with a strong cheesy taste. The crust is crumbly and the cheese filling is very thick and creamy. It melt in your mouth. They come in 3 flavours; original, chocolate and matcha. At the price of $3.20 each is worth it.

The ordering is by self order machine. I order the red bean ice blended and roasted wheat latte with honey pearl topping. Review was that red bean ice blended was inspired by ice kachang hence the drink is born. Taste nothing ice kachang but potong red bean icecream. Very nostalgic taste and nice however for this price I wouldn't buy again as I can just buy potong redbean icecream which is cheaper and taste the same. The roasted wheat latte taste earthy and something different. Not too bad in taste and the honey pearl is quite chewy. Heard the cooked pearls are soaked with honey so that they can absorb the flavour. Because the pearls have no artificial ingredients, they have are clear in colour rather than brown. Understand they are famous for taro milk. Maybe will try their famous taro milk next time.

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